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God's Playground: A History of Poland / Edition 2

God's Playground: A History of Poland / Edition 2

by Norman Davies

ISBN-10: 0231053525

ISBN-13: 9780231053525

Pub. Date: 06/15/1982

Publisher: Columbia University Press

The New York Times Book Review


The New York Times Book Review

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Columbia University Press
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6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.90(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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Table of Contents

Maps and Diagrams Illustrations Notes on the Illustrations Abbreviations Chronology

I. Poland Destroyed and Reconstructed, 1795-1945

1. Narod: The Growth of the Modern Polish Nation (1772-1945)
2. Rossiya: The Russian Partition (1772-1918)
3. Preussen: The Prussian Partition (1772-1918)
4. Galicia: The Austrian Partition (1773-1918)
5. Fabryka: The Process of Industrialization
6. Lud: The Rise of the Common People
7. Kosciol: The Roman Catholic Church in Poland
8. Kultura: Education and the Cultural Heritage
9. Zydzi: The Jewish Community
10. Wojsko: The Military Tradition
11. Emigracja: The Polish Emigration
12. Varsovie: The Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1815)
13. Kongresowka: The Congress Kingdom (1815-1864)
14. Cracovia: The Republic of Cracow (1815-1846)
15. Wiosna: The Springtime of Other Nations (1848)
16. Reveries: The Thaw and the January Rising (1855-1864)
17. Rewolucja: Revolution and Reaction (1904-1914)
18. Feniks: The Rebirth of the Polish State (1914-1918)
19. Niepodleglosc: Twenty Years of Independence (1918-1939)
20. Golgota: Poland in the Second World War (1939-1945)
21. Granice: The Modern Polish Frontiers (1919-1945)

II. Contemporary Poland since 1944

22. Partia: The communist Movement
23. Polska Ludowa: The Polish 'People's Republic' (since 1944)
24. Solidarnosc: The Solidarity Decade
25. Wolnosc: Freedom Regained, 1990-2000

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