by Leo Anthony


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Godforsaken by Leo Anthony

In Godforsaken, Sophia is the creator of the universe and everything in it. She roamed this planet with nothing except the four elements. Throughout centuries of loneliness, Sophia began creating life to enjoy all the natural splendors; but something unforeseen happened. Among her many creations, Sophia was overcome by a strange feeling, it was love. Sophia ended up falling for the one man she could not have, because Lucifer is the one man she could not control. Despite their opposing natures, Sophia and Lucifer gave their love a try.

As time went on, Sophia grew distant, but not by choice. She had an obligation to preserve humanity, after the success of her latest creation, humans. Lucifer grew weary of humans, feeling jealous of the attention they were receiving. In a desperate act of love, Lucifer killed the first humans Sophia created, and the result was contrary to what he had hoped. Sophia left him, bringing on the ice age through the coldness of her heart.

As time went by Sophia traveled the Earth protecting her creations from her devious ex, avoiding all possible contact with him. One day Sophia unexpectedly bumps into Lucifer, and the reunion brought up a mixture of feelings. Though she was able to suppress her love all these years, the lack of his presence made it easy; but seeing him again left her in emotional turmoil. She was left with a crucial decision, should she give the man she loves a second chance. Could the world survive without a god, or can someone survive without love? Her decision would have tremendous repercussions; we'll get to see what happens when god puts herself before everyone else.

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ISBN-13: 9781452073262
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/13/2010
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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By Leo Anthony


Copyright © 2010 Leo Anthony
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7326-2

Chapter One

When the Earth was but a baby, I roamed this planet all alone, learning its sophistication. I never could have imagined the potential this piece of rock had when I created it. All I did was plant the seed and this beautiful planet grew. The land sprouted with all types of plant life. There were trees so tall that when you climbed to the top, you'd be sitting in a cloud. There were many different types of flowers; each resembled a perfume bottle with a unique shape, color, and smell. The large holes were filled with water—water so crystal clear you see the bottom no matter how deep. Last but not least was a breeze, a breeze so tender it would soothe your soul.

I spent many years exploring all the beauties. I would lie on the shores, dry up in the sun, and fall asleep with the motion of the breeze. But there was something missing; there was so much to offer, and none of it was being used. The land, ocean, and sky were empty. I couldn't help but feel that something so beautiful needed to be enjoyed. I then decided to produce living, breathing creatures, which would utilize all the natural splendors this planet reared.

I went and handpicked the most vibrant and evasive flowers I could find. I held each flower in my palm one by one, breathing life into the flower. A light would shine, and when the light went away, I would be holding a newborn creature. Each time I did this, I would think of a new creature to create. Each animal came out just as beautiful as each flower I used.

When I was finished, the water was filled with hundreds of different animals. There were sea creatures that had fins, gills, and even long tails. Some were little and swam through the waters like torpedoes, while others were large, gentle, and moved with the energy of a snail. So I spent time with each one, learning what they had to offer. Soon I was zipping through the seas, racing in and out of the current. The sun would shine down, illuminating the coral with neon lights, giving it the most electrifying glow. When I was finished with my underwater explorations, I would lie on the backs of my gentle sea giants and look up at the evening sky. Every time they took a deep breath of air I could feel their hearts beat. It was like lying down on a big rocking chair.

Not only stars could soar across the sky—now there were all types of winged animals. Some were as big as an elephant, and others were as small as a flea, and many had feathers displaying all types of different patterns. While observing them, I learned how to fly. You must be wondering one of two things: humans can't fly, and if I could fly, why was I just learning about it then? The answers are simple: I'm not human, and I never had a reason. This is where the art of dance was originated; imagine dancing on the clouds in the most beautiful dress you could find. This was what flying felt like.

Land animals were truly amazing; they had a very different structure with so many variations. Some were large, furry, scaly, and colorful; but they possessed something the others lacked—the heart of a warrior. These animals weren't afraid to leave their realm and jump in the water or climb up the tallest tree. They each explored the ends of the Earth looking for homes in all the places ascertainable. From them I learned how to develop my body into top physical performance. I was able to climb up trees with one jump, run across the plains without being noticed, and leap down cliffs, always landing on my feet. Despite all my physical growth, I was always expanding my mental growth as well.

The one observation that always dwelled on my mind was that no matter what type of creature, after procreating, each species would stay and form herds together. As time passed, each herd's numbers grew, and more and more of these animals were living amongst each other in harmony. Every night as I watched each animal scurry back to its respective family, I would lay back and stare at the stars. At this time I didn't know it, but the feeling I had was loneliness. I had no one to share my eternity with—no one to learn from, teach, or even speak with. As I stared at the North Star with my head resting on a flat rock, I could feel the grass underneath my body. Every time I twisted and turned, they tickled me like tiny masseurs. I jumped up; it finally came to me. I needed a herd, someone to enjoy this eternity; someone to enjoy me.

Chapter Two

Now I didn't know where to begin, much less how to begin. But I did know what I wanted the outcome to be.

I traveled across this planet looking for a place in which I would be in solitude, for complete concentration would increase the probability in a successful outcome. I traveled through jungles, forest, deserts, and caves. I finally found it—a mountain. This mountain is current-day Mount Everest. I climbed to the top, so high that none of my previous creatures had traveled up there. When I reached the top, it was the highest point on the Earth. The ground was covered in fluorescent white snow, and the breeze was unbelievable. You could even see your breath; every time I took a deep breath, it looked like the exhaust pipe of a factory in an industrial city. It was so quiet you could almost hear the snowflakes as they dwindled through the air and hit the floor.

I sat there on a small pile of snow. For weeks I sat in the same spot, until the snow built up and around me; I was like a fly in an ice cube. I was alone with my thoughts. I devised a plan, in which I was going to not create an animal but to give a part of me in order to give life to another being—a being just like me, one who could have my strength and immortality.

First I realized one being wasn't enough. But I couldn't come up with an exact number. I realized when thinking back to the herds that there were tons of them. I wasn't sure how many to create, whether twenty beings or just two. After thinking about it for a while, I realized the perfect number would be five, for five is the number of points on the Earth. People currently know of four, but there are actually five points; there is the north point, the south point, the east point, the west point, and the center point. No one knows of the center point, but it's the most important point. It's where all of the other points connect. Now that I knew how many I wanted to create, I needed to know how—and then it came to me.

I took a deep breath in and blew out with all the force my lungs contained. All the snow around and on top of me blew away. It finally hit me; I needed to use my fingers. Your fingers descend from your palm, and my palm is where my power to give life comes from. So by giving the flesh and blood straight from that area, I would be able to give them life as well as all my powers. I decided to give them all my powers except one; the power of life. I can turn a rock into a bird and make a dead wolf howl again; this is a power I feel that no one else should possess. It's too strong of a power, and I can't risk allowing someone to misuse it.

Being immortal means I heal immediately. I wouldn't normally even get cut; the only reason I would have any injury is because I am in inflicting the injury myself. Being so powerful can actually overpower my own immortality, but I will heal back. So I made a fist and punched through the frozen layer of ice on the ground and pulled out a sharp shard of frozen rock. I laid my left hand down on the ice and made one swift blow. All five fingers were severed right off; within moments my body regenerated new fingers. I picked up the five severed fingers and walked over to five piles of snow and dropped one finger in each pile.

You could see the snow around the fingers turning red. The blood was slowly seeping into the white snow around it, looking like the smoke of a campfire mixing with the air. Then the snow started to melt, and you could see the fingers again. Except this time they each had a knuckle. Suddenly each piece changed. Their sizes and color were changing; at the same time, they were growing. The knuckle sprouted a hand, which sprouted an arm. The arm grew into a torso, and then legs appeared. Last but not least their backs ripped open, and wings opened up. Within seconds there were five fully grown angels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Lucifer. Just like each name, they were all different.

Michael is six feet and two inches tall and built like a statue. His body was very muscular. He has piercing blue eyes and bright blonde hair. His face always has this serious expression. He actually has a very nice smile, but it's very rare that you see it. His complexion is very pale, like the color of milk; you can even see pink tones on his cheeks, elbows, and knuckles.

Raphael is six feet tall. His build is close to Michael's, well defined but not as muscular. He has green eyes and light brown hair. He is also very light, but not as light as Michael; and it isn't that rare to see a smile on his face.

Gabriel is six feet and one inch tall. His body is built, but he has a little stomach; he isn't fat but is not as toned as Raphael or Michael is. He has hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and is the same complexion as Raphael.

Uriel is six feet and three inches tall, with a very thin build. He is well defined but lacks mass. His eyes are gray, and his hair is red. He is the only one who has freckles, and his face comes with a permanent smile.

Lucifer is six feet and two inches tall and well built. His body is so defined you can even see the muscles in his fingers. His eyes are dark brown. Even though he has the darkest eyes, you can still see the fire burning in them. He has straight black hair. He also has dimples. Every time he smiles or speaks, they just pop out at you. Unlike the rest, he isn't that light. His skin is olive toned; this almost gives him a glow.

Looking at them made me realize how different I looked. I'm only five feet and two inches tall. I'm not muscular at all; in fact, I'm kind of curvy. I have blue eyes and straight brown hair. I am also light skinned. They were five completely different people—different from each other and different from me.

Chapter Three

During the following few centuries, we explored self-expression. Open up your soul and let it pour out like a waterfall, for self-expression is the true masterpiece of life. The first thing we did was create a language. The language is called Aleos; it's an ancient language, and we are currently the only ones who can speak it, although I may be a little rusty. Aleos wasn't just a language we spoke, but it also had a writing system.

Not too long after creating Aleos, we began composing our feelings into physical forms. These were the primitive forms of fine arts, such as music, dance, and painting. I loved painting; we used to paint pictures on the bark of trees and on surfaces of stones using a paste we made from flower petals, leaves, and berries. My pictures would always be a reflection of the way I felt, whether it would show in the color, blending, or even brush strokes.

As the years went by, we grew accustomed to each other's company. They were my best friends—actually, at that time my only friends. But for some reason I always felt a strange attraction to Lucifer. You see, then I didn't know it was an attraction, but he always appealed to me differently.

Lucifer was the complete opposite from the others and from me, but for some reason I liked that. I didn't understand him, which made nothing predictable, such as when I saw them all playing with the bees. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael would watch them but not disturb them. They would only look and take notes; they acquired by observation. But Lucifer was the complete opposite. When he saw the bee, he let it sting him. Lucifer didn't want to only observe it; he wanted to feel it. He learned by living; he wanted to feel everything, from pleasure to pain.

It was those kinds of actions that caught my attention. I admired this quality. I used to sit there for hours and watch him as he played with nature, but over time I started to develop feelings for him—feelings I had never had before. Slowly curiosity began to consume me, and I had to learn more about him. I didn't want to observe him but rather let him sting me; and this moment changed me forever.

The sun had gone down a few hours before, so the sky had a deep blue tone to it, but the stars were extra bright, making the sky look like a Christmas tree. I was walking by the beach, dragging my feet through the water. It was a little chilly; you could see the white air every time you breathed out. I had my arms folded looking into the sky, watching the birds flying across the waters. The only thing you could hear were the sounds of the alligators in the water about ten feet away from me. They were making a bellowing sound; oddly enough, it was quite soothing. Then there was a moment of silence followed by a loud splash. About seventy feet away, a giant sea monster jumped out the water and crashed back in. The creature was about forty feet long and able to scare all the alligators away. After the large splash, it surfaced, its long neck arched and its tail floating behind it looking like a snake. It was staring at the water for about twelve seconds before another splash, except this splash was very little, at least very little compared to this creature's, and up came Lucifer.

He was swimming with the giant sea monster. Nothing scared him. He loved every animal, no matter how big or aggressive. In a way, every animal sort of respected him. He saw me and began to swim my way; the creature made a grunt and swam the opposite direction. I looked at him as he got closer and closer.

When he reached me, he came out of the water, and his body was dripping wet. His chest was covered with goose bumps, and every breath he took sent a drop of water running down his chest. But the speed in which each drop traveled began to slow as it would have to pass over each abdomen muscle, one at a time. I never realized the true beauty of the human form, but looking at him, standing in front of me, breathing heavily, I couldn't help but to admire the natural work of art he was.

When our eyes met, I gave him a serious look. He then scooped his hand through his hair and splashed the water at me; and as the cold water hit me, my body jumped and I gave a little giggle.

"Why are you walking alone?" he asked.

"There's no better company than the company of your thoughts."

"Would you mind the company of my thoughts?"

"It's not your thoughts that I mind." I smiled and then turned around. I had no excuse for avoiding him this time and no place to go.

He laughed and then said, "Lucky for me, my only thoughts are of you." I didn't get what was going on, but I was sure whatever I was feeling, he was feeling as well.

"You are so peaceful with even the most aggressive of animals."

"Is it not you who taught us to care for every living creature?"

"But of course. I created every living creature, and I care for all my creations."

"Did you not create me?"



"Everything I created, I control. You are not a rose, nor a snake. I don't control you."

"Sophia, you don't have to control everything."

"Control allows me to understand. I understand the way they act, why they act that way, and what they will do. You I do not understand."

"Let your feelings guide you. You don't have to know what to expect. Just know what you want."

As I turned around and began to take my first step away from him, I felt a shiver. The shiver ran up my arm, down my spine, and into my toes. I looked at my wrist, and his hand was on it. That second when he grabbed my wrist, all I felt was raw power surge through me. I didn't understand the sensation; it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I never knew the extent of how powerful he was; from that moment, his presence became a part of me, and I will forever be able to sense when he is around.

How is it that I am the creator of life, and his touch just brought me to life? It was as if I was a puppet and he made me human. My brain was telling me to leave, and I pulled my arm away from him.

Then he said, "Don't go."

I turned and looked into his eyes; I then realized he wanted me, and I was his.

Excerpted from Godforsaken by Leo Anthony Copyright © 2010 by Leo Anthony . Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Godforsaken 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Angel_G625 More than 1 year ago
I read this book within two days and I must admit it caught my attention. Reading the preface alone just made the book pop out and seem more realistic. I just had to keep reading. The way the author portrayed Sophia's charachtor was magnificent! I enjoyed how he also portrayed Lucifer. While reading "Godforsaken" I looked at all of the quotes the author had put in also. All these quotes have really made me look foward to something. As a young reader qoutes often play a huge role in life. These quotes have really amazed me, and till now still do. I love the book and i highly recmmend it to anyone. whether a young teen, or an adult you too will enjoy "Godforsaken" i garrentee it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Newcomer author Leo Anthony fails to deliver on his highly anticipated novel. What set out to be a counter to some of the world's most established religions ends up being another below-average romance novel. An interesting story is buried beneath flawed logic and an endless barrage of metaphors masquerading as quality writing. Though the twist ending is a highlight of the tale, it ultimately is too little too late for the reader's enjoyment. Why does God, an omnipotent being have a insecurities and doing charity work for the Red Cross? Her powers are limited to just food and shopping? Why does she need food in the first place? My concerns are not with the fate of the characters but rather frustrations with the lack of literary style. I would NOT recommend this to book club discussions, casual readers or anyone a fan of the English language.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
first-time novelist leo anthony has what it takes to become a literary giant, and he more than proves it in this stunning debut. from the wholly original opening, where god, a beautiful woman named sofia, finds herself questioning the nature of her creations on the beach, to the twist at the end - this is masterful storytelling. anthony excels at conjuring for his readers the most splendid of images - each one painted so vibrantly by his beautiful words that you can see them leap off the page, and into your eyes! these images are also incredibly meaningful - each one is a metaphor for a different world religion, and you can even decode the meaning of them all if you spend years studying carl jung and joseph campbell and mythologies from across history! what a great book. i only wish it were longer and/or part of a longer series, so there was more to the story of either sofia or another divine character that i could follow. get the NOOK book, and you could be reading this great title in just minutes! why are you still reading this review, lol, you could've read half the book by now, it's such an effortless read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nashax More than 1 year ago
Its very refreshing to read a story that seems to put a spin on such serious topics. Who would think of writing a love story about God never the less make her a woman.....its very interesting I must admit I couldnt put the book down!!!!
HennessyCognac More than 1 year ago
Being someone who does not even so much as pick up a newspaper to read, I honestly was not expecting to make it through this book. "Godforsaken" not only shattered that expectation, but I completed the entire book in one sit. This book is a must read for all ages. Mr. Anthony's descriptive form of writing is so vivid you can visualize every scene you read and imagine yourself there. This book has no dull moments. From the second you open it to the very last word, you're drawn in after every chapter wanting to find out what is next. The relationship between Sophia and Lucifer is one that you can almost compare to your own. They go through their ups and downs, and just like humans when its good its a blessing from the heavens, but when its bad its a catastrophe beyond anything imaginable. Want to know more, I guess you'll have to buy the book and see for yourself... It is a guarantee that you will enjoy this read... or Mr. Leo Anthony will refund your money LOL... just kidding, i don't even know the guy ;)
alice242 More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading this book and I thought it was great. I mean with all these love stories lately this book def took it to a new level. If you like vampire/werewolf stories then your gonna love this. In this story god is a woman, in love with the devil. It was a great twist and refreshing new story line. Sophia, which is god in the book, was such a great character, and as a woman myself, I loved reading a book with a strong female lead. If you havent read it then you gotta get it. I loved it....