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God's Word for Mothers

God's Word for Mothers

by Barbour Books

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"My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high. My mouth boasts over my enemies,  for I delight in your deliverance."
1 Samuel 2:1 NIV

No matter your stage of motherhood, this little book offers a wellspring of scriptural inspiration that will satisfy your soul and send your spirit dancing. From Sarah to Mary, God has proven his everlasting devotion to mothers of all generations and is eager to reveal His tenderness. mercy, guidance, and grace through His Word. Featuring dozens of devotions written by women just like you, God's Word for Moms is the perfect way to strengthen your faith in your heavenly Father and discover His message for your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781607424291
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Series: Value Books
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
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God's Word for Mothers

By Michelle Medlock Adams

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60742-429-1



Reach Out and Touch

She thought, "If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed."

Mark 5:28

We should never underestimate the power of touch. In our busy lives, as we rush from one appointment to another, skimping on affection with our families and loved ones can become routine. We wave good-bye to our children without stopping for a hug. Husbands head off to work with the barest brush of a kiss.

We do our loved ones a disservice when we skip touching them. Touching communicates our affection but also our affirmation and sympathy. The Bible records Jesus touching many people, comforting and healing them. He also let people touch Him, such as the sinful woman who touched and kissed His feet (Luke 7:38).

In Mark 5, however, the true power of a simple touch is beautifully portrayed. This woman who had suffered for so long believed so strongly in Jesus that she knew the quickest touch of His hem would heal her. She reached out, and her faith made her well.

So hold those you love close, and let them see a bit of Jesus' love in you every day.

Lord, I turn to You when I need comfort. Let me also offer those around me the comfort of a loving touch. Amen.

Ramona Richards From Whispers of Wisdom for Busy Women

Power over the Plastic

Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure with trouble. Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred.

Proverbs 15:16–17 NKJV

Many of us receive more mail from credit card companies than from our relatives! We toss the letters out, but dozens more materialize in our mailboxes with tempting offers.

The pressure mounts as children beg to go to Disney World. Teens sigh for jeans, the jeans with perfect designer rips. Meanwhile, the car threatens to give up the ghost. Parents feel so weary, so discouraged. Dinner at a restaurant without cardboard crowns sounds wonderful! All they have to do is hand over the plastic and sign on the dotted line....

God's Word comes to our rescue when we face little temptations that can add up to big trouble. Lovingly He reminds us that unrealistic expectations and overspending can destroy a family. Even macaroni and cheese—again!—with those we love tastes better than costly meals out that strain the budget and rob us of our peace.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your concern in every area of our lives. Help us as a family to live within our means and enjoy the riches of a happy home.

Rachael Phillips From Whispers of Wisdom for Single Moms

A Vexation Arises

"Let us not there fore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way."

Romans 14:13 KJV

My mind was ruffled with small cares today, and I said pettish words, and did not keep Long-suffering patience well, and now how deep My trouble for this sin! In vain I weep For foolish words I never can unsay.

H. S. Sutton

A vexation arises, and our expressions of impatience hinder others from taking it patiently. Disappointment, ailment, or even weather depresses us; and our look or tone of depression hinders others from maintaining a cheerful and thankful spirit. We say an unkind thing, and another is hindered in learning the holy lessons of charity that thinks no evil. We say a provoking thing, and our sister or brother is hindered in that day's effort to be meek. How sadly, too, we may hinder without word or act! For wrong feeling is more infectious than wrong doing; especially the various phases of ill temper—gloominess, touchiness, discontent, irritability—do we not know how catching these are?

Frances Ridley Havergal compiled by Mary W. Tileston

Recipe for Happiness

For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.

James 3:16 NLT

Give it to me!" Abby shouted.

"No, it's my CD player!" Allyson rebutted.

"You are such a loser!"

"No, you are the loser!"

Ahh ... the sounds of loving sisters. Yes, my girls love each other, but there are days when I have to see that love by faith. Do your children fight? Are there days when you're sure they'll never be friends? Well, take heart. There is hope.

God put your family together, and He knew what He was doing. So even though it may seem like the strife is there to stay, it's not. God is the answer. He can turn your kids into the best of friends in no time at all. Declare that your house is a household of faith. Declare that as for you and your house, you will serve the Lord.

Don't let strife take root in your home, because you don't want to open up your household to every kind of evil as James 3:16 says. Instead, build your house on love. When your kids fight, nip it in the bud immediately. Pray for peace, and watch your family transform. You can have heaven on earth in your home. Start today!

Lord, please help me to keep strife out of my household. I love You. Amen.

You Look Just Like ...

For those whom He foreknew [of whom He was aware and loved beforehand], He also destined from the beginning [foreordaining them] to be molded into the image of His Son [and share inwardly His likeness].

Romans 8:29 AMP

Family resemblance. We all have some resemblance to our parents, even if we never saw them due to death or adoption. It could be physical, like the shape of our nose, or it could be in our mannerisms, like the way we walk.

When others tell us how much our children look like us or act like us, we generally respond by saying, "Thank you." For some reason, such comments elicit pride in us.

It's much the same in our Christian experience. Once we've been brought into the family of God, we begin to take on its defining characteristics. Through the Holy Spirit, we are molded into the image of Christ, sharing His mindset and traits. Patience, kindness, compassion, and the desire to please God gradually become part of who we are.

Just as we enjoy the resemblance our own children bear toward us, our heavenly Father wants His children to "look like" Him.

Lord, please have Your way with me. Cause me to bear the family resemblance.

Rebecca Lusignolo-McGlone From Whispers of Wisdom for Single Moms

The House of Babel

"Let Us go down there and confuse their language so that they will not understand one another's speech." So the Lord scattered them from there over the face of the whole earth, and they stopped building the city. Therefore its name is called Babylon.

Genesis 11:7–9 HCSB

Early in biblical history, the world's people spoke only one language. They wandered about, came to a plain in Babylonia, and settled there. Then they decided to build a tower, a religious symbol, to reach the sky. On top of this tower there was probably an altar on which human sacrifices were offered. In punishment, God responded by confounding their language.

Communication is a powerful tool. But it's often confounded, even in our homes. There are times when parents seem to speak a totally different language than their children! Thankfully, God can cut through all the miscommunication. He hears and understands what we're saying, and He speaks to us, too. God says, "I will instruct you and show you the way to go; ... I will give counsel" (Psalm 32:8 HCSB). But that requires listening as much as talking.

Lord, unstuff my ears and those of my children! Help us to listen carefully to Your voice and to each other.

Suzanne Woods Fisher From Whispers of Wisdom for Single Moms

Love Is All You Need

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us.

1 John 4:16–17

Remember that popular '70s song "Love Will Keep Us Together"? Well, there's a lot of truth in that title, especially where our families are concerned.

Life gets complicated, and families fall apart. It happens. It even happens to Christian families. It may have happened in your own family. But I'm here to tell you that love is the answer. When nothing else will, love will keep your family together. No, I'm not talking about that fair-weather kind of love. I'm talking about the God kind of love—an everlasting, unconditional love from heaven.

So even if your teenager has left home or turned his back on God, love will draw him back. Not the sermons you've preached nor the rules you've enforced—only love will turn your situation around. Let God's love live big in you. Let God's love be the superglue in your family, binding you with one another for a lifetime. Live the love and reap the results.

Father, I ask that Your love flow through me to my children. Amen

Kodak Moments

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Kodak moments." Aren't they great? I love to look through photographs from past vacations, honor days, field trips, sporting events, family gatherings, holidays, and more! And when I have time, I enjoy scrapbooking—to really showcase our precious pictures. As I was putting together a recent scrapbook, I noticed that almost every picture I'd taken featured smiling, happy folks. Some were posed "cheesy" pictures, but even the candid shots showed intense happiness.

Like the commercial says, those are the moments you cherish. Sometimes you have to hold on to those happy memories to make it through until the next Kodak moment. Life is difficult, and traumatic events can uproot your entire life in an instant. So we need to live each day mindful that these are precious times—treasured times that are gone like the mist in the morning. Enjoy each moment with your children—even the not-so-pleasant ones—and thank God for the Kodak moments.

Lord, I thank You for filling my life with Kodak moments. Amen

Get What You Give

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous.

1 Peter 3:8 KJV

Make us of one heart and mind; Courteous, pitiful, and kind; Lowly, meek, in thought and word, Altogether like our Lord.

Charles Wesley

A little thought will show you how vastly your own happiness depends on the way other people bear themselves toward you. The looks and tones at your breakfast table, the conduct of your fellow-workers or employers, the faithful or unreliable men you deal with, what people say to you on the street, the way your cook and housemaid do their work, the letters you get, the friends or foes you meet—these things make up very much of the pleasure or misery of your day. Turn the idea around, and remember that just so much are you adding to the pleasure or the misery of other people's days. And this is the half of the matter which you can control. Whether any particular day shall bring to you more of happiness or of suffering is largely beyond your power to determine. Whether each day of your life shall give happiness or suffering rests with yourself.

George S. Merriam compiled by Mary W. Tileston

A Labor of Love

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be firm (steadfast), immovable ... knowing and being continually aware that your labor in the Lord is not futile [it is never wasted or to no purpose].

1 Corinthians 15:58 AMP

Cover your mouth!"

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"Don't talk with your mouth full!"

To the casual observer, it may appear that our labor of love—with all of its dos, don'ts, and did yous—has been for naught. After all, how many times should one have to say, "Don't kick your sister!" before Bobby finally gets it? Apparently ninety-eight and counting.

And then there are the deeper issues of life. We teach our kids to treat mean people with kindness, to forgive when they would rather hold a grudge. They're hard lessons to learn, but our labor is not in vain. We have His Word on it.

Raising children to love and honor the Lord is tough work, but the key is never to give in to discouragement. Nothing we do for the Lord is ever wasted ... even reminding little Bobby to stop kicking his sister!

Father God, as I raise my children to honor and respect You, You've promised that my labor is never wasted. What a promise to count on!

Rebecca Lusignolo-McGlone From Whispers of Wisdom for Single Moms

Reflecting God in Our Work

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

Colossians 3:23

Children are a reflection of their parents. When a mom and dad send their offspring out into the world, they can only hope that the reflection will be a positive one.

As believers, we are God's children. No one is perfect, and for this there is grace. However, we may be the only reflection of our heavenly Father that some will ever see. Our attitudes and actions on the job speak volumes to those around us. Although it may be tempting to do just enough to get by, we put forth our best effort when we remember we represent God to the world. A Christian's character on the job should be a positive reflection of the Lord.

This is true of our work at home as well. No one would disagree that daily chores are often monotonous, but we are called to face them with a cheerful spirit. God will give us the ability to do so when we ask Him.

Father, help me today to represent You well through my work. I want to reflect Your love in all I do. Amen.

Emily Biggers From Whispers of Wisdom for Busy Women

Happily Ever After

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

Matthew 21:22

I love to read children's stories that end in "... and they all lived happily ever after." Yeah, right! If only it were that easy, eh? In reality, our homes aren't always so happy. A good marriage takes work. A happy home takes work. But both are possible.

We must base our marriages and our families on the Word of God. That's the only way we'll ever have "heaven on earth" in our homes. That's the only way we'll ever experience the "happily ever after." Find scriptures in the Word that apply to your family situations and stand on those.

Begin praying for your husband and your children today. I don't mean just a quick "Bless my husband and my kids" line in your morning prayer. I mean really commit some time to praying for them. You don't have to know exactly what to pray. The Holy Spirit will help you. The point is this—happily ever after is possible. Now that's a dream worth having and standing for!

Lord, thank You for my spouse and my children. Help me to be the wife and mother You've made me to be. Please increase the happiness in my home. Amen.

Household Trials

O Lord, I am oppressed; undertake for me.

Isaiah 38:14 KJV

Being perplexed, I say, Lord, make it right! Night is as day to Thee, Darkness is light. I am afraid to touch Things that involve so much; My trembling hand may shake, My skill-less hand may break: Thine can make no mistake.

Anna B. Warner

The many troubles in your household will tend to your edification, if you strive to bear them all in gentleness, patience, and kindness. Keep this ever before you, and remember constantly that God's loving eyes are upon you amid all these little worries and vexations, watching whether you take them as He would desire. Offer up all such occasions to Him, and if sometimes you are put out and give way to impatience, do not be discouraged, but make haste to regain your lost composure.

Francis De Sales compiled by Mary W. Tileston

The Least of These

The king will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me."

Matthew 25:40 CEV

Some people act as if children are something to be tolerated, not cultivated. They are signed up for this, dropped off for that, and somehow, in the course of all of the activity, they are supposed to learn and grow into adults with a sense of thoughtful purpose. Do we think they'll teach themselves?

Jesus understood the potential of each child. He knew that their little hearts and minds were hungry for knowledge and truth. He knew that their training was an investment in the future of the kingdom of God.

We may never know the full scope of our impact on our own kids, but we are definitely part of God's plan for the development of their young lives. As a mother, you have the potential to bless a child's life forever.

And according to the Lord Himself, whatever you do for a child, you do for Him.

Jesus, use me to shape the lives of my children for Your glory. Help me to see these kids as a gift from You—never as a hindrance to my adult pursuits. Please grant me Your wisdom and love.

Nicole O'Dell From Whispers of Wisdom for Single Moms


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