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Gold Train

by Lada Ray



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Gold Train by Lada Ray

Begin your love affair with Russia! Gold Train is a gripping romantic thriller based on true historic events.
Experience Moscow and St. Petersburg like you've never imagined them before; travel through Russia's turbulent history and ever-changing present; immerse yourself in the world filled with oligarchs, tantalizing mystery of the Russian gold, ultimate royal glamour, state secrets and FSB spies. It's the world guided by destiny's hand and spiced up with passionate love affair that could only happen where stakes are deadly and every day may be your last.
1918: Civil War in Russia. The entire Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire vanishes without a trace. But what if it's about to resurface? And what if it's about to be used to shift the global balance of power?
Today: Jade Snow, journalist turned spy extraordinaire, must choose between her worst friends and best enemies...and the future just might depend on her choice!

"Brilliantly Written - A MUST Read. This book had it all, not only a great mystery and action, but a little romance and even some humour. Superb, fast paced and well written." -- The Kindle Book Review

"Highly anticipated follow up adventure by novelist Lada Ray, Gold Train certainly delivers with dramatic thrills and spills. Easily 5 stars all the way." -- Jasper Snieder.

"Jade Snow is to journalism, what Jason Bourne is to action and espionage. Gold Train is an absolute must read." -- J.J. Collins, Author, Famine to Freedom

"On top of breakneck action, the ending blew my socks off. 100% an original book. It's even inspired me to learn Russian." -- Rachel's Book Reviews

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781475089158
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/24/2012
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Living her life in the fast lane, Lada Ray, M.A., always wanted to write cool stories, which she'd been imagining in her head ever since she can remember. Instead, she listened to her well-meaning parents and started her life in a more traditional way (for her, that is). Born in Russia, she is a world traveler, linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, shaman, and futurist.

Lada holds a Master's Degree in comparative linguistics (graduated summa cum laude,) is fluent in several languages and has traveled to over twenty six countries. She had worked in Havana, Cuba as an interpreter for the Russian educational exchange delegations, including a couple of interviews with the man himself - Fidel Castro. Later, she worked as financial consultant for AIG and Smith Barney/Citigroup. She studied Feng Shui in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and received her Feng Shui Master Practitioner's certification from the famed Asian author, Lilian Too.

A few years ago, she got her wish, and now she imagines her stories full-time in the bustling New York City and beautifully serene Catskill Mountains, NY, where she lives with her family and calico cat.

Lada Ray is the author of the Accidental Spy Adventure Series, including the Amazon & Kindle bestseller, GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), and mystery/thriller STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Smalltown Adventure). She is the creator of the new, top rated metaphysical YA fantasy/thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER, and the EARTH KEEPERS CHRONICLES: ORIGINS (Catharsis, Lemurian Crystal, Atlantis).

More about Lada's books:

Twitter: @ LadaTweets
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YouTube: Lada Ray Channel

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Gold Train 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Kelly_Osgood More than 1 year ago
5 star spy thriller, grips you to the end! I just finished reading Gold Train by Lada Ray. I usually don't post reviews, but I loved this book so much that I felt compelled to post this review. The protagonist, Jade Snow is a strong, independent journalist with international appeal. Her intuition, ability to reason and deductive prowess rivals the great Sherlock Holmes. Jade is tested to her very limits as she "recruits" mysterious hunk Alexei to solve one of the great mysteries of the world. But who is using whom? Whatever happened to the Russian Empire Gold Reserve worth hundreds of billions? After the revolution, the gold vanishes without a trace. Jade uncovers a conspiracy to overthrow the Russian government and realizes that if she doesn't follow her destiny, World War III may be the result. The drama that ensues is relentless and historically fascinating, and it had me reading non-stop to the very end to find out what happens! Along her journey, Jade encounters a "good samaritan" who happens to save her from danger. Is he a spy that's part of the conspiracy or a hero who steals Jade's breath away and has her under his spell? The relationship that develops is explosive, to put it mildly. Jade struggles with her conscience. Should she listen to her heart and fall madly in love, or use her womanly wiles to seduce this "spy"... What is the most precious thing in the world to her? Her family at home, loyalty to the country of her ancestors or the greatest love she has ever known? Everything hangs in the balance as she's living on razor's edge, weighing decisions that can affect the course of human history. This has got to be one of the coolest, most explosive and passionate novels I read in a very long time! The novel is very well written. I can't say enough about it... has you hanging on the edge of your seat! Read it and you'll see what I mean!
kimba88 More than 1 year ago
Gold Train by Lada Ray is a non-stop adult-fiction thriller set in Russia. Protagonist, Jade Snow, a journalist and amateur detective who appeared in Ray’s previous novel entitled Stepford U.S.A. is back in an new tale. Based on historical facts, Ray takes us to Russia, to discover what happen to the entire Gold reserve of the Russian Empire. It vanished without a trace during the Civil War in 1918. The tale offers, suspense, mystery, murder and a touch of paranormal. We are introduced to Jade Snow, former journalist, wife and stay-at-home Mom to her thirteen month old daughter. They reside on the Upper East Side of New York. Her husband works for Time magazine and while they seem to have the good life, Jade admits she misses her career. Jade’s family is from Russia and she longs to visit, when a phone call offers her a chance to collaborate on a book surrounding the Gold Train, Jade jumps at the opportunity. Jade is in Russia less then forty-eight hours when the Russian journalist she is working with is murdered. The tale that unfolds is suspenseful, full of twists and takes us to Moscow, St Petersburg, the Menshikov Mansion, the infamous KGB headquarters and the grand houses. We travel on high-speed trains, attend balls and walk through the gorgeous Russian Metro. Not everyone is who they appear to be, and Jade will have to use her wits to solve it. The conspiracies, political intrigue and cast of characters had me racing to the dramatic ending. While the ending is intense, it wraps up nicely, without a lot of unanswered questions and even hints at where Jade’s next adventure will be. Jade is a bright likeable character. She is educated and good at connecting the dots. While she has no training as a detective, her inquisitive mind and investigative reporting skills find her entwined in the mystery. I loved Jade the detective, but struggled to like Jade the person. While on this adventure she strays and breaks her marriage vows. Call me old fashioned, but this doesn’t sit well with me; even though the romance was passionate and Jade felt he was her soul mate. I realize this won’t affect everyone, so do not let this deter you from a great adventure. For my more delicate readers, I must warn you that while most is implied, the romance does get pretty hot and heavy. The plot developed at a good pace, and the tale kept me captivated. Ray’s description of Russia and the grand houses were delightful. I want to thank Lada Ray for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.
Hayley_Sale More than 1 year ago
This review is from: Gold Train (Jade Snow Russia Adventure) (Kindle Edition) For the fans of The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure comes this gripping new thriller, based on true historic events! 1918: Civil war in Russia. The entire Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire vanishes without a trace. Today: journalist Jade Snow travels to Russia to uncover a dangerous conspiracy, find the world's largest treasure and experience forbidden passion, defying time and space. I thoroughly enjoyed this book - the opening chapter gives us a little insight into the Gold Train in 1918 and then goes to present day where we meet Jade Snow, it's been her lifelong ambition to visit Russia, a promise she owed to her Grandma's memory. I found myself quickly engrossed into this book as I needed to find out the mystery of the Gold Train. I don't want to give much more away about the plot lines but they were brilliantly written and the story is just fantastic - there is layers that go deeper and deeper as we go along and I just loved it. I love the relationship between Jade and Alexi - you can sense they're feelings from that initial meeting as he was her rescuer when she was mugged. This was the start of the real action in the book, I thought the action scenes were once again brilliantly written - especially the one at the station. I also enjoyed the suspense in the book, I just had to carry on reading to get to the end. I found that the way the author described the scenery and landmarks of Russia was just amazing - it made me want to go and visit myself. I was as interested in reading about the landmarks as I was about the actual storyline! This book had it all, not only a great mystery, and action but a little romance and even some humour. It really was superb, fast paced and well written. For me it was also one of those books that gets you thinking about things - even after you finish reading. I really hope that we get to here more from Jade Snow and also Alexi Hayley Sale ~ The Kindle Book Review
Madeline_Walsh More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book very much! I felt that I couldn't put it down, it is very passionate. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and adventure mysteries! The book is very well written. I was lovestruck with the interaction between the characters, how well they work together, complimenting one another so well to solve the mystery. Jade Snow is a very intuitive, resourceful, quick thinking, witty heroine and Alexei is well... a total hunk. I love how the plot develops, very thrilling story of conspiracy that might potentially overthrow the Russian government, shift the balance of power and lead to dire consequences, even to another World War! The plot had me by the edge of my seat, the twists and turns had me thinking, what's Jade gonna do next? What would I do if I were in her position? Very powerful fast action pace kept me reading to the very end! I loved the colorful descriptions of life unfolding before my eyes in Moscow, St Petersburg, the Menshikov Mansion, Grand Ball, the infamous KGB/FSB headquarters, high-speed trains and gorgeous Russian Metro. The grand ballroom scene was magnificent, I could see myself dancing in the arms of some Prince in a mysterious far off land... so romantic. Alexei stood out as a character because he is so strong, handsome and debonnaire. He can literally charm the pants off any girl... I wouldn't mind being alone in a hotel room with him... so hot and sexy, I was dripping with anticipation. I would love to read more about Alexei in the future Jade Snow books! In Gold Train, I think everyone will find mystery, suspense, action, passion, romance... and an amazing timeless story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The plot developed at a good pace, and the tale kept me captivated. Ray’s description of Russia and the grand houses were delightful. I want to thank Lada Ray for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great, awesome story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago