Gone And Done It

Gone And Done It

by Maggie Toussaint


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ISBN-13: 9781432828134
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 04/18/2014
Pages: 275
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.20(d)

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Gone And Done It 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
cattouch More than 1 year ago
Baxleys aLlandscaper and a Dream Walker who finds a buried body on her latest job. She's a single mom raising a daughter after her husband went MIA..and then presumed dead by the Army. She feels the army knows more than its saying and she has a "watcher" in the woods by her home that she feels may be or not ..her missing husband...he saves her life one night, so whoever he is , she doesn't fear him. The sheriff is sexy and hot for her...but he is a womanizer...her parents are old "hippie" types with their lifestyle and way of living. Her Dad has been the Dreamwalker, but now he needs to give up that responsibility so she's taking over that calling. Baxlys a great character...a hard working mom trying to keep everything together and deal with her "gift". Good mystery...great start for a series...waiting impatiently for the next story...highly recommend it.
FionaST More than 1 year ago
FANTASTIC NEW SERIES! Loved this new series from Maggie Toussaint. Gone & Done It stars Baxley Powell, reluctant psychic.  Baxley is a single mom to a 10 year old daughter, Larissa. Trying to make ends meet (her husband Roland was reported dead but the army refuses to pay her his benefits as his body has not yet been found in the past two years), Baxley earns money as a pet sitter & landscaper. Her parents are aging hippies & her best friend aspires to be the best newspaper reporter out there. While working at her current landscaping job Baxley unearths 2 grave sites, one from the long ago past & one quite recent. When all her jobs dry up, Baxley offers her psychic skills to Sheriff Wayne Thompson as a department consultant to earn extra money. From there the story unfolds as Baxley tries to find out the identities of all the victims, unearth the killer(s), deal with both real & psychic attacks, all while trying to be a good mom, daughter, & friend. Maggie Toussaint keeps the reader twisting & turning while the plot unfolds, all the while a secondary plot runs in the background as to who is Baxley's secret watcher/protector? The psychic paranormal component is just enough to be believable without becoming too "woo-woo." I can't wait for the second book in this series to come out! Great job, Maggie!!
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Baxley Powell is a landscaper and pet sitter in a small town on the coast of Georgia. While finishing up a huge landdscaping project Baxley makes a terrible discovery, a human skull. She wants to use her psychic ability to identify the victim but ends up getting tasered by a deputy instead. Baxley has inherited a unique ability from her father. She is a dreamwalker. Dreamwalkers seem to be well known in this little town. Soon she is helping the police not only identify the remains but also solving a murder as well. Dollycas’s Thoughts Baxley Powell is a very interesting character. Her husband, an Army man, is missing and presumed dead. She and her 10 year old daughter are just trying to live their lives. But it hard to live a normal life when the whole town knows your father is a dreamwalker and Baxley is one too. Baxley is just learning about her abilities but her father’s declining health means she needs to learn very quickly. Baxley is a very likeable character, single mom, trying to make ends meet anyway she can. The dreamwalker ability flows very naturally in the story. Her mother is a great character as well. She uses crystals to help heal her husband and her daughter when their bodies are completely drained after a dreamwalking session. Her father and Baxley’s daughter also have a mind meld thing with Baxley and know when she is safe or in trouble. The whole theme was very fascinating. I did have one small problem with the story. The way the death or non-death of Baxley’s husband was handled made me wonder several times if this really was the first book in this series. Several times things were referred to with not a lot of explanation like the reader should know these things already. This improved as the story continued. I realize his status will play out as the series continues I just would have liked to see the character be introduced in a different way instead of wrapped into moments that occurred in this story. I know the character whether alive or dead will have major impact as the stories continue. This series is off to strong start. I look forward to reading more about Baxley Powell and her family.
LK_Hunsaker More than 1 year ago
I'm a fan of Maggie Toussaint's clever and fun fiction, and especially of her cozy mysteries. Gone and Done It is no exception. Baxley is a fully real character with plenty of problems to deal with already, and finding a dead body while she works is about the last thing she needs. I have to say I was hesitant about the dreamwalker storyline, but it works, and I love when authors stretch their bounds into new directions. The author handled it well and believably. Every character is well developed and believable, as though I could walk right into this little town in coastal Georgia and shake hands with, or avoid, the inhabitants. I found some issues with repetition, but that's a personal pet peeve and a trend in current fiction I'd prefer to stop trending, so it's a minor point. I also found myself thinking of Baxley and her garden tools while out shopping at a garden store, so the story stayed with me even while not reading it. To me, that's the mark of a good, strong story. I love the background of why Baxley is raising her daughter alone and the hint of mystery that will lead into the next book. I'll have to grab the next in the series to see where that goes. And I look forward to it. [Note: I'd like to give this 4 1/2 stars if I could!]
dibbylodd More than 1 year ago
Well written with engaging characters and a twisty mystery. Then throw in Native American interests and paranormal activities. And what's with the dead (?)/missing (?) husband and the "watcher"? It was written well enough that I was incensed by the way the main character was treated! I had to plow through that so I could see what (if any) retribution came to the nasties. I intend to follow this story into the following books.