"God's Girl" Heavenly Visions of End Time Prophecy

by JG Hemlock


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Do you really believe that the Devil doesn't exist? You better think again. Journal III is filled with visions, dreams and manifestations of the Devil and demons who often appear to J.G. Hemlock as "Angels of Light." Don't be mistaken, these are true, documented accounts of attacks by the fallen angels. Bloodied, strangled, punched and slashed by these demons, leaves no room for the author to ever doubt that the Devil does not exist. The Principalities of darkness are growing greater in the world. For those who don't believe in the Devil, this book will give the readers shivers when they process the truth of the Devil's very existence, and what they will be up against without the power of God inside them.

The author chose to use a photograph of herself for Journal III cover. This looks nothing like her! This photograph was changed by the manifestation of a powerful EVIL which has come up against her due to the great revelations that she has received from God. The pits of Hell have come to fight against her, attacking, challenging and attempting to stop her Testimony of the Living God.

The author has experienced tremendous struggles and great opposition while writing her books; an attack by the Devil (page 40) the name of Jesus changed to the devil, unexplained parts of chapters moved to other chapters, gibberish and swear words appearing, manuscripts disappearing, letters being taken out of words and other words changed to foul words. The author has suffered severe vertigo while writing, complete loss of back muscles and the inability to walk for two days, as well as the strange appearance of two different frogs which appeared near her door to croak loudly and incessantly while attempting to finish her works. One frog was caught and taken far away from the house, only to return an hour later, to the very same spot and to screech in a louder tone. Due to these great challenges, Journal III will stay as is, published, with no more attempts to 'polish.'

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ISBN-13: 9781508691297
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/06/2015
Pages: 196
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