God's Soul Revelation: Spiritual Yoga, Esoteric Religion and the Mystic Jesus

God's Soul Revelation: Spiritual Yoga, Esoteric Religion and the Mystic Jesus

by Lateef Terrell Warnick

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God's Soul Revelation: Spiritual Yoga, Esoteric Religion and the Mystic Jesus by Lateef Terrell Warnick

"WHO AM I"? is the most important question in life you'll ever ask yourself!

Yet many will go to their graves without ever finding a concrete answer to this question. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, this is the quintessential question of philosophy, religion, metaphysics, self-realization, yoga, meditation, mysticism, esotericism, gnosticism, sufism, non-duality and the way in which we live. There is one purpose to life and that is to come to “Know Thyself!” This Journey of the Soul is accomplished through the 3 E's or three phases of Evolution, Experience and Enlightenment.

Evolution: The Book of Genesis symbolically represents how the world comes into being. The formless Spirit mystically descends, taking form, within creation. This is the First Cause; the One becomes many; the Unmanifest manifests! But what if there is more than meets the eye? Beyond just the symbolism of esoteric Christianity, what is the meaning behind the seven days of creation, first man, woman and first sin?

Experience: Everything that we experience in this world of duality is what we call life. Through infinite possibilities, we make choices and are intended to grow but where are we going? What is it we are intended to become? Is spiritual yoga practice a way towards divine revelation? Is meditation, mysticism and awareness the "highway" to spiritual enlightenment?

Enlightenment: Many take the Book of Revelation to mean "Armageddon" thus feeding fear of the end of the world. But what if hidden within these pages were secrets towards man's soul liberation? What if the "Apocalypse" was simply man's unveiling - self realization; a universal "involution" each person must achieve by going within, relinquishing ego and reuniting with the formless Spirit?

Most know that Jesus often spoke in parable but what if all the world's spiritual teachings contained a universal mystic truth for spiritual awakening? Explore the journey of the soul towards self-realization as we reveal the common thread of life from Krishna's "Song of the Spirit," Buddha's “Nirvana,” Mohammed's "Night Journey," Moses' "Raising of the Serpent," Lao Tzu's "Tao" to the mystic Jesus' proclamation "the Kingdom of God is within you!"

Your spiritual truth isn't what is on the surface but what is buried beneath. This book, like the Vedas, Bible and Koran therefore, is about YOU... or at least the real you! This REAL you is grander than anything your imagination can fathom. Understand the Eternal Law declared through “Sanatana Dharma” that we are all One!

God's Soul Revelation will explore Genesis attempting to bring the macrocosmic down to the microcosmic as it pertains to man, the seven levels of consciousness experienced throughout life and the seven "unveilings" in Revelation towards man's ultimate union with God. "Look within" is what all spiritual masters advocated for realizing Truth and yet it is this message that is continuously overlooked. This is the subtle, universal gnosis – knowledge of Self, ascension, kundalini awakening and transcendence!

Religious practice is an expression of man's free will but the soul's kinship with Spirit is an unbreakable bond welded before and beyond Creation! The leaves of many churches, fall from the branches of various major religions, which all lead to the treasured trunk of One God! Self Realization is the universal path any sincere Truth-Seeker may follow - "Know Thyself!"

"Many rivers... One Ocean; many branches... One Tree; many paths... One Destination; many stories; One Truth!"

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Publisher: 1 S.O.U.L. Publishing
Publication date: 09/04/2011
Series: Journey of the Soul , #1
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About the Author

LATEEF TERRELL WARNICK is a best-selling Spiritual Author, Yogi and Founder of 1 S.O.U.L.

Lateef has worked in many diverse fields in his lifetime as a Nuclear Engineer, Naval Officer, Licensed Financial Advisor, Teacher, Political Scientist and Health Professional earning him the title of "Renaissance Man" amongst his peers. However, nothing has been more significant and consistent in his life than his quest for Truth!

He began at an early age to comparatively study the Vedas, Sanatana Dharma, Christianity and the universal "inner" teachings of all the world's major religions. Although not a religious-adherrent himself, as a Jnani Yogi "the path of wisdom," he has sought to answer the most important questions in life such as "why are we here," "what is the purpose of life," and "who am I" by going within and intuitively finding the answers directly from the Source.

As Founder of 1 S.O.U.L. | Spiritual Nexus for Global Transformation at www.myspiritualnexus.com, he has provided a platform to assist sincere Truth-Seekers in Holistic Living, spirituality, metaphysics, mysticism, esoteric teachings, social change, creating prosperity, Ayurveda, meditation and yoga. 1 S.O.U.L. is an acronym for "One Source Of Universal Love" and is welcoming to all those who yearn for Truth to "Know Thyself."

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