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Good Reviews for my Etsy shop: Multiply the number of positive feedback for your Etsy online shop and, thereby, increase your sales by Olav Kalt

Etsy is one of the world's largest and high-selling marketplaces for handmade and second-hand items. In 2014, the shops of Etsy realized sales of 160 million per day. Thus, Etsy is an excellent chance for people that want to be self-employed with making their products.

Positive reviews are a central success factor for every shop and especially in an environment where no standard products are offered, but self-made, often individual products. Unfortunately, it is much easier to receive negative reviews than positive ones. Those who, however, take a few aspects into account and not only serve the customers but excite them, have the tool to make sales explode.

After his much-noticed first book on the topic Etsy, the Etsy expert Olav Kalt now publishes the first volume of his Olav-Kalt-cheat-sheet in which he provides important information for a successful shop as a pragmatist for pragmatists. While the information is customized for the structure of an Etsy shop, it is mostly also applicable to other online shops.

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ISBN-13: 9781530739950
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2016
Pages: 40
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