God's Marriage or My Marriage

God's Marriage or My Marriage

by Kelley Bell

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Is something missing in your marriage? Are you uncertain where to start to repair or strengthen your marriage? Is your marriage based on your perception or God's intention? 

God's Marriage or My Marriage will help you address all of these questions! This book provides women with practical steps to create a thriving marriage that aligns with God's intention for marriage. A marriage based on God's intention includes laughter, unconditional love, communication, trust, patience, forgiveness, grace, friendship, and intimacy. Not only will women learn steps to create a thriving marriage, but they will also learn how to trust and follow God's lead. Being confident in this area will transcend past your marriage into every aspect of your life.

 This book takes wives (or wives to be) on a journey to embrace their role and authority as a daughter of God. Along this journey, women will learn how to combine biblical principles with relationship skills to create a healthy marriage. If women desire to create a marriage that pleases God, they must understand how to do so. They must also be willing to do the work. While a thriving marriage takes the work of two, there are components of a marriage that a woman has complete control over; and that is herself. 

Seven years into Kelley's marriage, she learned how to create a healthy marriage. She wasn't sure if her marriage was going to last. With a changed mindset, time, and the help of God, she was able to change the trajectory of her marriage and create a marriage she always dreamed of and a marriage that was pleasing to God! Kelley's ability to create a solid foundation of who she was in God, allowed her to become resilient in every area of her life. Kelley outlines the steps she took to create a thriving marriage in this book!

To further help wives apply the steps taught in this book to their marriage, make sure to also purchase the workbook that accompanies this book! The workbook also offers readers the opportunity to self-reflect and evaluate their marriage by answering open-ended and thought-provoking questions. 

This book can be used in a small group setting or used individually. Don't wait any longer to create the marriage that God wants for you!

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Publisher: Kelley Bell Consulting, LLC
Publication date: 05/26/2021
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