Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

by Sid Korpi


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ISBN-13: 9781615399819
Publisher: Healy House Books
Publication date: 08/24/2009
Sales rank: 353,138
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Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
BamaShari More than 1 year ago
If you've lost a pet or know someone who has... this is the book for you. It isn't easy when one losses a fur member of their household. Far too many people view "pets" as extentions, accessories - so when a friend or loved one loses theirs the understanding of the pain that person is suffering might be lost on others. This book can show the one who's lost... they are not alone. Not in their feelings or their grief and that there is a light on the other side of the pain. Sid drew from not only her own expereinces but the experiences of others in creating Good Grief. She not only offers a way to deal with the grief, she shows you that you will get to the other side.. If you have a friend or loved one that is suffering - buy this book for them.. then read it for yourself before sharing it with them. Maybe it will help you - help someone you love.
KeoCatlady More than 1 year ago
Sid Korpi's "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss" should be on every animal lovers book shelf because if we haven't already, each of us will go through the grief of losing a beloved animal companion. "Good Grief" not only tells readers that it's okay to grieve but walks us through various ways we can memorialize our animals and what they would want for us. After Sid was a guest on my radio program I had a person who'd lost a pet in the past and who had said they would never get another pet because they didn't want to go through that pain again come to our local shelter. They said they'd heard the program and now looked at their feelings in a whole new way and realized that their previous pet would have wanted them to share their life and love with a new pet. They ended up adopting an older cat and at last check were extremely happy with their new companion who in their words "seems to know she was sent here to heal us from that long ago hurt and make our days bright again." If "Good Grief" can do that with just a radio interview imagine what it can do when you read the whole book! "Good Grief" will make you laugh, cry, and remember all those animal companions you've loved and lost. It will allow you to move on but never forget what each has done for you. I'd recommend "Good Grief" to every animal lover.
SKIDEE18 More than 1 year ago
my wife and i have had many losses,seperately,and together,over our 31 yrs since we first met. i wish this book would have been around during the terrible times,of losing our many loved ones PETS, that were our kids that we had from babies throughout their lives..I didnt have the knowledge and the insight of this book that wouldve surely helped me in trying to comfort her as well as myself during those very sad times. Sure we got through it together,but would have been really reassurring to have all these touching ,true stories,with us so we didnt feel like we were the only ones that felt the loss,and a bit hesitant to share with others,outside of our immediate families and loved ones..I guess out fear that no one else would,or could understand what we were feeling...thanks to the sharing of everyone in this book we have a much better grasp on our feelings,and understanding of coping and moving on...Our many thanks to all, that were a part of putting this book together,and available to the public.I pray that all of those animal lovers out there have the chance and fortune to read this book,,i am sure they will all get a lot out of it as we did. God Bless The Beasts, And The Children.!!!!!!Sincerely, Dave and Diana Spagenski, San Diego,Ca...
CatwomanST More than 1 year ago
It's about time someone took on this subject and guided animal lovers through the painful, devastating and often isolating process of losing an animal companion. Korpi's insight obviously comes from years of experience and careful research. She respectfully and mindfully includes all angles and aspects; all perspectives and views to create a book that will appeal to the masses and help start a revolution to change the way society sees the relationship between animals and humans. What an amazing gift to give to someone going through this life-changing experience!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finished reading Sid Korpi's book yesterday and must say that I wished there was more to read. I have read many of the pet loss books available but this one was one of the best I have read. I liked that it was not clinical as so many of them have been. It was presented in a very down-to-earth and "real" way. This is the way we feel at this time of great loss. I thank Sid for such a great book. It will be one I re-read often as the stories are so very heartwarming even though they are heartbreaking. Helen Sloan
BrandyRomer More than 1 year ago
Sid's book has given a lot of insight to dealing with pet loss, it also contains great things to do in remembrance of our furry four-legged babies and how to honor them. It's a great book and all pet owners should read it.
ProudLithuanianLady More than 1 year ago
I would so like to thank Sid Korpi for writing such a heartfelt, uniquely empathic and sensitive book. I have always loved animals. (My family inherited a little chihuahua I grew up with). I can honestly say, however, that after reading this book, I will never be able to look at someone with their pet again without feeling even deeper feelings of affection for their precious creatures. I believe the book in effect touched my humanity and made me a better person for having read it. I think it would do the same for you. Introducing the book Korpi asks what is a pet owner to do when those around them fail to understand the enormity of their loss. She argues that "Grieving the loss of a loved one, whether he or she is human or an animal, is arguably the most difficult task we must all inevitably endure." Significantly she also acknowledges however that "the pain of loss is compounded by the withdrawal/rejection you may feel from those who value the human/animal bond substantially less than you do." She very importantly points out that there is "something unique about relationships with animals" describing their unconditionally loving natures and lack of judgment. Korpi concludes her Introduction by stating that "This book is is intended to share stories of the miraculous ways in which that bond remains intact beyond death." Part One: The All Important Grieving Process includes two informative charts--one on CHARACTERISTICS OF BEREAVED PET OWNERS from New Perspectives on Our Lives With Companion Animals and another LEVELS OF HUMAN BONDING WITH ANIMALS from The Loss of a Pet. I especially love Korpi's suggestion on how to address those insensitive to pet loss taken from Eleanor Harris' book Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide" In my opinion you are not an animal person and have probably never experienced the special bond you can have with a pet. You do not understand the love...and companionship my pet gave my life. Please do not be so judgmental and intolerant, as I feel deep personal loss at this time." Also as Dr Michael Fox, the Animal Doctor, so aptly pointed out: "Many people say they have mourned the loss of a devoted, affectionate pet that brought joy and unconditional love into their lives more than that of a close relative." Parts Two: Afterlife Connections-Humans and Three: Animals and the Afterlife could arguably be challenged by those of some religious faiths. Notably, however, even evangelist Billy Graham once said (as Korpi quoted): "I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness (in Heaven). If it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there." Personally I feel that Part Four: Memoralizing Methods was probably the most important section of the book. HOW DO I LOVE THEE? NUMEROUS WAYS TO HONOR YOUR BELOVED ANIMAL COMPANION'S LIFE is a compilation of suggested ideas Korpi collected to help people memorialize and honor their pets. There are over sixty (60) suggestions offered here from writing poems, songs, stories and books about your pet to drawing or painting pictures of your pet to embroidering a pillow with a likeness of your pet to joining pet loss support groups and including your pet in your daily prayers to donating to an animal rescue organization in your pet's name, volunteering in animal shelters, as a foster family for no-kill pet rescue organizations, etc. Korpi even includes a list of songs inspired somehow by our anima
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rustys_mom More than 1 year ago
I was recently faced with having to euthanize my beloved cat, and best friend, Rusty. After sobbing and being in denial for several days, I decided to go on line to find resources that might help me during this monumentally painful time. I found Sid's book. With puffy eyes and a runny nose, I ran right out to Barnes & Noble to purchase it. I sat in my car and started perusing the chapters. I wanted to find 'some' comfort, 'some' words of wisdom to help me feel that I was doing the right thing, and that other's have gone through this too. I did. I was especially comforted by the stories of other people who lost their beloved pets. It helped me feel that I was not alone in this. I was also comforted by the Spiritual Perspectives section which listed various religions and their beliefs on what happens when a person or pet dies. This was extremely helpful to me, as I have a fear of death. I strongly encourage anyone faced with losing a pet to read this book, as I know how much it helped me through the grieving process. Oh, and by the way, Sid came to my home during Rusty's passing, and I can't say enough about her compassion, courage and kindness. She was a life saver to me!!
8_State_Kate More than 1 year ago
With this book, Sid Korpi helps us better understand, prepare for, and cope with the loss of our animal companions. She recognizes that our animal companions are often very truly our best friends and gives us permission (if we need it) to fully feel and share our sadness over their losses. Korpi helps us understand that animals see their passing as a natural transformation, not an abrupt ending, and encourages us to recognize the "coincidences" that occur after an animal's passing as signs that they're checking in with us. "Good Grief" is filled with wonderful stories to help us celebrate our animal companions' lives, memorialize them as they well deserve, and truly feel the deep emotions they bring out in us. Easily readable and very thorough, this book is a "must read" for all who share their lives with animals. -- Jenny Pavlovic, author of "8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog" and "The Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book"
Lonewolfwoman More than 1 year ago
Sid Korpi has a gift for writing. The book is a testament to Sid's abilities as an author and an ordained minister/animal chaplain to reap the very personal experiences of others in dealing with their grief in a way that allows us to share the wisdom and relief that can come of allowing ourselves to grieve (whether for our animal companion or for any other loss in our lives). Interspersed with these stories of others, are educational and instructional articles to help us prepare for the inevitable passing of the animals in our care, and guides us on what to expect (if we haven't experienced it before) or validates what we have experienced that culturally we don't discuss very often.