Goodbye Paradise

Goodbye Paradise

by Sarina Bowen

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BN ID: 2940157416379
Publisher: Rennie Road Books
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Series: Hello Forever Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 30,302
File size: 714 KB

About the Author

Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romances such as The Year We Fell Down, Bittersweet, and Him & Us with Elle Kennedy. Her best known series are The Ivy Years and True North.

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Goodbye Paradise 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Joshua has always been different, and in a cult that's not a good thing. Being gay is definitely not a good thing. Being in love with your childhood best friend? Can't get any worse. As Josh reaches the age of 20 he realises there is no place for him in the community where polygamy is accepted, there are men with four or five wives and no-one is going to make room at the table for him, even if he wanted a bride. When a gun goes missing and Josh was responsible for doing the inventory he knows the time has come, but before he leaves his best friend Caleb says he will come after Josh. This is Josh and Caleb's story. It's about learning to live in a society which has very different rules and morals from the one you grew up in. It's about finding acceptance and new family with people who love you. It's about finally being yourself. Set in the same world as Keepsake, this is a charming, uplifting story of how love triumphs over all. Another winner from Sarina Bowen, halfway through the second book in the series.
KrissysBookNook More than 1 year ago
Goodbye Paradise wrecked me y'all. It grabbed my heart, broke it, then made it whole again... in the sweetest way. Josh and Caleb's story isn't all sunshine and roses. The things they endure to find their happily ever after are agonizing but they never give up. If you've read Keepsake by Sarina Bowen, you've learned a little about the scary-as-hell ranch/cult where Josh and Caleb were raised. (It's the same one where Zachariah was raised.) It's an insanely "religious" "community" and the boys lived an extremely depressing life until they made their escape. Escaping a place like that isn't easy. Josh and Caleb risked life and limb to get away and the chapters describing their escape had my heart pounding. This book follows Josh and Caleb's journey to find happiness through an emotional roller coaster of emotions. There are heart-breaking moments that brought me to literal tears and there are heart-warming moments that made me smile. The emotional roller coaster doesn't stop until the very end of the read but when it's finished the emotions you're left with are worth the ride. I give Goodbye Paradise 5 out of 5 Krissy's Stars. I'm so glad that Author Sarina Bowen made the decision to re-release this story. It holds a powerful message of love and acceptance that needs to be shared. Xo-K *I was generously given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
toniFMAMTC More than 1 year ago
I love the way this author delivers interesting and emotional stories with deep down good characters. Josh and Caleb were raised in a religious cult. Growing up the way they did is a handicap in many ways, but it also gives them a certain genuineness. Caleb was given a little more freedom to go out into the world when the group had a need that couldn't be met on the compound. Josh wasn't allowed on the outside until he was cast out so he struggles more with knowing what's truly good or bad, dangerous or safe. I love him to pieces. Although the boys have been sheltered from a lot of things, they have always been attracted to each other so it doesn't take long for things to heat up when they are allowed to be their true selves. This is an endearing romance with loads of wonderful people and plenty of sexy. If you are a fan of this author or MM, new adult, sweet n' spicy romance, you should give Goodbye Paradise a go.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had a hard time believing this story. Too much naievity.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book from beginining to end! The characters were amazing, I want to read more from them! I highly reccomend this book!
BookWorm221 More than 1 year ago
So how come I had no idea that Sarina had an alter ego who wrote MM books?!?!?!?! Well now I know and so will you because she is releasing book both under her name, for the entire world to read and I’m so so happy. In Goodbye Paradise we meet Joshua and Caleb, they both live in a Compound, a place where the way Joshua feels for Caleb is completely wrong and if anyone knew there’s no telling what they would do to him. When Joshua is thrown out of the Compound and left on the side of the road his only hope is that Caleb finds him soon so they can both start new lives. This is a best friends to lovers story and it was beautifully written, you can’t help to fall for Josh and Caleb and to root for their happy ending, the endure so much together and not only the fact that they now have to live in a world they know little about but also getting used to the idea that the way they feel about each other isn’t a sin and that they have to live all of these notions behind and start living in this new world full of promising things.
sm0120 More than 1 year ago
These boys stole my heart and melted it right into a puddle!!! It’s only March 21st, not even a quarter of the way into 2017, and already I’ve read quite a few books that I know will be some of my favorite reads for the year when December rolls around, and Goodbye Paradise will be right there at the top of that list. It’s so beautiful and touching, it’s a little overwhelming for me to think about. I’ve not read another book quite like this one. Joshua and Caleb have been brought up in what is basically a religious cult- with limited interaction with the outside world, the “Compound” is really all these boys know. This has not been an easy life for Josh: he’s not as tough or as strong as the other young men; his birth father died leaving him vulnerable to the whims of his stepfather and the other men in the compound. But what truly made living in Paradise unbearable for Josh are the feelings he has for his best friend Caleb- because those feelings are not something the people there would ever accept or understand. He was the last one I saw before I closed my eyes at night and the first person I looked for when I opened them again in the morning. Caleb has always been there for Josh, protecting him, helping him, defending him. He’s known it was just a matter of time before Josh was cast out by the elders, but unknown to Josh, he had a plan all set in motion for when this happened. Caleb is so strong and protective, the care he takes with Josh reduced me to tears on numerous occasions. (And it may be happening again right now) He's the fixer, the care taker, the one you can always lean on. “We’re going together. But if they toss you one morning and I don’t see it happen, I have to know where to find you.” Once they've been set free of the confines of the Compound, not only do Josh and Caleb have to learn to navigate the real world, they’re finally free to express their feelings for each other, and that in and of itself can be quite a challenge for 2 people who have always had to hide their true selves. Their love story is a journey of highs and lows, but one that is so worth the ride. ”My whole life I’d wished for things. But I’d never known how confusing it might be to see my wishes come true.” Goodbye Paradise is so unbelievably wonderful and lovely and just plain special. I don’t think my love for it can be adequately expressed in a few adjectives or sentences. This book is so much more than just two friends falling in love and finding their way in the world. It’s a true testament to the human spirit and how a little compassion can mean the world to someone.
cordee More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars Caleb and Joshua grew up as best friends. There hasn't been a day in their lives that they didn't spend time. The place they grew up at is called Paradise and it is everything but. In fact it's a polygamist cult with a strict hierarchy and rules. And if you don't follow them you're getting kicked out like garbage. What this means to a person who has never set foot into the outside world is unfathomable. But I'm rambling.. Josh is at the lower end of the food chain, his future at the compound looks bleak. Being bullied is a daily occurrence. The one person who lifts his spirits everyday is Caleb. He has secretly loved and been in love with his best friend forever but loving a man is a sin and will result in being thrown to the curb. However, it is not Josh's feelings for Caleb that gets him kicked from the compound but a missing gun and since he was the last doing inventory he is being blamed. Thankfully his loyal best friend prepares him and tells him to meet him at a bus station in Casper. Caleb is at the top of the food chain and has benefits the other members of the cult don't have, like spending time outside of the compound. When he runs away from the cult he has already a plan: make your way to Massachusetts, where another runaway is located who is only waiting to give people from the compound a leg up. On their way they meet sleazy people, giving them a healthy dose of reality but also well meaning ones, giving them hope. As they get more alone time with one another they open up to each other's feelings...but Josh struggles getting 20+ years of brainwash out of his mind. Both Josh and Caleb are deeply loyal. Josh is the sweet, shy and innocent - almost naive - one. He loves Caleb unconditionally and selflessly and trusts his friend to always do right by him. As time passes Josh gains more self esteem. It was beautiful to see how he stood up to Caleb when the situation asked for it. I was cheering him on for being brave because he didn't let people run over him. Caleb is the one in charge, taking responsibility and control even if it's misguided. He feels guilt for those he left behind at the cult and responsible to take care of Josh. He is the more adventurous of the two and the one with the self assurance. Caleb reciprocates Joshua's feelings absolutely but has always been good at hiding it. Finally he can act on them. These two are incredibly sweet and adorable together. You can feel their love for one another in every interaction and word. Josh struggles with their new relationship, especially the sexual part of it. He is brainwashed and still considers being in love with a man a sin. Slowly with the help of modern civilization and Caleb he comes to accept that it's OK to love a man. What made me take off half a star was a situation towards the end when Caleb acted a little bit out of character. It wasn't like him to be closed off and to shut out his best friend. I felt that was used a little bit for drama's sake. Eventually Caleb groveled and redeemed himself though. The relationship building between them worked very well, however, and I think the reason lies in them being so very different and complimenting and completing each other. They just worked. Steam, wit, hilarious and heart-wrenching moments, and a heart full of love for the main and side characters - it is what you will get when you read "Goodbye Paradise". I enjoyed myself immensely and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one in this series.
Wicked_Reads More than 1 year ago
It took me a week to read Goodbye Paradise. Now anyone who knows how I read will think it’s because I couldn’t get into the book because I usually read a book a day, sometimes more. However, I chose to savor Josh & Caleb’s story, reading several chapters a day instead of devouring it as I easily could have done. I wanted to spend time with them on their journey – experience their sudden departure from Paradise, watch them avoid danger & find the goodness in humanity as they made their way across the country to Massachusetts, see them make friends & family as they found out who they were & who they wanted to be, & fall in love as they discovered that two men could share their lives & love with one another. I absolutely loved Goodbye Paradise & am glad that I was able to force myself to read it over several days because it meant that I got to spend even more time with Josh & Caleb. For some reason, I enjoy m/m romances that contain a religious theme, whether it be the characters overcoming religious zealotry to find happiness or showing how they balance their religious beliefs & homosexuality despite the prejudices of homophobic Christians who use the Bible to condemn them. As such, Goodbye Paradise is the kind of m/m romance I would have snagged on its own merits. But as a fan of Bowen’s True North series, I was familiar with Paradise because of Zachariah’s story & wanted to know more about the world he had escaped. Although Josh & Caleb exit Paradise by the end of the second chapter, it was more than enough time to get a pretty good picture of just how dark their lives were there, especially Josh’s as he struggled both internally with his “impure thoughts” & externally as the target of bullying by the older bachelors. Paradise is one of the worst kinds of perversion of religion you can imagine & don’t want to believe exists, but they do. So as difficult as it was to see Josh thrown out like trash, I couldn’t help but be relieved for him; of course, knowing that Caleb planned to join him so they could “escape” together made it easier for me to have hope for them. Goodbye Paradise is an interesting mix of coming of age & new adult genres. Because Josh & Caleb were given responsibilities & put to work as teens, they are more mature than the characters we often see in these genres. Due to his job, Caleb has more knowledge of the world outside of Paradise & is able to help guide Josh somewhat. It is Caleb’s limited experience that helps them find a safe ride to Maggie’s farm in Massachusetts. Once there, we get to watch both young men come into their own as they discover that life is not at all the hellfire & damnation they’ve been raised to fear. I especially loved watching Josh flourish as his innate caretaker was able to show his love & provide for those around him in ways that would never have been allowed in Paradise. But never fear, Bowen does provide a perfectly angsty plot twist that tips its hat at the new adult genre perfectly, at the same time it will likely make you want to shake Caleb… vigorously. Despite his more “worldly” experience, Caleb never dreamed that their departure from Paradise would enable him to live with Josh as anything more than roommates, so to see that unexpressed wish come to fruition was beautiful, just as beautiful as the final chapter in the book. I cannot adequately express how happy I am that the author chose to rerelease this book under her Bowen pen name, making it easy for fans like myself to find.
NPButterfly More than 1 year ago
I love Sarina Bowen’s story telling. This book was so hard to put to down when real life called. I read it into the late-night hours. Josh and Caleb’s struggle with life was heartbreaking, loving and sweet. This is just the story I love to read. One where they are struggling to find themselves and their place in the world as a couple. It is so well written. The tender moments will have you swooning, the hot ones fanning yourself. These two share a love that you can only hope to find yourself. This story will stay with me for a long time. I can’t stop thinking of these characters, hoping for more. I loved the story of where they came from and how they overcame the life they were dealt. I highly recommend this one for all readers.