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God's Greatest Miracle

God's Greatest Miracle

by Margaret Schuster-Grossman
God's Greatest Miracle

God's Greatest Miracle

by Margaret Schuster-Grossman


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Children’s hearts will be warmed by this amazing true story that draws them into the realization of Jesus’ profound love for them; so profound He planned a way to be truly with them under the forms of bread and wine. Parents and teachers will love this book too. With it, passing on this teaching of the church becomes easy and enjoyable. The children write their own names into the story and will be quickly engaged by the beautiful illustrations, the quizzes, and finding the endearing bunny that joins them in their search for God’s greatest miracle. “The author presents a deep spiritual experience in a child friendly manner. She uses vibrant yet not over stimulating artwork and involves the child directly within the story.” Ms. Annette Rabusch, mother of 3, BS, 25 years an Early Childhood Educator. “Children will find Ms. Grossman’s interactive style as engaging as Barney, Dora, or Disney but with a faith and spirit filled twist. Children’s natural curiosity will be simultaneously satiated and ignited in God’s Greatest Miracle . Ms.Mary Scavotto, mother of 3, MSed, EdS, 6 years elementary teacher. “God’s Greatest Miracle is a book I would have liked to have read to my children and with students preparing for First Eucharist. While embracing the miracle of the story and colorful illustrations, I felt the personalization, enhanced learning for older children, parental guidance, and citing of scriptural texts in the book was excellent in teaching of who Jesus is. This is a wonderful book to “open the door” for children to know and love God.” Leslie Honebrink, Educator and Principal of an Award Winning Catholic School. Masters in Educational Leadership.

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ISBN-13: 9781466904460
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2012
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

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God's Greatest Miracle

By Margaret Schuster-Grossman

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Margaret Schuster-Grossman
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-0446-0

Chapter One

You know______________________,

Jesus is God and can do anything. He did wonderful things to help people. The things that only God can do are called miracles. Jesus loves us very much, especially children. He wants to help us. He wants us to be happy. His miracles prove that He loves us!

He loves YOU,__________________________!

Turn the page............. We're on a search to find God's Greatest Miracle! Mark 10:14-16

At a wedding dinner, Jesus' mother, Mary, asked Jesus to help a bride and groom who did not have enough wine for their guests. Jesus said it was not the time for him to do miracles. Mary kindly asked the waiter to fill jugs with water. Jesus then changed the water into very good wine. There was enough wine for everyone! This was a great miracle!!

For older child- This miracle shows how Jesus cares about all our concerns and how much Jesus loves his mother, Mary. It also shows how Mary can help us to get the things we pray for, if, and when they are good for us. This was Jesus' first miracle.

All the stories in this book are true. Jesus made all of these miracles really happen! John 2:1-11

Jesus did many things to make people happy. Jesus would just touch the eyes of people who had never been able to see. Then they could see everything like you and me. Which picture goes with this miracle?

Some people, in their whole life, had never heard anything. Jesus made their ears hear. Can you pick the right picture?

He cured crippled people so they could walk. Where is the crippled person? Do you think one of these must be God's Greatest Miracle?

Jesus cured many other people too. They had different kinds of sicknesses. He made all of them well and very happy.*

Luke 4:40, Matt 8:16 & 17, Mk 1:32-34, John 20:30,31 John 9:1-12, Mk. 7:32-37, Acts 14:8-10,

One day Jesus was in a boat with his friends. Jesus was very tired and fell asleep. A terrible storm came up. Big waves rocked the boat. The men were afraid. They woke Jesus up because they thought the boat was going to sink. Jesus stood up. He looked at the stormy waters. "Be quiet! Be still!", he said. Immediately the wind stopped blowing. The waters became very smooth and calm. Even the wind and the seas obey Jesus! Isn't Jesus wonderful,________________________________?!!

Matt 8:23-27 Mk 4:35-41 Luke 8:22-25


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