" God's 007"? Installment Two: Open Letter To Angelina Jolie

by Namref H. Tims

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" God's 007"? Installment Two: Open Letter To Angelina Jolie by Namref H. Tims

Over the years I've had prophetic dreams and visions. This ONE was a Total Surprise.
Of course, the skeptic will scoff at this. I did not inform anyone. I did not even write this in my journal. In fact, I woke up in disbelief. I sort of chuckled and wondered why I even had such a dream.
But...Dreams although, seemingly irrational , usually have some kind of basis.
When Angelina Jolie announced her divorce plans from Brad Pitt on September 19, 2016 , I was stunned! ( I did not see the news until Tuesday September 20 , Thru Thursday September 22 watching "Inside Edition" as part of my ritual , watch "Jeopardy" on ABC then "Inside Edition"),

Shockingly--My dream was accurate and prophetic.

But for what purpose did this "Dream" occur to me?

Of what service could I be to a wealthy, powerful woman of Angelina Jolie's stature?

I knew that most people would chalk this up as a "star- struck" old man.

But the truth is : I have never found Angelina Jolie particularly attractive.

I always regarded those titles they hang on movie stars : Sexiest Man Alive.... Sexiest Women Alive.... Most Beautiful Woman Alive....as ridiculous.
Don't get me wrong : I believe Angelina Jolie is attractive but that old adage : "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" holds true for me.
I see women in my daily life, that I personally find more attractive.
But this is NOT meant as a slight or knock against Angelina. I am sure if we ever met the feeling would be mutual.
If Angelina is as smart as I think she is--she will know and understand exactly what I mean.
My earliest most vivid memory of Angelina Jolie was in the movie, "Girl Interrupted" . All I can recall about that movie is her compelling statement to another "girt" in the movie : " You are ALREADY DEAD!" I cannot recall any other details about that movie.
Over the years I have watched Angelina's movies. She is a fine actress. However, I always wondered about her character when she seemingly "stole" Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Anniston.

This is NOT to judge or attempt to judge Angelina. As they say : It takes two to tango.
As I grappled with why this prophetic dream occurred to me, I read more about Angelina on WIkipedia. Yep, Wikipedia, my favorite information source.
Angelina I soon discovered has a stormy past. She had a live in boyfriend at her home, supervised by her mother at fourteen.
It seems Angelina had some serious self esteem issues early on in life.
I even read that Angelina has a crush on Johnny Depp that has lasted for many years. Reputedly, she wanted an "open" marriage.
Of course, most of this is hearsay.
As I struggled to understand this Dream, I found out that something DID happen September 14 or September 15. Those dates were reported in a magazine article.
But I struggled to understand this : ":Why was I "informed" in this Prophetic Dream"?
Angelina may or may not have a clue why she appeared or her image, soul or whatever appeared to me.
Angelina, however, will probably never even hear of me. I am but an obscure writer publishing "e" books.
I figure the odds are pretty slim this message... this letter will get to her...
Yet the odds of someone winning the lotto is probably even longer odds and someone always eventually wins.
Of course, not sure what either of us would win, if Angelina chose to respond.
I , suppose, if somehow she knows why we connected through Dream Hyper Space, it might add to Human Understanding.
That yes -- somehow we are all connected!
So Angelina , if you have some spare time.... drop me a line, my email address is available inside.

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Namref H. Tims email : namrefhtims@gmail.com Who am I? . A creative spirit. Depends on your perspective. For one I was a sorry " S.O.B," Another compared me to Jesus. One called me "Cretin". Another beheld "pure genius". I am athletic yet clumsy. I am sensitive yet at times mindless. Truth : I am all that is enlisted . I have a degree in Accounting, although I never worked a day as one. I served in the US Army Security Agency for four years as a Morse Code Interceptor. I have worked for the U.S. Postal Service and also a major refinery. I have met and verbally sparred with Muhammad Ali. I once competed in the 100 yard dash against the co-holder of the world record. I once ran the 40 yard dash in 4 seconds flat. I competed for a short while in world long drive competition. When I saw the disparity of pay between Open division and Senior Division ( $135,000 for first place Open division and $9800 Senior Div.) I retired even though I was hittiing balls on the driving range (with limited flight golf balls) farther than the best in the world in my age group. I once sent an email to harass Marilyn vos Savant that my IQ was higher than hers. In her column she tells you : " Use the highest score ". My highest score was 235. For the story on that you will have to read my upcoming book, "Extraordinary Performances In Sports And LIfe-- The Numbers That Influence Them". In 1972 I experimented and achieved success with Telekinesis. Later In 1972 I abandoned pursuit of these abilities. In 2014 I resumed experimenting with paranormal abilities. Mainly because, I read about the James Randi org, which offered a 1 million dollar prize to someone who could demonstrate these abilities exist. As of 2015 this prize no longer exists. Sporadically now I practice paranormal abilities, since there is no longer a substantial prize incentive. My objective : If I can use them to heal people, I will put them to great service. I have beaten top rated computer chess programs at blitz chess-- something famed grandmaster Lev Alburt told me was IMPOSSIBLE to do for an amateur player of less strength than a super GM rated 2650 Elo. I write mostly for fulfillment not ediification. Most writers don't make much money. This so far, holds true for me.

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