Good Girl's Bad Lessons

Good Girl's Bad Lessons

by Carmen Falcone

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Translator Emma Cavanaugh will do anything to win her ex-boyfriend back—including summoning her brother's best friend, Italian billionaire and playboy Nico Giordano, to give her much-needed lessons in the art of seducing and pleasing a man. Sex was never her thing, so if anyone is going to know how to teach her how to be bad it'll be Mr. Sex-on-A-Stick himself.

Nico doesn't want any part of the crazy plan to teach Emma to be the mayor of pleasureville because not only will her brother kill him, but little does she know he wants nothing more than to taste her, touch her, and hear her moan his name. So that's a hard no...until she begs him to show her, to let her be his student for a month of blistering hot instruction that will make not only Emma's ex panting for more, but Nico as well as it turns out.

Each book in the Dirty Debts series is STANDALONE:
* Good Girl Gone Bad
* Good Girls Like it Dirty
* Good Girl's Bad Lessons

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640636965
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Series: Dirty Debts , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 201
Sales rank: 135,699
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters and places beat doing Math homework any day. She’d always dreamed of becoming a published writer, though life and its surprises often got in the way. After her daughter was born, she revisited that dream of writing – this time, unwilling to give it up. She lives in Austin and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and three high energy pugs.

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"Would you like to see the wine list, mademoiselle?" the waiter with a thick French accent and handlebar mustache asked.

"Not yet. I'm waiting for my fiancé," Emma Cavanaugh said. God, two months of engagement and she still smiled every damn time she said the word. Suppressing a giggle, she nodded to the waiter when he flashed her a smile and poured more water into her glass. Slowly. Very slowly, as a reminder she occupied a corner booth during weekend dining primetime.

Emma rubbed her palms together. Simon would be here at any moment. He'd texted her he was running late; not that she complained about having to munch on warm bread made from scratch at the exclusive restaurant.

She stretched her hand on the pristine linen, glancing down at the sparkling diamond ring. Would he finally decide on a wedding date? A couple of weeks ago, she had used her brother Zaine's upcoming wedding as an excuse to cement the topic.

She'd been dating Simon for almost two years, and the timing was right. He'd asked for her hand in marriage, and why wait around? If losing her brother Zachary a few years ago had taught her something, it was to live the life you want to live. Go after what you want, because tomorrow's not promised.

Sure, maybe some people would say twenty-five was too young to get married, but she had big plans. Her career as a translator and interpreter was thriving. An old, dear client recently invited her to be the project manager of an animal sanctuary he intended to build overseas. Not only did she adore animals, but the job would fund her dream wedding. Her life was on track. Waiting till her thirties to do what she could now was a waste of time. Besides, she wanted to have kids while she could enjoy them, like her parents had done. When you know, you know.

Simon had a volunteer trip to Venezuela in a couple of days. It made sense for him to set the date before he traveled. They'd iron out the details later. Yes. Simon was the sound choice for her. An up-and-coming dentist, and a great partner — reliable, smart, and they shared plenty of hobbies. Her parents had taken many activities together, or so she heard — her father died when she was a child, but they'd had a great marriage by all accounts.

"Am I late?" The rustle of a chair made her straighten her shoulders and glance at her hubby-to-be.

She winked at him. "You're right on time."

Simon shrugged. God, he seemed nervous. The strand of blond hair that usually fell neatly on his forehead was pushed back, which meant he'd been running his fingers through his smooth hair. A couple of buttons on his striped shirt hung open, and she didn't need a magnifying glass to see the rapid pulse in his neck.

Maybe he'd realized he'd be away from her for a few weeks and wanted to set a date before his departure. A shiver of anticipation rolled down her back, and she wiggled in her seat. Should she go ahead and make things easier for him? "Simon, whatever you wanna tell me, you can go ahead and say it."

He reached for her glass of water and took a swig of it. "Emma, we've been together for two years. And engaged for two months."

"Yes." She stretched her hand and caressed his. Oh, the poor fool.

A nervous laugh flew from his lips, and he withdrew his hand from under hers. "Right. Lately I've been thinking. I know you've reached the time in our relationship where —"

"Would you like to see the wine menu?" the waiter asked, bringing a small leather-bound menu.

Seriously? She crossed her legs and drew in a breath to calm her nerves. No. Not happening.

"Thanks." Simon nodded at the waiter and grabbed the menu, but kept it closed tight.

"Go ahead." She brought her hands to her lap and played with the hem of the linen napkin.

He shifted in his seat, his baby blues studying her face. "Well, you're amazing, and you deserve to fulfill your dreams and hopes. I proposed because I really believe that. And I know you've brought up the dates, and I sort of dismissed the subject."

Yes. She clenched the napkin hard. Oh God. Yes, yes, it's coming. A wave of warmth bubbled up in her throat, and she clamped her lips to keep from shouting too soon.

"Now I know why. I can't marry you." He gave her a lingering glance along with an apologetic smile. "I'm so sorry, Em."


She drew back as if she'd been struck, her head bobbing and fingers loosening the grip on the napkin. It was like someone had dumped a bucket of glacial water on her head. Her body froze, her heart skipping a beat. Warmth gone. "Y-You're breaking up with me?"

He ran his hand down his face and let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes. I'm sorry."

She managed to blink several times before asking, "Why did you invite me for dinner then?"

He shuffled in his seat, his fingers fidgety over the damn wine menu. "We started our relationship going to nice places. I thought this'd be a nice way to end it."

She rubbed her throbbing temples, trying to understand what the hell was happening. This was certainly not part of the plan. A lump of frustration lodged in her throat, and when she tried to swallow, her tongue got stuck to the roof of her mouth.

No. More. Engagement.

"You're smart, funny, caring. You have all those qualities any guy wants in a woman," he said, his voice as soft as a cotton ball.

"Then why?" The whole "It's not you, it's me" routine wasn't going to cut it. She was smart enough not to fall for that one.

Simon scratched his head, visibly uncomfortable, and glanced around them in silence. Sure, there were other tables occupied, with couples whispering lovingly, too involved with each other to care. "We have no sexual chemistry."

This was all about ... sex? "I can work on that," she said, injecting some enthusiasm in her voice. Really, was that the issue? "I can download a Kama Sutra app or something." Hadn't one of her friends raved over one of those before? Emma wasn't vying for an Olympic medal in the aerobic sex department, but if that's what it took to keep the man of her dreams, well, she'd roll up her sleeves.

A long sigh flew from his lips. "No. Listen, Emma, I want to be with someone who enjoys sex as much as I do, who values it like I do. You can't fake that."

She folded her arms. "Did you meet someone else?"

"No. I'd never cheat on you." He looked straight into her eyes, and somehow she believed him. "I need to be with someone who's more adventurous. I'm not here to change you, but I've seen a couple friends get married, and with Zaine's wedding in a month ... it got me thinking about what I want in a spouse. I'm sorry I didn't discuss this with you sooner, before we got this far. I thought I'd be okay with it. Turns out I'm not."

Hot tears brimmed in her eyes. Holy shit, how humiliating. Her pulse raced, and she wanted to make a big scene and yell at him. Pull the linens and drop the fancy china and cutlery, and he'd be the one stuck with the bill — and maybe a knife would land on his thigh.

Except, the bastard had a point. Sex really didn't mean a lot to her. Sure, she enjoyed it enough, but she didn't need it for survival. "You want a sex goddess," she said softly.

Simon scratched his chin, and she hated how he gazed at her, as if he, too, was in pain. "If things are stale between us now, can you imagine after, say, twelve years of marriage?" he said, his voice trailing off.

She lifted the napkin from her lap and dried the corner of her eyes. "Sex isn't everything."

"It is when it's not working. I'm sorry, Em. I love you, but ..." He sighed. "Listen, I'm going to Venezuela for the next three weeks. I'll be back before your brother's wedding. If you don't want me to attend —"

With a shrug, she produced a smile. "That's silly. You and Zaine are friends, too. He'd want you to be there." And so will I. She had four weeks to come up with Plan B. Or make it Plan D. "Can I ask you a favor? Don't ... tell anyone about our breakup yet. My mom and sister are so excited about Zaine's wedding. I'll let everyone know after the wedding."

He flashed her an apologetic smile. "You got it."

"Thanks." She drew in a breath. If he thought she was done with him, he was dead wrong. Perhaps time apart was all he needed to focus on what really mattered in life. Meanwhile, she'd learn how to become a sexpert and win Simon back.

Oh, hell to the yes.

* * *

Nico Giordano glanced at the invitation he'd been given less than an hour ago for the fund-raising party. The golden cursive lettering sparkled when he shifted the expensive paper. He'd been trying to buy back his family vacation home for years, and finally he'd have the opportunity to meet the reclusive owner face-to-face.

Excited, he called his brother, Marco. After two rings, Marco came to the phone. Nico heard the giggle of a female voice in the background and hoped he didn't interrupt anything between Marco and his wife Lily. If he waited for a good time to call them, he'd never do it. Those two screwed every waking moment. "Yeah?"

Nico snorted. He hadn't gotten laid in four months, a record for him. Sex helped him relax and focus on what mattered. Like the opportunity to sway Desmorais to finally sell him the only place he'd experienced happiness as a child and fulfill a promise he'd made to himself and his late mother. Their former vacation home in Mauritius — the very same house Desmorais habited. "I pulled a few strings and got an invite for a fund-raising party in Mauritius next month."

"You did? Is this about the Desmorais home?"

"It's our home," he said. Memories of the wonderful summers they'd spent in the large white house in Mauritius filled his heart. His mother had been healthy, for the most part, and he firmly believed the warm weather and simple living helped her cope with her mental illness when she'd been away from all the demands of an upper-class family in a traditional Italian setting. After she'd committed suicide and their father descended into alcoholism, it was like Papa had chosen to erase all the evidence of happiness — and selling the beloved home had been on the list.

"Nico, give up. You've tried to get this guy's attention before," he said, mentioning the successful complex they created in New York City, where one of the investors was good friends with the French billionaire. Nico suspected that he'd put in a good word for him, and maybe he had, but still nothing moved the needle in his favor. Besides an email from his lawyer saying he wasn't interested in selling his property no matter the price, Desmorais had ignored his phone calls.

"Never," he hissed.

Marriage and kids weren't in his cards — hell, kids were physically impossible. He'd made sure of that. The house was the one goal he had, where he saw himself spending his downtime.

His phone pinged, and he noticed another call waiting. It was from his best friend Zaine, who spent his last few weeks in Senegal doing charity work with his fiancée Monique, before returning to California for their wedding. "Hey, I gotta go. Zaine's on the other line. Talk to you soon."

He heard another squeal from the other end of the line, and knew his brother wouldn't be heartbroken to go back to whatever he was doing with Lily. Perverts.

Truth was, he loved Marco, but though he excelled at pretending, whenever he was with his brother his heart squeezed. All those times he hadn't protected him from their father came to mind. Guilt over the truth he'd always kept hidden from Marco.

"Hey, man," Zaine said in a rush, pulling him from his thoughts. "I just got a text from the security company saying someone broke into my house. They're sending a car over, but Emma has been staying there. I can't get a hold of her. Can you please check it out and call me as soon as possible?"

"Have you told anyone else?"

"No. Megan has a small kid, and my mom will go crazy. Can you check it for me and let me know?"

"Of course."

"Thanks, Nico. I owe you one."

Nico hung up his phone, and rushed to the door. His property was located only a few minutes from Zaine's in Hollywood Hills. He slid into his black Ferrari and zipped through the empty streets.

Emma Cavanaugh. He hoped she wasn't in any trouble. Zaine's little sister was a curvy brunette, with an ass that made him drool, and bright hazel eyes that carried a promise. Well, in his mind, anyway.

Which was where his fantasies would remain.

He'd never get involved with his best friend's sister, because Emma had the whole white-picket-fence dream written on her forehead in bold letters. She was taken, anyway — engaged to some pansy-ass guy he'd met a couple of times. Samuel or Syd or whatever the hell his name was. Nico doubted that a boring dentist who parted his hair to the side and slicked it with gel knew how to properly handle a luscious woman like Emma.

Sighing, he accelerated. She could be in trouble and here he was, salivating over her sexy body and pretty face. His father had a point — Nico didn't care about anyone but himself, and that suited him. That truth ruled his life, and it expanded his horizons and limited them in equal measures.

He parked in front of the impressive house and ran to the door. All the lights were off. No trace of a police car. Maybe knocking on the door wasn't the brightest idea ... What if the intruder hurt her or took her away?

Nico's heart thrummed. He walked around the property first to study the area before making up his mind. He didn't see anyone through those glass walls. A glass of wine sat half empty on the coffee table in the living room, and a reality show was on the sleek TV screen.

But no sign of Emma.

He climbed up a tree and got to the second floor of the house. He opened the window from the outside and slid inside. He'd excelled in every martial arts class he'd taken, and he doubted the intruder wouldn't be intimidated by his muscular six-feet-three frame. He curled his fingers into a ball, ready to knock out the bastard when he saw him.

He padded on his feet through the hallways until he found a room with light trespassing down the closed door.

Without delay, he kicked the door open.

Emma was sitting on the bed, eyes widening, as she gasped and tied the knot of her silk robe. "What? Nico?" she shouted. "Do you want to give me a heart attack?"

Did she want to give him one? The smooth fabric outlined her womanly curves. Desire hit him like a blow. "You okay?" he asked, glancing around the guest room she occupied.

"I was until you barged in here and I almost died."

"Your brother told me to check on you. He said one of the alarms went off."

"Yes, I know. I drank too much and didn't remember the code when I walked in here. So the damn thing activated, but I called the security company, and everything is squared away now."

"So, no intruders?"

She pointed at him. "Well, I have a big intruder right in front of me."


"Let's go downstairs and have a drink."

"Seems like you've been having too much of it. What's wrong?"

She walked out of her room, and he followed her, trying hard not to ogle her perfectly round, lavish butt cheeks that swayed as she walked. Not only did she have an ass he only dreamed of seeing, she had curvy hips. Her body was the epitome of an hourglass figure, and it raised his internal temperature to an unbearable level.

You're drooling only because you haven't nailed her. If you nail her, the magic's gone.

He sent Zaine a quick text message to say there'd been no break-in, and she was safe. After his friend replied and thanked him, he slid his phone back in his pocket.

When they entered the living area, she turned on two lamps and turned down the TV's volume. She reached for the bottle of red wine and gestured it to him. "Want?"

He grabbed it from her hand. "Doesn't it seem like you've had enough?"

She shook her head and took it back from him. "Please. I was dumped today. I'm entitled."

He cleared his throat. "Your fiancé broke up with you?"

"Yeah. Said I suck in the bedroom," she said, then chugged down the glass. "That's a complaint I bet you never had."

"Can't say that I have." He went to the kitchen, opened a few cupboards until he found wine glasses, and took one. When he returned, he poured himself some. What the hell could he say to make her feel better? He didn't get this whole male/female friendship thing, which was why he never wasted time befriending the opposite sex. Still. A flicker of sadness gleamed in her pretty eyes, and he wanted it gone. "Listen, it has nothing to do with you. He's the loser."

She rolled her eyes at him, unfazed. "Whatever. It has everything to do with me. Simon's perfect for me. And I'm perfect for him, if he's willing to look past his stupid fantasies."


Excerpted from "Good Girl's Bad Lessons"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Carmen Falcone.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Good Girl's Bad Lessons 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved reading this book! From the intriguing synopsis to the sexy cover, I couldn't pass on the opportunity of reading this book. Nico and Emma's story was a quick romance filled with steamy scenes and lots of twists to keep you reading until the very end. Nico is your typical billionaire playboy who has it all while Emma is a translator who loves her job very much. When the two decide to help each other out to achieve different goals they soon realize that achieving each other's goals might hurt one another in the process. They will have to face their pasts in order to create a brand new future together. If you love a friends-to-lovers story with a twist then I would highly recommend reading this book (the ending in particular was my favorite!) :) ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Delectably forbidden! He's always known she was off-limits, but now she's basically begging him to defile her ... what's a man to do?? Carmen Falcone's latest is sexy, fun and oh so flirty and it's going to steam up day the minute you open the first page. Emma Cavanaugh can't believe her boyfriend just dumped her ... and called her boring in bed! He's perfect for her, and she will stop at nothing to win him back, so she's going to take matters into her own hands and learn how to knock his socks off in bed! Who better to get to teach her than the Italian walking sex God himself! Billionaire Nico Giordano adores Emma and, but little does she know when she makes this little request of hers that he has always secretly desired her. She's his best friend's little sister and has always been strictly off-limits, but if she wants to play games and push his buttons, she's going to learn the hard way about getting results!
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
If the guy on the cover is Nico, what girl wouldn't want to learn from him?!? Nico, tall, dark, and handsome with being a sex God thrown in was definitely a good teacher for Emma. He was a bit rough around the edges, but Emma softened those. She was determined to fix her problem, and went after the solution. But they fell for one another. Nico and Emma were electric together. He brought out her inner sexiness and she made him human. I enjoyed their journey to happy ever after. Him getting her back and their epilogue was very good for the heart. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
trosado More than 1 year ago
4 Stars! This was a short and sexy read that had a great hero and heroine to root for. I often find myself longing for more in these shorter reads with heavier focus on the physical aspects. This author did a fantastic job with balancing that aspect with the characters' back stories, conflict, and romance to provide a well-rounded and compelling story. Overall, a quick read with sexy and substance. (This is my voluntary and unbiased review of an advanced copy of Good Girl's Bad Lessons.)
808bookdr More than 1 year ago
Rating 4/5 I loved this! Who doesn't love a man who knows what he's doing and to top it off an Italian at that!?! Whenever a different culture plays a prominent role in a character, I get so hooked and I'm not even sure what exactly appeals to me about it... maybe the unknown intrigue of a culture I only see on TV??? Anyway, this is my first novel from Carmen Falcone, and it did not disappoint! She definitely knows how to play the sexiness card and uses that A LOT to the advantage of this story! Fantastic read and I can't see what comes next! *I received a free copy from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review.*
Dina1 More than 1 year ago
OMG this was one titillating, stimulating, erotic, absolutely filled with hotness story. It's a beautiful romantic story with two very outspoken characters good at not seeing the truth till it smacked them in the heart. I loved the twist the story had in store for both the characters; her with the man she wanted to marry, him with his family. Because of the sensual and emotiontal feelings the author put in it, it's a marvelous story of two people discovering what real passion is when you truly love someone. As you can see I have no spoilers, just the amazing sensations the story gives you. Grab it when it releases in October.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
This book! This book! Ah-mazing! I cannot express how much I loved this story about Nico and Emma. Emma is Zaine's younger sister, a translator and has her proverbial self together. Until the night her fiancé dumped her after their two year relationship and 2 month engagement because "we have no sexual chemistry" his words. Stunned and every bit of her confidence shot right out the window, she goes home. She's living at her brothers place while he and his fiancé are overseas working. They're due home soon, their marriage soon approaches. Her brother calls his best friend Nico when he gets a call from the alarm company to go and check the house and to make sure Emma is ok. He goes. Emma is half drunk and tells Nico what went down with Simon. Nico convinces her that she just hasn't had the right man and proceeds to show her that she can indeed function fully as a receptive female. Nico has a reputation and a history that is pretty bleak. He's wealthy, never going to have kids and never marry. He is attracted to Emma in a big way but there are all kinds of lines he doesn't want to cross. Emma begs him to give her "lessons" and when Nico finds out that she knows the one man he needs to talk to up close and personal to acquire a piece of property that is pivotal to his youth, he agrees. They spend time together. Lots of hot, steamy, sweaty, someone hose me down time. These two have chemistry in spades and they get along. Emma is kind and generous and while Nico may not always see the best in people Emma helps with that. Emma can't tell him that she is under contract with this elusive man that Nico wants to meet to help him develop an animal sanctuary on his large estate. She signed an NDA. Nico does find out, but as the story unfolds that's the least of his woes. This story was stellar. The writing, the characters, the twists and turns which I left out, it was just perfect. I didn't want it to end. I've loved all the Good Girls books but this is my favorite. It's an absolute must read. arc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review
AuroraDawn5 More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this swexy (sweet but sexy) story about a young woman who seeks help from her brother's best friend in winning back the man of her dreams. Exclusive charity events, exotic islands and plenty of NSFW sex scenes make this story a steamy escape from reality. Nico is the classic, hard as nails, non-committing hero with a vulnerable streak you can't help but fall in love with and sweet, naive Emma undertakes a Cinderella transformation into a strong, confident, self-sufficient heroine who knows exactly what she wants. A great addition to a great series.
OpheliaOA More than 1 year ago
What a fun read! I was hooked from the very beginning. Emma might started to hook up with Nico at first to get sexual experience to get her ex-fiancé back but she soon realizes that getting dumped by her ex might have been for the best. Nico might not have wanted to help Emma out, first because she is the sister of his best friend and second because of the future that Emma wants. Nico might not want a family or be in a committed relationship but the more time he spends with Emma the more he realizes that he might not have wanted that before but with Emma having a future together and spending the rest of his life with her might not be so bad. Good Girl’s Bad Lessons was a fun easy read! *** Received this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
CarolKittie More than 1 year ago
Emma's fiancé broke up with her right before he leaves for a stint in the wilds helping those who don't have access to dental care. His reasoning, they have no chemistry in the bedroom. Devastated Emma locks herself up in her home with alcohol and ice cream, hiding from everyone. Nico gets a call from his best friend, requesting he check on Emma. The alarm went off at his sister's home and he's away and worried for her well-being. Lets just say the condition he finds her in leads to an unusual agreement. One that has Nico questioning his bachelorhood. While Nico shows her the finer points of making love, she is helping to him to meet up with the owner of the property once owned by his family. A very sensual, sizzling and romantic read with quite a few surprise twists.
CarolKittie More than 1 year ago
Emma's fiancé broke up with her right before he leaves for a stint in the wilds helping those who don't have access to dental care. His reasoning, they have no chemistry in the bedroom. Devastated Emma locks herself up in her home with alcohol and ice cream, hiding from everyone. Nico gets a call from his best friend, requesting he check on Emma. The alarm went off at his sister's home and he's away and worried for her well-being. Lets just say the condition he finds her in leads to an unusual agreement. One that has Nico questioning his bachelorhood. While Nico shows her the finer points of making love, she is helping to him to meet up with the owner of the property once owned by his family. A very sensual, sizzling and romantic read with quite a few surprise twists.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Are you in the mood for an erotic romance? Then look no further than Good Girl's Bad Lessons by Carmen Falcone. This book is replete with tons of sexy times and a well presented story. The main characters are nicely developed and I enjoyed getting to know them both in and out of the bedroom. Twenty-five year old Emma Cavanaugh gets great satisfaction from her job as a translator. She likes to help others and her talent with language allows her to do so. Emma's dream of marriage and children comes to an abrupt halt when her fiance unexpectedly breaks up with her. Apparently, their lack of sexual chemistry is the culprit. So Emma enlists the help of her brother's best friend, Italian billionaire Nico Giordano, to teach her how to please a man. Nicco is a smart businessman and a well known player. He accepts Emma's proposition, as long as she helps him get to know one of her clients. This client owns the house that Nicco grew up in, and he desperately wants to buy it back as a homage to his late mother. To begin with, I love the cover. The plot flows effortlessly from beginning to end and the epilogue is beyond wonderful. This story is a tad overloaded with heat, and as a result, I skimmed over the last sex scene. Emma and Nicco are genuine and I could not get enough of their personal victories. The surprising twist near the end of the book was both emotional and clever. Overall, a solid erotic romance. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Emma Cavanaugh could not believe when her fiancé Simon told her that the wedding was off because their sex life was, well, boring. Simon is everything Emma wants, and she will get him back. The opportunity presents itself in the form of Nico Giordano, her brother’s best friend and a known Casanova; Nico will know how to turn Emma into a sex goddess. And he’s nothing to sneeze at either. Were she not his best friend’s sister, Nico might have tried to get Emma in bed, but he’s so not going there, until Emma makes him an offer that could help him secure a deal he’s been working on. Nico doesn’t care about white picket fences and all the domestic stuff that put stars in Emma’s eyes, so he has nothing to worry about, now, does he? The premise for GOOD GIRL’S BAD LESSON is not that original, and that’s what you might think if you are not familiar with Carmen Falcone. Once again, Ms. Falcone gives her own delicious and totally unexpected spin to this trope. Simon is actually a sweetheart; the reason why Emma asks Nico is perfectly valid – for once! – and boy is Nico a seriously hard-headed SOB! I loved that Emma could really stand up to Nico when he was unreasonable. There is a humongous plot twist that I never saw coming and explained some of the Giordano boys’ traumatic home life growing up. Another great book by Carmen Falcone who can weave super sizzling scenes into a solid emotional story!
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
Emma makes a deal with Nico for him to help her with her sex appeal so she can win her boyfriend back. In turn Emma will help Nico by introducing him to a man who owns a property he desperately wants. The only problem is ... can she keep her heart in check because even though Nico is a hunk, he’s a playboy that has no intentions of ever settling down. I couldn’t help falling for Nico ... he’s every woman’s dream guy. And Emma was just so cute as she became stronger with Nico’s help. Although this plot idea is not a new one, I found that Ms Falcone wrote it in a way that had my full attention. My heart just kept cheering for them to have a happily-ever-after ... with each other. I received an ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Sexy and hot, this is a spicy romance that I just loved. Emma is the good girl who gets dumped by her fiance for not being hot enough in bed. Nico is the bad boy millionaire and best friend to Emma's brother. When Emma shares her personal secret, he takes it as his person mission to prove her wrong. As they begin an unlikely relationship focused on sex, somehow they share bits of themselves they've never shared with another soul. This is every bit as spicy and hot as you would expect from one of the author's sexy titles, however, the characters have more depth that made them feel real. I found myself invested in their story and wanting them to have a HEA ending, despite all the obstacles in their way. This is my favorite of her sexy reads thus far. Truly, the only negative for me was referring to Emma's vagina as a "kitty" - that was just weird and distracted me from the story. Put this one at the top of your TBR list. The author is on my must read authors' list.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Falcone is a pro when it comes to setting the senses aflame. She heats up the pages as she lights up the heart with Good Girl's Bad Lessons. What began as a temptation becomes the real deal between a sister and the brother's best friend. Emma and Nico are so wrong for each other, they just may be right for their hearts. Funny, heartwarming and naughty.
KivicCT140 More than 1 year ago
After being dumped by her long time boyfriend due to lack of zing in the bedroom Emma turns to family friend Nico Giordano (aka Mr. Sex-on-A-Stick), a well known billionaire and playboy to teach her how to become a sex goddess between the sheets. Good Girl's Bad Lessons has it all, Interesting characters, unique plot and loads of steam. My only complaint was that some of the language describing sex acts seemed a bit crass or juvenile. Overall though a definite 4.5 stars.