Goodbye To God: Searching for a Human Spirituality

Goodbye To God: Searching for a Human Spirituality

by Chris Scott


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This book challenges both conservative religion and fundamentalist atheism (and will probably upset adherents of both), offering a secular spirituality that can be embraced by people of differing faith traditions and none. Drawing on his ministry as a Christian priest and psychotherapist, Chris Scott holds that religion is often bad for people, and rejects the belief that it can offer us objective truth about God. In Goodbye to God he advances a spirituality that makes humbler claims on us -- to be true to our experience and open to the mystery at the heart of life. This book stands in the tradition of a 'way of unknowing' which has a long pedigree in Christian and other world spiritualities.
Brother Samuel SSF, Guardian Hilfield Friary

I commend this highly readable and deeply insightful book to all church-going Christians of every tradition, and to all non-church-going people (lapsed, agnostic or atheist) who believe in the human potential for goodness and creativity. Chris Scott's straight-talking account of spirituality clearly comes from a place of profound personal experience and conviction. This important little book resonates with authenticity and deserves as wide a readership as possible.

Rev Dr Paul Edmondson, Head of Research, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Spiritual Director and Instructor for the Coventry Diocese

Goodbye to God is, I discovered, a book challenging its readers not to faith, nor to doubt, nor to disbelief, but to honesty and freedom. The spirituality it sets before us and dares us to pursue 'transcends religions, beliefs, dogmas, creeds, scientific proofs, scepticism and polarity'. Its pages are meant to bring together, off the street as it were, anyone and everyone without a spiritual home and yet alive with longing for a spiritual life... No matter where you find yourself in what Kierkegaard called 'the stages on life's way', there is something here in this book for you - challenge, charm, heart, humour, courage, understanding, insight, reassurance, companionship. It is a gift for which I thank the author.

Robert Emmet Meagher, Professor of Humanities, Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts

Chris Scott has written this book out of his experience as a psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and priest. He writes from the perspective of a practitioner, not an academic, with the aim of linking with people's everyday experience of trying to make sense out of life. The spirituality he speaks of will resonate with those of all faiths and none. His aim is a simple one; to break down the barriers of belief systems - both theistic and atheistic - in order that we might discover a language that will connect rather than divide humanity. As one reviewer has said "This is not a long book, but it is a deep book. You should read it, and then, read it again".

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