Gold City

Gold City

by R. Chauncey


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Professor Littleton receives a letter from an unknown woman that offers him a chance to find the fable Indian city of gold, Cibola.
Littleton assumes the letter is a joke written by one of his former students and ignores it. Later that night, Julia Hamilton, shows up at his house and forces her way into his house with a gun and tells him she must talk to him. Littleton knocks her out and calls the police, she is arrested, and he signs a complaint against her and goes home
When he gets home, he finds Professor Stark Entrain, whom he dislikes, sitting in his study. He asks Littleton about the envelope, but Littleton beats him up and throws him out of his house where Stark is quickly picked up by a dark blue sedan that speeds away.
Littleton decides to visit Julia at the county jail the next and ask her about the envelope. When he sees her in the visitors section of the country jail, he tells her about the incident with Stark and she tells to him to call the number on the letter using a public phone then returns to her cell.
Littleton goes home, gets the phone number from the letter and uses a public phone to call the number. He talks to a woman who asks him where Julia is and he tells her. She tells him to go home and wait for her to contact him.
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At midnight the woman knocks on Littleton's backdoor. He lets her in and working in his basement she brings out a map on the inside of the envelope, and tells him the map shows where Cibola is and why it was mailed to him is and there is a plant dust in the city that heals bad hearts. Littleton refuses to believe a word she says.
He thinks it's all a lot of cloak and dagger nonsense, but he agrees to accompany her looking for Cibola because of the incident with Stark. The next day he drives to East St. Louis and meets Julia and the other woman in a motel and begins a search for Cibola.
After a few days of searching they find an ancient pueblo village in the San Mateo Mountains where Littleton finds a drawing and an unusual flash drive which he doesn't tell the women about. They are stopped later that night by armed mercenaries and taken to a hidden compound in the Nevada desert where Littleton is tortured, but doesn't reveal what he found in the pueblo village.
They learn from Stark as they are being taken away to be killed by two mercenaries that the compound is owned by a secret Club of wealthy people that controls many members of the U.S. Congress. Littleton and the two women manage to kill the mercenaries and return to the compound and get into a computer room using the flash drive Littleton found. Using the information Littleton found in the pueblo they download everything is the Club's computer and server and escape the compound.
The exposed information destroys the Club.

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