Goodbye, Hello: A Silver Years Romance

Goodbye, Hello: A Silver Years Romance

by Allyson R. Abbott


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ISBN-13: 9781517619374
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/04/2015
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Goodbye, Hello: A Silver Years Romance 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
rockrchic923 More than 1 year ago
Goodbye, Hello by Allyson R. Abbott was a great woman power type story that showed just how resilient we are and how the things that knock us down don’t have to keep us down. This is the first time that I have read anything by Abbott but I really enjoyed how real she made her characters and showed that life is something that happens even in the book world as well. Goodbye, Hello is the story of Linda and how after 35 years with a man whos sole mission it was to destroy her spirit she finally becomes free to become herself again in Fiji with a horse trainer. While reading this book you get a sense of renewal and a renewed vigor to become the person you were meant to be. I can’t wait to read more of her books and see what other styles of writing that she has to show.
Bobbi Wagner More than 1 year ago
Goodbye, Hello: It's Never to Late to Start Again by Allyson R. Abbott is a story about finding yourself. This is not my first story by this author and I enjoy how she can create a story that is so heart touching. Her stories pull at your heart strings and her characters will take you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions. This story is about Linda who has lost her husband and finds herself given the chance to start over. After years of being with someone who controlled everything she did, she is now ready for a new start. This story will take you on her journey of finding herself. You will enjoy watching her doing new things she has never done before. You will get to see her fail and pick herself back up even if it is embarrassing. Linda is a very lovable character that is very connectable and you will find yourself connecting with her in some situations. There are a few secondary characters in this story that Linda interacts with but mainly this story is really about how Linda takes her second chance at life. Find out about the journey Linda takes and how she finds herself. I highly recommend this story as I know you will want to see how sweet this story is and what happens to Linda.
Debi-Kircher More than 1 year ago
Goodbye, Hello: It's never too late to start again by Allyson R. Abbott 5 Stars This is my second book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think what I enjoyed most was that Linda was not a 25 year old drop dead gorgeous main character, and it's not too often that that happens and I found I could relate to her in so many ways, Linda is real and someone you could be shopping in the same grocery store with everyday. The flow of this story moved along nicely and this author has a style about her writing that I can only explain with words like smooth, and easy. The words just flow together forming the best story and before you know it you're done. I loved the storyline, it felt real..the struggles are easy to imagine and Fiona (Linda's best friend) played a huge part in how this story progressed, I loved her, and the conversations that Linda had with Martin were sometimes hilarious and sometimes just plain sad. Linda finding herself and realizing that all the choices in her life were now just that, HER choices made this story complete, and her new plans in life and the goals she set for herself and those she loved were all on her and she had finally become strong enough to make them happen. I found myself asking myself if I could fly to Fiji by myself, if that is something I could see myself doing, I'm not sure but reading this story made me think anything is possible. It didn't end as I thought it would and at first I was shocked, but after thinking about it and taking the whole story into account, I think it ended perfectly. I hope there's more to Linda's story but if there isn't, my thoughts and imagination of how her story progresses are enough. This book gives hope and truth to the words “It's never too late to start again” and I loved it!!
JAMOORE More than 1 year ago
This sweet story really speaks to a lot of women who are starting their life anew later in life. Linda has been married for 35 years to a man who is emotionally abusive and almost kills her spirit. Almost. It takes her 18 months after he dies to gain the strength to become her own woman again. An idyllic trip to Fiji and a romance with an aging horseback riding instructor shows her that life is still very much worth living. Very well written, funny, and inspiring.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite It’s said that the purpose of marriage is to help each other grow and evolve, but in some cases people lose themselves within the marriage. This statement is true for Linda; she lost herself while being married to Martin. In Goodbye, Hello by Allyson R. Abbott, Linda began to discover this truth about herself once her husband died. When he died Linda began to allow Martin’s ashes to dominate her. She reacted and interacted with the ashes as if Martin was still alive. Linda allowed Martin’s ashes to hold her hostage for over a year because she could not bring herself to get rid of them. As she began to evolve into her former self, she realized a few things about her marriage. Her husband had changed the essence of who she was. He had snatched her freedom from her. He had changed her into his mother. As Linda embarks on the journey of self-worth with the help of her friend Fiona and a wonderful man she met in Fiji, she re-discovers herself and what she had been missing all along. I loved Goodbye, Hello by Allyson R. Abbott. Allyson took the element of human nature and interpersonal relationships and gave a face to it. There are many people who feel trapped in their marriages and feel that there is no way out. I loved how Allyson developed and told the story because she also indirectly provided a solution. In the story it says that you can live again - just take a chance and give it a try. This is not an isolated incident; both men and women suffer in this area and can relate to this story. I encourage both men and women to embrace their truth and pick up a copy of Goodbye, Hello by Allyson R. Abbott today!