Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul

Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul

by Najah Lightfoot
Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul

Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul

by Najah Lightfoot


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Spiritual Rites, Spell Work, and Folk Practices to Enhance Your Well-Being and Personal Power

Learn to better express your spirituality and build up your magical practice with this book's powerful spells, rituals, and tools. Designed to help you navigate whatever ups and downs life throws your way, Good Juju is your perfect choice for learning to embrace nature, the old ways, and the magick all around you.

Using simple practices that don't interfere with any religions, Good Juju helps you lay a foundation for daily ritual work. You'll also learn how to craft mojos, create and work with altars, tune in to your intuition, and much more. Author Najah Lightfoot guides you in keeping your mind, body, and spirit strong as you discover your magical work and align with your higher power.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738756455
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2019
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 513,083
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Najah Lightfoot is a multi-award-winning author. She is the author of the bestselling Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul. She is a regular contributor to the Llewellyn annuals and a contributor to The Library of Esoterica -Volume III - Witchcraft. Her magickal staff is on display and part of the permanent collection of the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Najah is also a fellow of the Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle, sponsored by Auburn Seminary. She lives in Denver, Colorado, where the blue skies and the power of the Rocky Mountains uplift and fill her soul. She can found online at and

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1

Knock Upon the Magical Door 5
Ground and Center Yourself 6
Rite for Grounding and Centering 7
Build a Solid Foundation 9
Greet the Dawn 10
A Ritual of Calling the Directions 11
Cleanse Your Space — The Benefits of Smudging 17
Rite of Smudging 21
Write It Down — The Benefits of Journaling 23
A Journal Spell 26

Step Through the Magical Curtain 29
Embrace the Magick 31
Listen to Your Intuition 33
Working with Dreams 35
Changing Things Up and Tools of Divination 37
Call Upon the Archangels 38
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram 39
Working with Your Higher Power 44
Self-Blessing Ritual 49

Light the Cauldron — Working with Magick 53
Working Spells — Practicing the Art of Folk Magick 55
Spell Work Basics 57
Hoodoo — African-American Folk Magick 62

Sacred Altar Works 71
How to Create a Personal Altar 73
How to Create an Ancestral Altar 77
The Dumb Supper — Dinner for the Dead 79
Ancestor Ritual 83
An Altar for Love 85
How to Create a Love Honey Jar 87
Ritual for Prosperity and Abundance 90
Prosperity and Abundance Ritual 91

Magical Mojo Spell Work 95
What Is a Mojo? 95
I Got My Mojo Workin', But How? 95
Music and Mojo 97
Conditions 99
Protective Mojos 100
Love Mojos 106
A Mojo Story 109
Safe Travel Mojos 110
Baby Blessing Mojos 113

Protection Magick 117
It's Okay to Protect Yourself 119
Working in the Crossroads 120
Working in the Graveyard 123
Spell Work — Wash It Away in the Crossroads 128
Spell Work — How to Protect Your Home or Office Space 129

Be Your Own Tree 135
Spiritual Distinctions 137
Maintaining Your Magical Individuality 138
Spell to Communicate with a Tree 139
Joining Groups 139
Stepping into Vodou — A Personal Journey 140
True Immersion and the Benefits of Joining Groups 143
Resources for Finding Groups 144
Prayer for Joining Groups 145
Social Media 145

Move Your Body — Revive Your Spirit 151
Go for a Walk 153
Kung Fu and T'ai Chi 155
Terra Firma 159
Dance, Drum, and Sing 162

Lighten Up 167
Belly Laughs and Magical Blunders 169
Take Your Time 174
You Are a Divine Being 176

Lagniappe 179

Bibliography 187

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