God's Divine Plan Through Jesus Christ

God's Divine Plan Through Jesus Christ

by Kathleen Accomando


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Have you ever wondered why we are here ? Have you ever wondered what Gods plan was from the beginning . Why the earth was created? Why does He permit evil and why satan seems to have so much power over us ?Do you still see God working through us today and notice satan is also still working today through the sons of disobedience ? How important is the bible ?Did God have a plan from the beginning?How do you fit in His plan ?Who are the people of Isreal ? Why did He establish a covenant with Abraham ? Why is God called Love but yet allow hatred to abound and seem to excell.

I hope to answer all these questions and more through Gods word in scripture.It says in scripture that God had no beginning and has no end . He always existed . He was not created but always was and always will be . In our time continuum that is pretty hard to grasp . If we can imagine ourselves outside of time we can maybe make some sense out of it but who can actually fathom this when we have never experienced it . We know God is outside of time . He has a timetable so to speak where He will activate His plan on this earth and this plan is already finished for Him we all play a role on this planet until this plan on the earth for us to witness is over .

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Publication date: 01/28/2007
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