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Godfather of Time

Godfather of Time

by Donald Wilmoth


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This book is the result of communications between the world of spirit and the world of matter. These communications reveal that the cellular metamorphosis of Adam, meaning all mankind, is the effect of the transgression of divine law in the Garden of Eden, a garden of spiritual growth. It encompasses all human forms as original sin and causes man to exist within a dual consciousness. This does indeed explain the deviation from harmony, a broken pattern of the monotype energy force, which reversed the thinking process of our consciousness pertaining to the right and left side of the physical brain. It is identified as the primary impulse that set in motion an endless chain reaction. Our supreme consciousness became partly expressed-or, let us say, veiled in the manifestation, which acknowledged thought only pertaining to personal embodiment, the five physical senses. Medical science does acknowledge the fact that man uses only a portion of the physical brain. The unused portion of the brain deals with the portion of our consciousness that is controlled by spiritual energy and left dormant. The uncontrolled vagaries of energy which were the five physical senses divided and separated the consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781452596822
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/05/2014
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

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Godfather of Time

By Donald Wilmoth

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Donald Wilmoth
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9682-2


A Revelation for Humankind

I hear a voice crying out
For something I can be
I hear an echo coming back
From deep inside of me
You are the very one you are
Because you came from me
You are the light, the Word of God
That's something you can be ...

What great hand or being created this universe? Is Scripture an account of many great visions of the how, the why, and the purpose? Why a supreme being? Why a time and place of life? What is the true nature of the "godfathers," and "godmothers" who sporadically come to intervene in the course of history to change the very fiber of human thought and destiny?

From the beginning of creation, humans could not comprehend their being and have often gazed in wonderment at the heavens and as the lights of the universe shined in darkness, were in awe of the life surrounding them. In deepened thought, one could realize the perfect order in which life expressed itself, and as I, a boy in the treetops, could feel for a brief moment a part of this perfect order and could sense nature and its synchronized systems, from the tiniest flower to the mightiest mountain, everything having its way in time. As the perfect order of life passes through creation, the unseen force of time is seen in all its glory. This force has been the wonderment of humanity as to how life is animated in form and formation and has led us to seek the future and past of our being.

As time has led to progress, it has also led us to explore our universe. With the visions of President John F. Kennedy and many others, the space age is well underway, and we are venturing to new horizons and concepts, adding comprehension to old ideas brought to view by the great thinkers of their times. These great thinkers, the godfathers of time, were the footstools of today's progress, spiraling humanity to seek and find. In visions and dreams, they have indeed been represented throughout the history of humanity and our existence. From Genesis through Revelation, old and new, simultaneous events take place. The existence of humanity and the creation of our universe is today the same as represented in the ageless text of Scripture, for its truth remains true in representing past, present, and future as a repeated pattern or cycle, manifesting the continuum of life passing through creation.

Within the omnificent, omnipotent, and omniscient fabric of time, beyond the years of the Bible, lie the years of visions and dreams, where humanity shall rightly be viewed as the nucleus of creation. The human is thecreativelifeforcethatcreatesinthebeginning,infusingandprojecting outward in an increasing and decreasing motion the seed of life sown by the essence of time. As a result of this spirit within us, I perceive the mind as the trail or path of which is life, unique in the main principle of humankind by the deity of life itself, manifesting in us as God, the most high, in the order through creation, the most powerful excelling beyond the nature of coparts represented in all other manifestations, sharing in harmony a balance directed with the abscission of good and evil.

Genesis reflects an articulate gift of understanding as Moses took to pen, so to speak, to record in vision certain truths of our existence. He described more than one consciousness evolving from a predominant creative life energy. He wrote of the infusion of a spiritual principle illuminated and magnified in man as more than one consciousness seeking in divine instinct to become one with its nature. The consciousness of the external world belongs to the nature of the flesh, and the consciousness of the internal world belongs to the nature of the spirit, both representative of a divine principle, yet in man the eternal life energy force.

As the seed of the tiny flower is sown in darkness, it pushes forth in its divine instinct toward the light and air to full expression, complete in the harmonious pattern of our universe where all things pass through creation in a metamorphosis to become. The pattern or code within all forms and formations of matter is predetermined and predestined as are all events that take place within the universe, in a unique and spiritual modus operandi sown by the fabric of time.

We are at this time blazing the trails to many roads that will guide our future to a far greater understanding of our origin. Today's progress kindles the light in us once again to be the pioneers as were our forebears. The conquests of space travel were the result of many dedicated men and women, but some have a tendency to sit back in the comfort of their past conquests, not ready to view new ideas or concepts.

There will always be those who come to scoff at the things they cannot or will not comprehend, and the threat of these Philistines may induce hesitation in some to place before the world new and unusual ideas and experiences. This could hamper the development of communications between the world of spirit and the world of matter, leading to the withholding of knowledge that might be gained through diligent application to the subject. The overall attitude of overskepticism shows signs of modification; however, we will always confront those minds encrusted with crystallized conceptions. I am not suggesting that we should be overcredulous; however, the credulous, by virtue of their willingness to believe, will be more receptive to truth than those of the opposite mentality. Those most likely to block progress in our efforts are the inveterate skeptics who fondly assume their immovable intellectualism denotes an ingenious and infallible judgment.

We, as humans, have reached many heights with our ingenuity, having designed spacecraft to reach into and explore our vast galaxies, having realized the ultimate in many fields of medicine; yet, this revelation of our supremacy to conquer our environment and to understand many wonders and also to progress to our full potentiality are only the event in these external extremities, the external world. Humanity, as a whole, is representative of the higher life consciousness, the higher principle in which our immortal soul emanates the origin of eternal thought. This existing origin of life's consciousness, which is whole, formless, and soundless, is the acting impulse within all forms and formations of matter.

Genesis is descriptive through the visions of one man's higher consciousness and illuminates the master of all elements. It is an exalted and distinguished account of a permanent spiritual value, as the supreme modus operandi of all life linked to a single source—cattle after its kind, all domesticated, the creeping things, reptilians, encompassing various animals, whether crawling on the belly or creeping on four or more feet; all life is linked by one, yet expressing after their kind, a kingdom of their own.

The description in Genesis is only in a general sense, and its intent is not to be scientific; yet, science in the end draws nearly the same conclusion as the writer. The writer reflects through vision the source of all life and physical laws, indicating God as a personality whose characteristics go beyond the limits of science. Creation is the original formation of the universe by God, not meaning in its intent that nothing was before, for the writer reflects no specific point of time in relation to the manifestation but poses it as such to never be out of date. The beginning is as it is, was, and shall always be. The elasticity of the writer reveals an existence as a totality. Psalms 90:4 says, "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and like a watch in the night."

We, as the Word, of this life source, are made manifest through Christ, this most essential quality of life in God, the most high of all life expressions, for we as living souls exist in a combined world of spirit and matter, a perpetual motion of life increasing and decreasing simultaneously, fluctuating to emit balance and harmony, as we view throughout our universe this very day. There is nothing new under the sun, and nothing has been changed. There are no new laws of nature, but simply the restoring and renewing, a replenishing via the interaction of the spiritual source as time passes through creation.

The deviation from this ever-present source, which is the infused portion of all life, came in the pattern of man's self-expression and thus brings us to the personification of this single spiritual source, which restores and renews man to his original God consciousness and is nurtured as the inner man or the new man given the body of the spiritual mind. I shall endeavor to simplify my explanation and definition of man's intuitive nature, known in certain fields of research as the extranormal aspect of existence, beyond the norm of perception. The following shall be in the text of Paul, received by revelation that spawns faith, for to believe in this power, we can release the psyche within as the spirit, which comes on the wing of thought. This is the rational mind, the spiritual mind of one nature emanating supremacy, the supreme excellence. The spirit is the soundless word of God, the living God within man, for Christ is the revelation of such, which spawns and nurtures faith. The Holy Spirit, which Christ spoke of, is the final turn of man's transition. The power of life comes from within life, and we are capable of edifying the spirit that fills the void of human understanding. This puts into action the extrasensory perception, the sphere of direction that manifests the God in us. It is the increasing as the magnification of the divine principle manifests itself within form and sound, in the order of placement by nature through the dispensation of time.

The transition upon this sphere, from the world of matter to the world of spirit, is the very breath of life wherein we are resurrected in the spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is within and at hand. The transition through ascension takes place upon the metamorphosis of our physical nature, which is halted, wherein we are raised a spiritual body, no more subject to the laws of personal embodiment. We are first born of water and baptized of water and then reborn of spirit upon this sphere. We rise to life's purpose, which is eternal in its personification. The creative power is placed within all life forms in the order of their primary nature, and humanity is the higher octave of the living God, which exalts and is glorified as the eternal aspect of time. Time passes through creation to its ultimate state of bliss. This was the original state of humanity and its intent until we succumbed to the second nature that released uncontrolled vagaries of energies, as the process of nature is ever increasing. We, in our secondary nature, became lost souls and void of our own power; however, Christ in Jesus restores and renews the divine principle, wherein our full potentiality is expressed in terms of spiritual edifice. It is life-giving and a mediator of thought, action, and deed, a living soul, the light, the life, the resurrection of all that is good, which is God. It is the God in us, for there is none good but the Father.

Because of the fall, as depicted in Genesis, we do not comprehend our origin and being, for our mind has been imprisoned. We deny within ourselves this psyche or consciousness, which is life force, thus, bestowing upon ourselves limitation, denying the expansible qualities of the all-knowing mind, which would bring forth into action the ideas and principles representative in Christ as the light and the way.

The very course in which we could expand the knowledge of our own being and existence is being denied. The many against the few world powers are simply afraid to oppose these blinding governments and have chosen a path putting the many in a race for power. The discretion of spending is in the hands of a few, not in the will of the majority of our people. You may see for yourself in all countries of today, the monopoly is given to nuclear arms over hunger. The many have been kept separated, and the few spend at their own discretion but at the cost of life and peace. This is the imprisoned mind of seekers of prestige. We must free our minds and allow time to lead us to progress and change, for time is the versatile nature of the universe, moving life in a perfect order. Time is passing through creation in a never-ending cycle of expression. The kingdom of God is through time, for he expressed himself in this essential quality.

Time, as we will view its versatile nature, is the most essential life essence. We are born of the adoption of a divine principle that brings forth life in its full potentiality. This inherited creative and eternal life force is indestructible and is an incorruptible power. This godly power is all powerful and all knowing and is the internal organ of the spiritual mind, the chamber of God. It is the natural order of life's metaphor, a pattern harmonious and in balance with its embodiment. The continence of our physical composition is a diluted excellence that erupted from this pure monotype into a broken pattern, which is founded in consciousness, the life stuff within all forms and formations of matter. In our present state of mind, we are only partly expressed. There is a deviation within the cellular structure of thought resulting in a broken pattern, as a nondirectional and uncontrollable energy, thus, clouding our natural ability in thought, action, and deed. The reprobate mind belongs to the natural body, which in itself is only expressing its natural function, yet absent of the knowledge, the very fundamental principle that carries within its pure excellence, life's generative force, directing, let's say, a pattern of spiritual likeness to what is the original process that manifests our human existence.

At this time, when the mind is imprisoned by the materialism of our environment, and when the churches find it difficult to point us to a nobler existence, we must return to the spirit of creation for our unity and upward spiral into time. The unity of humanity will mean the advance of some minds as pioneers who will blaze the trails for the rest to follow when they perceive that the new paths are satisfactorily established. There are many who will not commit themselves until they are certain that the world in general will concur. The godfathers in our history displayed the courage and moral stamina to challenge the existing concepts and stand, swords drawn, in the arena with their critics and accusers. We must do the same.

The origin of humanity and the course of evolution are the pro and con of today. How important is it for us to know the many mysteries of the universe? I must say to all who seek their origin, you will do much to allay bigotry, conflict, and all manner of malformation of mind and body. Time has led to discoveries of vast importance to humanity, and time has domination over all. This is an essential quality in the spiritual nature of the universe, the absolute essential being, and in the originating impulse of life. With time and the hands of life, I will guide you through creation to see this perfect order and no more to wonder why.

The creation of humanity—how did life's processes originate? What exactly took place upon our earth? What explanation can science or religion give to the many people to peak their reaching minds?

The Vision

The communion of religion and science as one consciousness spiraling toward fresh facts ascertained in the course of evolution, indeed, will generate a repeated period when our consciousness vibrates in harmony, leaving the world as we know it now as primitive to the future age. To the year of visions, I feel I am to be a witness of its coming. The second coming of Christ is within our consciousness, and the judgment is in our history or evolution, the deeds of past ages, for as our consciousness peaks in the new age, we will accept within our hearts the true assessment of our supreme being, which is the truth, the light, and the way to enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is upon the earth expressing within us via our eternal soul that is life; therefore, we are now being directed by a higher energy vibration, increasing or quickening, building within us the body of redemption. This is the second coming of Christ, for he comes upon the clouds of heaven that have clouded our spiritual mind. The vision of humanity will no longer be clouded, and we shall penetrate the limited physical consciousness and be directed by higher thought that is the alternative of God, where man serves. This is my prophecy, and it is not new to the world of now or the world before. The cycle of life emanates throughout the universe and has always been. The cellular metamorphosis that took place via time between the world of spirit and the world of matter, the deviation from harmony or balance, will be explained and comprehended in the year of visions and dreams. The directed energy of our God consciousness was limited by our physical expression because of the breaking of a thought pattern, subjecting our physical form to the affliction of mind and body that is the aging process, which took our physical form into death where this system of life is halted via allotted time. Our soul, which is eternal, is released upon the moment of death and the allotted time differential between our destinies is measured by purpose of thought, action, and deed. The acknowledgment of our supreme being, which we have lost contact with, is renewed and changed in the completely expressed soul, the body we now build, the body of Christ. Our soul, while in the flesh, is only partly expressed. The concern of personal embodiment, which makes accommodations for the emotions of fear, hate, and anger reactions; etc., denies this higher thought pattern that combines the world of spirit and the world of matter as the mind and body of one. Because of disobedience, or the blocking of our divine senses, our soul is expressed in part through the dimensional world of spiritual growth.


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Table of Contents


About the Poet and Spirit Medium, ix,
Sonnet to a Dreamer, xiii,
Note from Albert Einstein, xvii,
Note from the Author, xxi,
Introduction, xxvii,
Chapter 1 A Revelation for Humankind, 1,
Chapter 2 A New Energy Source, 17,
Chapter 3 The Darwin Myth, 19,
Chapter 4 The I Am Principle, 43,
Chapter 5 The Universal Genesis, 59,
Chapter 6 On Education, 91,
Chapter 7 The Arcane Communications, 101,
Chapter 8 The Metamorphosis of Adam, 160,
Chapter 9 The Missing Link, 164,
In Summary, 175,
About the Author, 179,

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