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Good Morning! Have a Nice Day ....

Good Morning! Have a Nice Day ....

by Elder Twila Lee Wynn


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Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... is a book that will warm your heart like a hot cup of coffee or tea will warm you soul.
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... will change your life.
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... was written to empower, embolden, and to edify you through daily inspirations and motivational thoughts and actions for living your life full of freedom.
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... will make you laugh and smile, but it will also give you a jolt, to wake you up. We all need to be encouraged in our daily Christian living, and that is what Good Morning! Have a Nice day.... will do for you. The daily inspirations are drawn from experiences with friends, and other daily situations that I often found myself in, and most of all spending time with God, so, because the experiences are real to me, they will be easy for you to relate to also.
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... is an interactive reading and writing journal, that is meant to give you insight to see yourself as you are today, and be willing to let Christ make changes in you though His precious Holy Spirit, with the Scriptures that accompanies some of the daily inspirations, so that He can give you a better tomorrow.
Life has a way of pushing in on us, and crowding us, and we all have to be reminded, that we must live our lives by His godly principles, and His holy practices, no matter what we go through. We have to be honest with ourselves, and see ourselves for who we really are through Gods eyes. Because He love us so must, He wants our minds to be renewed through the little actions that we take for granted daily: in the things we do, say, or think, and how we treat others.
Good Morning Have a Nice Day.... is being offered to you in love and with the effort to help you to want to make changes in your spirit that will further you along on your life's journey.
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day.... will allow your smile and warmth to be shared with others.
The plan is that whatever life may bring your way, no matter what, you will be always be able to say to others, Good Morning! Have a Nice Day... and that you will be so inspired by this book, and it's insights, that you will want to buy one to give and share with a friend and they will do the same, and the love will continue to spread.


Elder Twila Lee Wynn can be reached at:
Elder Twila Lee Wynn
177 West Main St. Apt 701
Uniontown, PA 15401

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ISBN-13: 9781468150148
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2012
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Elder Twila Lee Wynn is from a small coal mining patch, Tower Hill 1, PA, she now resides in the city of Uniontown, PA, after living in Southgate MI, for eleven and a half years. Elder Twila wants her readers to know that she came from a small and humble background; and that the gifts that God has given us will make room for us in this big world.
Now as published author, she can see that dream come true.
Elder Twila is the single mother of three children, and the grandmother of ten and one more on the way.
The passion that drives Elder Twila, is her love of God, and Christ, and being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit; which gives her the power; strength; and a boldness; and authority; that is unequal; because she knows exactly what God has brought her through, and delivered her from, and what He is taking her on her way to. She knows without a doubt that God will never leave you in a pit of despair, when everyone else will turn their backs on you. Elder Wynn's love for God is genuine, as is her love of others.
Elder Twila's, next great passion is fashion. She fell in love with Barbie at the age of four, but didn't receive her first Barbie Doll until the age of seven, and the rest is history. When you meet Elder Twila, she is always at her best, she believes just because you love God, doesn't mean you have to look dowdy, but she doesn't want to have that "church lady" look either. Elder Twila believes that everyone should have their own since of style, because God made all of us to be different and beautiful; but she will tell you herself, that the heart, and soul, and spirit, of a man is more important than the outside dress. So whether she helping you with your seasonal wardrobe, or helping you with your home decor, because she also has experiences in Home Furnishing, she will always be at her best, giving you her best, and on top of all that, you will leave with soft spoken words of godly wisdom. Because of this gift, her clientele list is very long.
Elder Twila also loves to travel and marvels at the places that the Lord have taken her. The years of travel began in1975 and has not stopped yet.
Elder Twila will go wherever to Lord leads her and open the door for the gospel to be preached, for she is a humble and willing servant. When you see her, you will always see her smile, and that is how you will know that the love of Christ lives in her, because God and Christ is Love.
Elder Twila Lee Wynn can be reached at:

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