God's Ultimatum

God's Ultimatum

by Keith Albin


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The presidential election of 2012 turned out to be the most important and consequential election this great nation of ours has ever faced. Conditions have gotten so bad in this land of ours that God decided to draw a line in the sand at the last presidential election. Our society has been polarized into two opposing sides represented by the two political parties. One side is more aligned with God and the other is more aligned with Satan. Unbeknownst to all except the spiritually alert, God made us take a stand with the presidential election of 2012 and He told us that if we made the wrong choice then we, as a nation, were going to experience the same kind of tough love that befell ancient Israel in the days of Jeremiah just before the Babylonian invasion.

The presidential election of 2012 was an ultimatum, the line in the sand, the test and we, as a nation, failed that test. Consequently, it appears as though God is going to allow the sequence of the end-time to begin which will culminate in the Lord's return. Are you prepared?

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ISBN-13: 9781629527192
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 04/30/2014
Pages: 162
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