Golf on Auto Focus: Training Your Brain to Better Your Game

Golf on Auto Focus: Training Your Brain to Better Your Game


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What golfer hasn't stood in the fairway cringing as a carefully planned shot hurtled into the bushes? We've all lost focus-for or a shot, a hole, or an entire round. If we're lucky, that focus is back for our next outing on the links.

But what if you didn't need luck on the golf course to be properly focused? What if your ability to focus was eminently reliable and consistent? With GOLF ON AUTO FOCUS: TRAINING YOUR BRAIN TO BETTER YOUR GAME, that's now within reach for golfers of all abilities.

Dr. Alan Edmunds spent years on the links as a player, club-fitter, caddie, university coach, psychologist, and the father of an elite golfer. Puzzled by the fact that so many talented and highly skilled players succeeded during some rounds, and completely lost focus in others, he set out to solve the mystery of the inconsistent golf game.

After discovering a place in every golfer's swing where doubt and distraction can creep in, Dr. Edmunds designed a technique he calls "Auto Focus" that allows golfers to optimize their focus and improve their overall performance. His empirical research with mid-level handicappers, as well as the use of Auto Focus by professional golfers and amateurs, has proven that the technique really works.

Simple and easy-to-follow, Golf on Auto Focus provides golfers with a blueprint for enhancing their pre-shot routine. You will not only learn how to focus appropriately on the right things at the right time, but also how to stop thinking and become intensely focused automatically.

Dr. Edmunds' technique can help you improve your focus and confidence, and exercise control over your emotions while under pressure-whether you are performing in a sports arena or a boardroom! Learn more at

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About the Author

Dr. Alan L. Edmunds is an educator, writer, and well-respected sports psychologist who works with elite athletes of all ages and sports. Golf isn't Alan's only sport-not by a long shot-but it's still one of his best-loved. Learn more at

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