Goods Of Desire

Goods Of Desire

by Quentin Monte


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Goods Of Desire is fictional, however it all began with a real dream that the author had. The other actual event is the dangerous ride at 110 m.p.h. that took place in a 1942 1/4 ton panel Ford truck, that was used to deliver milk. The SUV in the novel was used to update the story line. The thoughts of Charley Watts are the basic feelings of the author to level the playing field of the world, where everyone has an equal chance to make it in real life. A very scientific gadget called 'Gizmo", propels the story throughout. Ways are devised to protect the Gizmo, because of its tremendous powers. Evan Casey, Charley's partner and best friend, experiments with Gizmo at various sporting events, and finds time to use its power on girls without Charley's knowledge. Casey, due to his nature gets involved with the Mafia, when he meets Meg Ciarlone. With worldwide operations G.O.D. inadvertently hires some under qualified consultants who take advantage of Gizmo by getting involved with drugs and call girl services in England. Charley Watts meets Anne Bliss, a Sister of Charity, after being rescued from a boating accident while on vacation. Anne becomes a major player in the organization. Anne is foiled by an imposter of Father Quinn, a very close friend, while traveling the world checking on G.O.D. operations. Charley's life is always in danger, resulting in hospital stays and a disappearance. Casey and his friend Meg Ciarlone have many close calls protecting the Gizmo and unravelling, Meg's Father's past with the mafia and solving her mother's mystery. Tony Ciarlone, known as T.C. to his close friends, is a mob boss with a very soft heart. Charley's dreams having been realized takes on other projects. The whereabouts of Anne Bliss concerns everyone.

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ISBN-13: 9781413491296
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 12/02/2005
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 939,348
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