Goodheart's Crossing

Goodheart's Crossing

by David J. Maynard


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A simple tale that humanity tells everyday, in every corner of the earth, in every time: that of good and evil. The quantity of either in us can be disparate; increased by practice for some, perhaps simply inherent in others. The lives led by the people of Goodheart's Crossing were no different.
A couple of quotes directly from them:
"My actions will be adjudicated at a time which approaches very quickly, by one whose judgement is more important than that of any society and far more infinite in its duration. I can only hope that the most Holy Holder of the scale of right and wrong, sin and good deeds, truth and justice, is perhaps an old man too, and has a sense of humor."
Judge Jonas Goodheart of Goodheart's Crossing, Dakota Territory

"Jest let me have the bottle; it's easier to drink yer whiskey right out of the bottle, faster too."
Fat Roy Ardeidae of wherever he could hide-out, Dakota Territory or Iowa

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