God's Absence and the Charismatic Presence: Inquiries in Openness Theology

God's Absence and the Charismatic Presence: Inquiries in Openness Theology

by Roy D. Kindelberger


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ISBN-13: 9781532614521
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 05/17/2017
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Roy D. Kindelberger serves as Senior Pastor at Covenant Church East in western Pennsylvania where he resides with his wife.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: God of Wonders and an Open Future 1

Mutable: Changeable in Experience

Temporal: Changeable in Time

Passible: Changeable in Emotion and Suffering

Malleable: Changeable in Presence


Part I God's Absence

1 An Open Past and Present: "If not, I will know" 21

Yahweh's Investigation

Classical Interpretation: A Closed-Minded God

Openness Interpretation: An Open-Minded God

An Interpretation of Radical Openness

Yahweh's Absence from Sodom


2 An Open Universe: Sin and Death as Distance 38

When God Withdraws His Presence

Hamartiological Distance

Sin and Death as True Separation from God

Divine Suffering: A Trajectory to Hell


3 Distance: Origin and Implications 59

Satan's Kingdom of Sin and Death

Evil's Origin and the Competing Knowledge of Sin

The Unpredictable Nature of Sin

Divine Optimism

Implications of Distance: God Sees, Hears, and Knows


4 Covenant and Exile: Israel's Paradigm for Sin and Death 82

Covenants of Divine Presence

The Latter Prophets and the Abyss of Exile

The Hamartiological Distance of Israel and Judah

The Prophets' Promise of Restored Presence


5 Openness Hermeneutics: Omnipresence and the Absence of God 103

Exegetical Method in the Person Jesus Christ

Divine Absence through an Incarnational Hermeneutic

Relational Omnipresence

Why God Isn't Obligated to Be Everywhere


Part II The Charismatic Presence

6 Salvation: Closing the Distance 127

Overcoming Death and Distance

Atonement by Death or Distance?

Forgiveness is Complete in Christ

Ritual of Entrance: Water Baptism

Ceremony of Presence: The Eucharist

Conclusion: Closing the Distance

7 Pentecost: Open Expansion 150

Introducing an Open, Covenantal Kingdom

Launching an Open Kingdom: Spirit Baptism

Leading an Open Kingdom: Messiah's Presence

Manifesting an Open Kingdom: Word, Signs, and Wonders

Conclusion: Closing the Distance

8 Worship: Open Freedom 168

Introducing Charismata in an Open Universe

Dynamic Ministry in Corinth

Charismata's Unilateral Presence: Open Prophecy

Charismata's Unilateral Presence: Open Tongues and Interpretation

Charismata's Trilateral Presence: Open Miracles

Charismata's Unilateral Presence: Open Healing

Charismata's Unilateral Presence: Open Discernment

Charismata's Unilateral Presence: Open Faith

Charismata's Bilateral Presence: A Summary

Conclusion: Closing the Distance

9 Ministry: Open Involvement 195

Introducing Fivefold Ministry in an Open Universe

The Openness of Apostolic Ministry: Beyond "the Twelve"

The Openness of Prophetic Ministry

The Openness of Evangelistic Ministry

The Openness of Pastoral/Teaching Ministry

The Openness of Ministry Candidacy

Conclusion: Closing the Distance

10 Prayer and the Coming Revival: Open Impact 216

The Best Possible Future

The Openness of Prayer

Prayer, Charismata, and the Power of Revival

Conclusion: Showers of Revival After the Storm

Appendix: Origins of Pentecostal Tongues 235

Bibliography 239

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