Good Time

Good Time

by Jana Aston

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BN ID: 2940161861011
Publisher: Jana Aston
Publication date: 11/06/2018
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Good Time 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
TerriDlovestoread 10 days ago
Oh my gawd Jana Aston is a word genius. This book, oh where to begin. First, Payton is a loveable character with all her quirky ways and funny but out of context sayings. I laughed out loud so many times reading this book. I could picture Payton in the Grind Me Cafe pretending to drink her iced coffee while she was getting "life lessons" or rather sampling them. I could see her with Mark while seeing Vince for the first time and declaring he would be her husband even though she didn't have a clue who he was. Then I could feel her excitement when she actually did meet Vince while helping Lydia get Rhys to buy her virginity with Vince's help. This girl, I loved her and all her quirkiness. I actually learned a few new words to use in future conversations that will make whoever I'm speaking with give me a look but inside I'll be thinking of Payton and laughing. Now for Vince, oh my lord the hotness coming from this man. He owns a "gentleman's club" in Las Vegas and is willing to help Lydia sell her virginity in said club as long as Rhys is the ultimate winner. Sexy just oozies from him, he is tall, dark, and packing something Payton is determined to have even if she has to share him with two other women. Her imagination is very vivid. Vince has more layers to him though, far more than Payton realized. I fell in love with Vince and so will you. I have read everything Jana Aston has written and loved every single book and like all the others before this is tops. 5 stars doesn't even come close. I laughed out loud so many times my husband just gave me the look like I had lost my mind. It's funny, heartwarming, sexy as all get out, and will just make you melt in a love puddle. I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I truly loved this book. It is definitely a must read if you enjoy a book to make you laugh, swoon, and melt with all the feel goods floating around. I highly recommend it.
Naomi_H 3 days ago
What a freakin' entertaining read Good Time was! It was just what I needed to brighten my hectic week. It was hilarious right from the beginning and I loved watching Payton's big personality click with Vince, and also Canon. It was an addictive read that I legiterally could not put down. Payton was priceless! I loved the way she saw the world and did things a little unconventionally, like sampling a life coach. She was quite spontaneous and she had a personality that was infectious, and you would always have a good time with her. Although, underneath all that bravado was a girl who did question herself at times, and whether she did the right thing or not. Ahhh Vince! It was fun getting to know him through Payton. He didn't reveal all of himself to her, but the more I learned about him, the more I liked him. I could see that he was intrigued by Payton's quirks, and after the whole marriage debacle, he kept coming back for more! This book was packed with amusing situations from cover to cover. It crossed over with Good Girl, so I could see a few scenes from that book from a different perspective. I loved seeing Lydia and Rhys again, but also Canon! He is the one I want to see in his own book. Jana Aston is one of my go-to-authors when I'm after something a little quirky, naughty and packed with humour, so it didn't surprise me that she delivered all that and more with Good Time! She's a master of Romantic Comedy and she always brings me characters that are unique and comical to read about! Bring on your next book Jana, I want Canon!
Anonymous 6 days ago
This is such a kooky character! Payton is fun and sexy. Vince is a perfect match. Love this book love this series.
Claire1891 7 days ago
As if there would be any doubt but Jana Aston has once again written a fantastic story! I have read it twice now as I speed read the first time and devoured it and needed to re-read it again slower to really take everything in. This is Payton and Vince's story. Payton is the best friend to Lydia (Good Girl), she is impulsive and quirky. She is such an incredible character and really steals the show in this one. I really loved her character! This book is truly amazing! hilarious and you wont be able to put it down until the very last page! I cannot recommend this book enough (or any Jana Aston book to be honest). This is a total must read!
Anonymous 7 days ago
I legiterally need to meet a Vince. Hot damn that man!! Talk about the total package. This is a great instalove May-December romance that is laugh out loud funny at many parts. Kind of missed seeing parts of Lydia in the book but really no complaints. Payton was absolutely awesome and Vince was drool inducing!!
Anonymous 8 days ago
Jana Aston doesn't disappoint! Loved It! Can't wait for the next book!
seansmother 8 days ago
You have to read this book, especially if you want to laugh. The female lead, Payton, is hysterical. I sometimes was laughing so hard, I had to stop reading for a few minutes. The way her brain works, is like no other. And Vince, who we met in a previous book, is swoon worthy!! Having met him, I really didn't picture that he would be so .... perfect. He's thoughtful, caring, supportive, funny, and hot. They go on a drunken spree one night, and the rest of the book is following them through the aftermath. I truly loved this book!!! Might be my favorite Jana Aston book.
All_Things_Dark_And_Dirty 8 days ago
Another laugh out loud and really enjoyable read from Jana, although admittedly I wasn't too sure about Payton's brand of quirky and crazy at first, but she grew on me, a lot!! Payton turned out to be a really strong and sassy character, not afraid of going after what she wanted, confident in her own body and sexiness, enough to make the move on a man, which is unusual in many books. Her quirky and crazy nature turned out to be very appealing once you get used to her, making up her own words and mixing well known sayings and making them her own, for example 'break a leg' turns into 'break a dick'! A very refreshing and different type of heroine. Vince is a character in his own right, certainly not what you expect someone like Payton to be attracted to, opposites certainly attract in this one!! I really liked Vince, you only get to learn about him from Payton's POV which makes up all of the book except for the last chapter which is told from Vince's POV, which worked wonderfully well for me, it really finished the book off well, hearing from him and his thoughts about Payton and why he was attracted to her. This is not your typical fake marriage to earn your trust fund type read, it was really very different and refreshing, I was quite emotional about it at the end for Peyton, and Vince had me swooning with his character traits, I loved it!! Of course there are plenty of laugh out loud moments being a Jana book, but the big romance and swoon I was not expecting! Brilliantly entertaining, highly recommended reading!!
BookObsession07 8 days ago
Look no further than the title for what I think of this book - it is a GOOD TIME! I smiled, smirked, snorted and laughed out loud all the way through this book and right from page 1. Hands down this is one of my top 5 reads of 2018 (and I read a LOT of books). Oh to be in a small corner of Ms. Aston's mind as it just has to be a fascinating place to come up with a character like Peyton... she is just something else. Full of fun with a mind of her own and definitely her own way of forging her way through the world around her. I actually wish I could be more like her myself. I loved the running dialogue of her thoughts they totally made the book for me. And Vince is her perfect foil and clearly finds something charming and endearing about her to make him change his mind about their whirlwind romance. PLEASE pick up this book - I don't think you will be disappointed!!
BookwormBetweentheSheets 9 days ago
Jana Aston KILLS it with a GOOD TIME in this book! I laughed so hard reading this book so be warned DO NOT Eat or Drink while reading it because you will either choke or spit out your food... HAHA An impulse Las Vegas Wedding Night OMG I could not inhale this book faster than consuming a box of Cheese Its! Seriously Jana has mastered the Romantic Comedy Romance Novels and nothing compares. I was so engrossed with this book and did not want to put it down this morning that I almost made my child late to school --- oops! This book just gave me all those happy book high feels that I don't want to leave their world. I might just need to reread this story again right now because I have only fallen this hard for a guy in a story because Vince is the BEST! I should probably use my Thesaurus or Urban Dictionary for a better depiction of him, hehe!
BookwormBrandee 9 days ago
*4.5 Stars* Oh my! Good Time was...well, a good time. ;) Aston's brilliant at developing quirky and lovable heroines as well as the swoony men who fall for them. With Payton and Vince, she took it up a notch! Payton is a whirlwind with no filger and an overly-active imagination. She sees Vince from afar and decides she could have his babies and when they serendipitously run into each other again, she decides it's kismet. Vince doesn't know what hit him when Payton blows into his life. He does know that she's fun and funny and quirky and smart and he wants to know more. A marriage after knowing her for less than 24 hours seems a perfectly reasonable way to accomplish that. Right? Side-splitting laughter, swoon-worthy moments of sweetness, smoking sexy scenes, and Monopoly. Yep. All that led to a good time. Aston keeps getting better and better and I'm eager to see how she tops Vince and Payton.
Valeen Robertson 10 days ago
Payton never imagines she'll end up married to the hot guy she spied in the lobby, but somehow, in some crazy way of hers, she manages to snag the guy she'd lusted after since she first saw him. The guy who is "every inappropriate fantasy I've never had wrapped up into one package." That he ends up being the owner of the strip club where Lydia is planning on auctioning herself off to Lydia's (and Payton's) boss, Rhys, is kismet, because Payton thought he was gorgeous as he walked through the lobby of the hotel where she and Lydia work. From the start she knew she needed to find out who he was "because I might marry him and have his babies." After a whirlwind night with Vince, Lawson and Canon, where Payton proceeds to charm all of them with her no filter mouth, her crazy antics and her quirky but adorable self, somehow Vince and Payton end up married because Vince wanted to prevent Payton from getting a tattoo on her butt. Yep, a legiterally valid reason to get married, I think. And they think so too, and proceed to somehow get to know each other, fall in love, and find out that an elopement while drunk is really the best idea either of them has ever had. So why not stay married? After all, the odds are pretty even of their sustainability. According to Payton, "Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, it’s not like people who get married on purpose know what they’re doing either." Of course, things aren't that easy, but the trip these two take to their super sweet HEA is probably the most fun I've had reading in ages. I love Vince, sexy, sweet, staid Vince, but Payton is my girl. She's the one that made Good Time as far as I'm concerned. How could I not love a woman whose every thought is random and nutty, who makes Girl Trooper achievement badges for her best friend, decides her new coworker is going to be her new work husband and proceeds to tell him this, and eats Cheez-Its like they're going out of style? And that she's the opposite of Vince, who doesn't "do crazy. Ever. I do order and logic and reason and you are none of those things." is just icing on this awesome rom-com cake because Good Time is perfect. It's the perfect rom-com, with laugh out loud moments, (I legiterally laughed out loud several times while reading), it's beyond sexy, and Payton's inner and outer thoughts are just classic. She's like that adorkable chick on New Girl, but a million times better, and when paired with her opposite guy, sigh...swoony, so freaking swoony. The only thing that could make me happier right now is if I knew Jana Aston was planning on writing a story for Canon cuz Canon is as awesome as Payton!! Hint, Hint!!
Anonymous 10 days ago
4.5 stars I can't even with Jana Aston and her crazy characters. They take on a life of their own. And it was no different in Good Time with Payton and Vince. Payton was quirky, smart, sassy, spontaneous and won't take no for an answer. Vince is broody, demanding, sexy, and kind of a mystery. And when it comes to Payton he has no idea what he's getting into. And that his world is just about to turn upside down. This book had be laughing out loud. And questioning if I really did just read that. LOL!! Payton and Vince were perfect for each other. Vince accepted Payton for her crazy and Payton helped Vince learn to live a little more. This book will definitely have you flipping the pages and bring a smile to your face. I would have given it a 5 star. I kept wanting to hear Vince's POV. Wanting to know what he was thinking of all the crazy that was going on. LOL!!
KittyKat222 10 days ago
Oh man, loved this one so much. Payton and Vince are fantastic together even if they do end up together kind of by accident. I love the depth of all of the characters and how Jana slowly rolls out information about each one. I just wish there was a Vince out there for me :-) In addition to the romance and lovable characters, Jana's books are laugh out loud funny and this one does not disappoint in that department. So many legiterally great lines and scenes: I will never look at a porcupine the same way again. You need to read this book! I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book -- I was privileged to do so and enjoyed every single moment.
Anonymous 10 days ago
It's official. Payton is my spirit animal. God, I want to live inside Jana Aston's brain. I swear she must have notepads full of random thoughts, facts, and phrases that she whips out when writing new books. This book was so fun to read. I giggled, laughed out loud (ask my husband), and even teared up. I've never highlighted so many times in a book, but every new, funny, witty thing that came out of Payton's mouth or brain was just brilliant. We met Payton and Vince in Good Girl. We were given a snippet of their story when it was revealed they were secretly married. And Jana delivered the romcom of all romcoms by telling us their story. Payton is the quirkiest of all the quirky female characters Jana has ever written. Her inner monologue is on point, and her ability to make you believe her crazy thoughts is unbelievable. She's a cheezit loving, life coach high-jacking ball of energy and excitement that I want more and more of. Vince is her polar opposite. Opposites attract amiright? I don't want to give too much away about Vince. I love how he gets her. He gave me all the swoons. I love how he took charge of any and all situations simply because he knew he needed to. I'm so in love with this story. It's book hangover central in my house today.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Jana Aston, you are legiterally the best! It's not easy to write a book that is laugh out loud funny but still manages to bring the heat and all the feels. Payton's inner dialogue is hilarious and I think most of us would be lucky to have a friend like her in our lives. Someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you to live your best life whether you want to or not! Maybe we could all use a little life coach sampling! Along with the laughs, the relationship between Payton and Vince really delivers. The banter between the two of them is so funny and I loved Vince's genuine puzzlement over the way Payton looks at things. Despite the general insanity of the situation, Jana Aston made me totally believe that this could happen and I was rooting for them all the way through. I thought this book was funny, sweet and smoking hot!! Although this is a stand alone, you will probably enjoy it even more if you read "Good Girl" first! Either way, you can't go Wrong! (lol) Buy this immediately and have a very Good Time!
MarshaJo 10 days ago
So so funny! Payton (the Heroine) will have you rolling your eyes and laughing right along with her the entire time. Her character is really out there. She is like a breath of fresh air. She sees what she wants and goes after it. Her imagination is on point. She has a unique way of getting the things she wants. And what she wants, is that hot man she saw in the lobby of the hotel she works at. She doesn't know who he is, but she knows she's going to marry him, but she blinks and he's gone. She knows its kismet when she accompanies her friend to a business meeting, and lo and behold, her future husband is the one in charge of the meeting. His character is part alpha male, and part sweetheart. Of course he turns down her advances, she is a little crazy after all, but she thinks like Dory... Just keep swimming just keep swimming. This book ties in with book one Good Girl, and the timeline overlaps. You do not need to read that book first. Each can be read as stand alone's, but you do get glimpses of each in the other. It's a fast paced story with no real downtime. It is definitely hard to put down, and thus reads as quickly as the story moves. It's pretty much a lighthearted read throughout. No major emotional moments, other than happy emotions. There is some sexual content. There isn't some big break up scene, though there is a hint at it. While the story line itself is great, it's the characters, mostly Payton's, who really make this read what it is.
JessFadden 10 days ago
Jana Aston is a Rom-Com delight. Good Time, like most everything that this author writes, will have you laughing by the end of the first chapter. Peyton is the best definition of a good time, she's unapologetic and funny and fun, and watching her in action is a treat. She is #bestfriendgoals for sure. Vince, somewhat mysterious and quiet, is the perfect match for our slightly outrageous heroine. The relationship that develops between these two is one of the best I have read in a long time full of chemistry and banter that will be quotable for a long time. Of course, no Jana Aston story is complete without a cast of equally intriguing and unique best friend type characters. One-Click Good Time if you're down for wedding shenanigans, a little bit of crazy, a whole lot of steam, and (of course) a good time.
ScoopyPooh 10 days ago
I legiterally don’t have words right now but I feel all kinds of giddy and happy. Okay, so let me tell you a few things about this book. 1. You will not get thru a single page without laughing. 2. Payton: she is quirky, sweet, unconventional in every aspect of everything (lol), unintentionally over the top, knows what she wants and is not afraid to jump for it. She has her own dictionary of words that make zero sense until she explains it and then it's perfectly legit ;) A little on the crazy side and most definitely trouble with a capital T! And of course, a persnickety porcupine who's love holds no bounds and hilarious as f*ck! 3. Vince: swooooooooooooon ... that's it. That's all you need to know. He's just *happy sigh* These three things are an absolute sure thing when it comes to this book. Anyone that disagrees is just not reading it right LOL If you read Good Girl, then you've already had a taste of Payton but trust me when I say, nothing will prepare you for her greatness. She is a breath of fresh air and this journey was way more than just a good time (see what I did there? lol). You will laugh, for sure, but your heart will also warm and you might get a little misty eyed in a few places and you will just swoon over all of it! #TRUST
WendyLeGrand 10 days ago
What happens in Vegas - should NOT stay in Vegas for this story! I remember when I read Jana's book, Good Girl, my constant thought was "the stuff this girl says!" Lydia cracked me up in that book with the thoughts she had and the things she would say to Rhys. Well, take Lydia and times her by 10 and you have Payton. It became quite clear very early in the story why these girls were friends and meshed so well as roommates. Payton is like a complete nut job in the most hilarious of ways. The random thoughts she has, the words she makes up and uses in everyday conversation. The plans she makes. She is just way, way out there. The way she starts out talking about something specific and in the middle of it has a complete SQUIRREL! moment had me busting a gut laughing. For some readers she may end up being a character that is too over the top for them, but for me she was a hoot. Having already read Good Girl, I went into this book with a preconceived notion of who I thought Vince was. He turned out to be so much more than I had imagined. I loved the way this guy who came across as so serious just took everything Payton threw at him in stride and bantered with her. He didn't try to change her in any way, just embraced her "crazy" and enjoyed the wild ride she took him on. This story is so funny. I laughed nonstop, shaking my head constantly at Payton. She was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed to read right now to give me a break from all the turmoil that is going on in the world currently. Reading is an escape, and Payton definitely helped me escape the serious for a little bit. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the very yummy sexy times that Payton and Vince have. Holy hotness! I feel like I want to make a joke here about, "it's all fun and games until someone has an orgasm" but in all seriousness, I would willingly let Vince have fun with me any time he wanted! Don't tell my hubby... I'm sitting here now wondering where Jana will take us from here. I can't imagine how anyone could top Payton. She is one of a kind! The only one who I think might even be able to come close to Payton is Canon. Yeah, I have a feeling that guy is a total trip! I hope his story is up next!
Wallace0221 10 days ago
Such a FUN read! Payton's inner monologue is laugh out loud funny. And the way Vince just rolls with her is the true character of a swoon worthy leading man. This book is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. Great, easy read romcom that you will never regret reading.
Xkoqueen 10 days ago
My sides are aching from laughing so much while reading Jana Aston’s latest romantic comedy, Good Time. This standalone novel is a parallel story to the author’s prior novel, Good Girl. There is ample set up so that new readers have plenty of information from the prior book to thoroughly enjoy the hilarity of Vince and Payton’s story in Good Time. I adored Payton’s stream-of-consciousness internal dialogue and creative twists on the English language. She is the sole narrator of the book, which gives readers incredible insight to her highs and lows as well as her boldness and her vulnerabilities. Payton’s free spirit is juxtapose to Vince’s calm, cool, control. You’d think he’d be a bore, but he is an excellent foil to Payton, and their banter is fun! Vince is one of Ms. Aston’s most swoon-worthy heroes, however, if she gives secondary character, Canon, a book of his own, he might give Vince some stiff competition for swooniest male lead in a romantic comedy. A perfect romantic comedy with some steam that I couldn’t put down, I highly recommend Good Time!
MBurton 10 days ago
I absolutely loved Good Time!!! I just really love quirky characters who can make me bust out laughing. Payton had me rolling so many times reading this book. She's the very definition of quirky and little bit insane. I loved her. This girl was a riot. Payton isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea because she is that silly kind of quirky and I know not everyone can appreciate that. I mean, this girl made up her own vocabulary when she couldn't find the right words she needed. I legiterally want to use them myself...and I just did and that made me happy. :) I also really liked how bold Payton was in her sexuality. It's pretty refreshing to read a heroine who isn't afraid to ask for sex and one that has no shame with their body. Saying that, you don't see her with any other man but the hero in this book. There is no other women or men drama. It was just a fun, happy book that I truly enjoyed. Vince. This man surprised me. I really didn't know what to expect going in and I really like what I learned about him. The whole book is in Payton's POV except the Epilogue. Despite that, the author did a great job of expressing Vince. As much as I enjoyed Payton's actions, I doubly enjoyed Vince's reactions. I gotta admit, Vince had me swooning there at the end. I wasn't expecting the big romance in this, but it's there and it hit in a big way. If everything I said in this review sounds like something you would enjoy, then I highly recommend you read this book. You will have a good time!
Poppy1102 10 days ago
Have you ever read a book that makes you laugh?, I'm not talking about an inner ha ha or a hu with a wee scoff or a vocal hmm - But a book that makes you actually snort out loud, actual giggles and then full on rolling around scoff laughing?....well you will with this! Seriously, this author is a hilarious genius! There is a book before this (Good Girl) which was even funnier again than this doesn't necessarily have to be read first but seriously, I've read it twice and l still found it as funny the second time so please go read it first! Back to Good Time....Payton has no filter - at all, her thoughts are so simple and innocent but when spoken out loud - which she does everytime - they are just stupidly funny! Vince at first seems a bit shady, a bit serious and a lot attractive but lord do they fit! Hilarious and I can't recommend it enough
RandysGal69 10 days ago
I have a stomach ache from laughing so hard while reading this book! Author Jana Aston is my favorite when it comes to memorable female lead characters that are literally comedians who have HUGE hearts looking for love in all the wrong fun ways! Payton had me rolling! I lost count on how many times I snorted laughing from the outrageous things that came out of her mouth. She is a crazy, fun, a loyal friend who just says what is on her mind and has no filter. And that no filter is what Vince can't resist. Their chemistry was on fire! I liked that we get a full fun filled ride of seeing if Payton & Vince can have a Happily Ever After after a crazy Good Time. Go get this Must Read book!