Golf Simplified: Eliminate Strokes Right Away: 21 Simple and Effective Tips To Help You Instantly Improve All Aspects of Your Game

Golf Simplified: Eliminate Strokes Right Away: 21 Simple and Effective Tips To Help You Instantly Improve All Aspects of Your Game

by Al Turner


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I truly want to help you enjoy this game even more by lowering your score with the provided tips, techniques, strategies, knowledge, and drills in this book, which are explained to you in the simplest way possible.

Whether you are a professional, an experienced player looking to take your game to that seemingly impossible next level, an amateur, a curious beginner searching for a product with the perfect combination of basic fundamentals and essential knowledge, or totally clueless and won't even step foot on a golf course out of fear of embarrassment this book has something practical you can take away to positively impact your game.

This Book Covers Just About Every Aspect of Golf

  • Driving
  • Iron Shots
  • Wedge Shots
  • Putting
  • Mental Tips
  • Pictures and diagrams to enhance comprehension and simplify content
  • and a lot more

You Will Find Answers To Frequently Asked Golf Questions Like...

  • How do I stop slicing the ball?
  • How can I hit longer and straighter drives?
  • How can I consistently make solid contact?
  • What do I have to do in order to stop this three putting madness?
  • What is the most important aspect of putting?
  • How do I hit the sweet spot on the putter every time?
  • What wedges should I carry?
  • What are the best drills to develop my game?
  • and a lot more

What are others saying about this book?...

  • "Awesome read! I thoroughly enjoyed this simplified version of how to improve your golf game! This book covered everything from improving longer drives, to putting tips. Al did an excellent job through illustrative pictures and descriptive writing to show who to improve your golf game. I highly recommend it!"
  • "I wish I had read this book when I was beginning to learn learn play golf...The book includes pictures so you can clearly understand all the tips; it covers not only driving, but iron and wedge shots and putting too...if you're beginner and want to improve your game, this book is for you."

Free Limited Time Bonus Offer: Jordan Spieth Ball Control Tips

You may be hesitant to buy this book as there are a lot of other golf books out there but there is one thing I want you to know: this book is the most helpful and effective.
Because I appreciate you going out of your way to read this description here is an inside look at one of the Jordan Spieth ball control tips called "check it" from the bonus section.

Check it
"One of the best ways to control your ball is to hit it low, allowing it to gain after a few bounces. This technique can come in handy when you are dealing with a lot of green. Open the face of your sixty-degree wedge at address, and then set your ball about center in your stance to ensure that you catch it clean. On the return, hinge your wrists, and then try to maintain a bit of that hinge when coming down. Your hands should be slightly closer to the target during impact than your club head. A good trick to control the speed of the ball is to maintain the club head at close proximity to the ground as much as possible. This will enable the grooves to really grasp the ball and cause a backspin. Swinging up too soon will lead to either poor contact or a too high shot."

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Pages: 44
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