Good Works Review 2017

Good Works Review 2017


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A Good Works project of FutureCycle Press, all proceeds from the sale of GOOD WORKS REVIEW (formerly known as Kentucky Review) benefit the ACLU. Contributors to the 2017 issue:PHOTOS by Thomas Gillaspy, Ramsey Mathews, Diane Kistner; FICTION by Dave Barrett, Gershon Ben-Avraham, Guy Biederman, Rachel Chalmers, Joan Colby, Zeke Jarvis, Susan Knecht, Marie C. Lecrivain, Marlene Olin, Elena Petrovic, Steven B. Rosenfeld, Jan Steckel, Anders M. Svenning, Stephen John Walker, Matt Whelihan, Joel Worford; POETRY by Mary Jo Balistreri, Nina Bennett, Roy Bentley, George Bishop, Rose Mary Boehm, G. F. Boyer, Alan Catlin, Joan Colby, William Doreski, Karen George, Beth Gordon, D. A. Gray, Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Dianna Henning, Sarah Henry, Mike James, Seth Jani, Susan Johnson, Jennifer Lagier, Stanley McCormick, Michael Minassian, Robert Okaji, Martin Ott, James Owens, Alita Pirkopf, Serena Eve Richardson, Terry Savoie, Judith Skillman, Judith Terzi, Jim Zola, Jim Zola; ESSAYS by Marc Mayer, Scott Minar, Cyndy Muscatel, William Vernon

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ISBN-13: 9781942371908
Publisher: FutureCycle Press
Publication date: 02/09/2018
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 0.40(d)

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Robert S. King. ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Ruth Bavetta, David Chorlton, Sara Clancy, Joan Colby, Mike James, Marie C. Lecrivain, Rachel L. MacAulay. PRODUCTION EDITOR: Diane Kistner

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