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ISBN-13: 9781466950702
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2012
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)
Age Range: 4 Years

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Goodee The Rabbit

By Melvin Neal Edwards

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Melvin Neal Edwards
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-5070-2

Chapter One

ONCE UPON A time, there were two rabbits. The first rabbit was named Dee. Dee's real name was Deborah. Dee was always doing something good for someone. She was loving, kind and nice where ever she went. All of the other rabbits called her good. That is why her nickname became Goodee. The other rabbit was called Art. Art's real name was Arthur. Art was always sleeping in someone's garden. Art loved the gardens because there were so many vegetables plants and soft flower buds. All of the other rabbits called Art, Bud as a nickname. Bud was always eating the vegetable plants and then going to sleep on the soft flower buds.

Chapter Two

BOTH GOODEE AND Bud the rabbit lived in Hamburg, New York. Hamburg, New York was an area where the winters were very cold and long. In the summer time, it was hot and went by fast. No matter what season it was, Goodee and Bud the rabbit were warm. They both wore their rabbit coats all year round. This year, winter went by really fast and springtime was here.

Goodee the rabbit was the fastest rabbit in town. Every year, the rabbits would get together and have a race. Goodee would win every time! Some of her friends would say that she was "faster than a fox". Goodee was always finding food for the older rabbits. All of the older rabbits were so happy to see Goodee coming. Goodee always made sure that they all ate.

Chapter Three

BUD, THE OTHER rabbit, was always eating and sleeping. Bud made sure that he ate and was full. When one vegetable garden was running out of food, Bud would move to another garden. Bud always knew where to find food.

Goodee was a very beautiful and pretty rabbit. She had long bunny ears with a little white mark on top of her head. Bud, the other rabbit, would see Goodee hopping around really fast carrying lots of food. "I wonder where she is going, carrying all that food?" he thought. Goodee would also see Bud when she passed by. Bud was a handsome rabbit. His ears were not so long but he had a nice looking rabbit face. Goodee wondered why Bud was always eating and sleeping. They would say "hello" to each other as Goodee passed by. As time went on, both Goodee and Bud became good friends

Chapter Four

AS THE YEARS went by, Goodee and Bud decided to get married. They told all of the other rabbits about their wedding plans. Some of the other rabbits made up lots of funny songs about Bud and Goodee. The other rabbits sung "first come love, then come marriage, then come the baby bunnies in Bud and Goodee's Easter basket!" Other rabbits sung "here comes Bud and Goodee cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail, hip a dee, hop a dee a wedding is on its way!" Goodee, Bud and all of their rabbit friends would laugh, dance and smile at all of the funny songs. The next week, Bud and Goodee were married. Both Bud and Goodee lived in the woods. The woods they lived in what was called the Woods of Versailles.

Chapter Five

GOODEE AND BUD were always together. When you saw Bud, Goodee was there. When you saw Goodee, Bud was there too. Everyone started calling them "Bud Dee". Bud started doing good things like Goodee. Both Bud and Goodee would bring lots of food to the older rabbits that hop around really slow. The older rabbits would tell Bud and Goodee thank you. Bud still would save a little of the food for himself because he loved to eat. But, before Bud would eat his food, he would share it with Goodee.

Chapter Six

ONE DAY GOODEE told Bud she was going to have a baby. Goodee knew that she was going to have more than just one baby bunny. Rabbits always have five or more baby bunnies at a time. Goodee wanted to build the rabbits' nest in a nice and quiet place. Bud was so excited about the good news. He wanted to build the rabbits' nest in a tree. Goodee told Bud "you're so silly; rabbits don't build their nest in trees; that's what birds do! Rabbit's build their nest by making a small round hole in the grass". Bud knew the perfect place to build their rabbits' nest. "We could build the nest in Mr. Clark's garden". It was nice and quiet there.

CH7[ MR. CLARK WAS a grumpy old man. He was born and raised in New York City. Mr. Clark moved to Hamburg, New York many years ago. He did not know anything about living in the country. Mr. Clark lived in a beautiful house with a very nice lawn and garden. He did not let anyone walk or play in his grass and garden. Mr. Clark had so many signs by his lawn and garden which read KEEP OFF THE GRASS.

Goodee did not want to build the rabbit's nest in Mr. Clark's garden. She wanted to build the nest in the woods where they lived. Goodee knew that Mr. Clark was a grumpy old man and did not want any one walking on his grass and garden. Bud said to Goodee "Mr. Clark's garden is the perfect place. It's nice, quiet and there's a lot of food for us to eat". ]CH7

CH8[ BUD HAD ALREADY built the rabbits' nest in Mr. Clark's garden without Goodee knowing about it. Bud said to Goodee, "come see the big surprise I have for you!" As Goodee followed Bud in Mr. Clark's garden, she saw the beautiful rabbits' nest Bud had built. The garden looked very nice and it was quiet with plenty of food.

The next day, Goodee gave birth to five baby bunny rabbits in Mr. Clark's garden. She put them in the nest that Bud built. Bud and Goodee put so much rabbit hair and grass over the hole that no one could see the baby bunnies. Goodee and Bud would go to the nest early in the morning to feed the babies. The baby bunnies would eat in the morning and sleep all day long. They took after their dad Bud who liked to eat and sleep. ]CH8

CH9[ SPRING TIME CAME early this year and the weather was very warm. Mr. Clark started to cut his grass early in the morning. As always, Mr. Clark cut the grass in front of his house first and then he would cut the grass in the back where he kept his beautiful garden. While cutting the grass in his backyard, Mr. Clark saw something jump out of a small hole. Then he saw something jump back in the small hole. "I wonder what that was?" Mr. Clark said to himself. As Mr. Clark moved the grass away from the small hole, he saw five baby bunny rabbits. The baby bunnies looked so cute and small. ]CH9

CH10[ MR. CLARK WONDERED where the mother rabbit was. He looked all over his backyard and did not see her. Mr. Clark called all of the pet stores in Hamburg. All of the pet stores did not have any room for the five baby bunnies. Mr. Clark decided to let the five baby bunny rabbits live in his backyard. Each day, Mr. Clark would bring the baby rabbits a little food and water. Mr. Clark did not know that Bud and Goodee would feed the baby bunnies early in the morning and then hop back into the woods. Months went by and the five bunny rabbits started to get big. Mr. Clark thought that it was best for the rabbits to live in the woods. He did not know Bud and Goodee who were the five bunny rabbits' dad and mom already lived in the woods. There was so much land, water and food for the five rabbits to eat. This will be the perfect place for them to grow up. 0

CH11[ MR. CLARK PUT all of the five rabbits in a big box. He then put the big box in his blue truck and drove to the Woods of Versailles. Mr. Clark let all of the five rabbits go free in the woods. The entire five rabbits said "good bye Mr. Clark" as they hopped away very fast going into the woods. Mr. Clark said "good bye my friends and remember to stay together and help each other."

As the five bunny rabbits hopped deeper into the woods, they saw their mother and father Goodee and Bud. All of the rabbits were happy to see each other. "How did you get to the woods?" said Goodee and Bud to their babies. "Mr. Clark put us in a big box and drove us to the woods, then let us go free!" replied the five bunnies. Goodee said "Mr. Clark might be a grumpy old man, but he has a very kind and nice heart." 1

CH12[ BUD AND GOODEE had more and more baby rabbits as the years went by. First there were only five baby rabbits. Then there were ten baby rabbits. Then twenty, and then forty baby bunny rabbits. Now there were over one hundred rabbits. The Woods of Versailles was full of rabbits. Some were big and some were small. All of the rabbits looked the same, so they were all called Goodee. 2

CH13[ WINTER WAS HERE again and Mr. Clark wanted to take some pictures of deer in the woods. Mr. Clark loved taking pictures. Mr. Clark was from New York City and did not know anything about the woods. He drove his blue truck to the Woods of Versailles. Mr. Clark could not drive his truck into the woods because there were so many trees in the way. He started to walk into the woods with his handy dandy camera. Mr. Clark walked for a very long time in the woods. He walked this way and then he walked that way. Mr. Clark went up one hill and then he came down another hill. After all of the walking and climbing, Mr. Clark did not see any deer in the woods. 3

CH14[ IT STARTED TO snow in the woods. All of the trees and ground looked white. Mr. Clark looked this way and then he looked that way. He looked up, down and all around. Mr. Clark was lost and did not know how to find his way out of the woods. Mr. Clark did not know what to do. There was no one around to help him. Mr. Clark looked very sad because he was lost. 4

CH15[ MR. CLARK SAW something hopping in the snow coming towards him. There were five big rabbits. The five big rabbits said "that look like Mr. Clark who helped us years ago when we were baby bunnies!" "Hello Mr. Clark," said the five big rabbits. Mr. Clark replied "Hello; how do you know my name?" The five big rabbits said "we are the five rabbits that were born in your beautiful garden years ago. You were so kind to let us live in your garden until we were bigger and gave us food to eat every day." Mr. Clark was glad to see them again. Mr. Clark said "I did not know who you were; all of you have grown so big!" The five big rabbits asked Mr. Clark "why do you look so sad?" Mr. Clark replied "I wanted to take pictures of deer in the woods with my handy dandy camera, but I did not see any. Now I am lost and do not know which way to go to get out of the woods." 5

CH16[ THE FIVE BIG rabbits said to Mr. Clark "there are deer by those trees over there. They are sleeping. You have to be really quiet and walk slowly so that you do not wake them up. Follow us!" Mr. Clark was so happy to take great pictures of deer in the woods with his handy dandy camera. 6

CH17[ AFTER MR. CLARK had taken great pictures of deer, the five big rabbits showed him the way out of the woods. Mr. Clark followed the rabbit foot prints in the snow. Mr. Clark was happy when he saw his blue truck. Mr. Clark met Bud, Goodee and all of their rabbit family. "Thank you for helping me find the deer in the woods and showing me how to get out of the woods!" said Mr. Clark. "I am going home to frame these pictures on my wall." Goodee the rabbit replied "and thank you for being so kind and taking good care of my babies when they were little. You helped us and we helped you too!" Mr. Clark said "I learned a good lesson today." Bud, Goodee and all of the other rabbits replied "what good lesson did you learn?" Mr. Clark said he learned "one Goodee deserves another!"

(Continues...) 7

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