Googaloos Adventures: The Stones of Power

Googaloos Adventures: The Stones of Power

by R.G. HEMM


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In the beginning, before the arrival of man, an empire already existed. Born of the union of a White Lion and a Red Dragon, were the most powerful warriors of all time, the Googaloos, extraordinary beings blessed with fabulous powers. Proud descendants of the Red Dragons, they set off in quest of the Stones of Power, lost in the nether world. There, they faced countless dangers to safeguard the White Cherry Tree, a gift from their mother, Orpha, and the secret to their extraordinary longevity.

Lost in a storm on the Gazal-Gath Sea, King Bokar Bok and his companions must brave the giant octopus Octo, Master of the waters and the wind and the fate of the living, hoping to find the fairy Hazaria who could, it seems, become a powerful ally. But this is no easy feat, as evil forces are already at work and may undermine the Googaloos' quest. The Googaloos must venture into an unknown world, full of mysteries and dangers, and battle the dragon Thorgull, a monstrous creature that governs the world and holds the Golden Pearl stolen from the fairy Hazaria.

With each adventure, the Googaloos discover new Stones of Power, accomplish great feats and keep peace in the different kingdoms. They also ensure that the Stones of Power do not fall into the hands of Bothol, a treacherous demon, the mightiest of all. Aware of the evil and dangers that could ensue from the malicious use of the Stones of Power, the Googaloos are most wary of the world of the ogres Bath and Strabath, of the Zoufs, scoundrels of the worst kind, and of the sorcerer Zoth, who tries by every means possible to capture the Stones and deliver them to Bothol, so that he can unleash his malevolence and spite on all mortals.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631926433
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Series: Googaloos Adventures Series , #1
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.20(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

R.G. Hemm is the pen name of Henriette Montcalm and René Caya.

Henriette Montcalm is an author and lecturer. A series of significant events mark her childhood and are the harbinger of an early and growing interest in psychology and philosophy. Traditional fairy tales and ancient myths capture her imagination and provide some answers to her constant questioning as a child. It is only much later when she discovers the writings of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and is introduced to the meaning of universal symbols, that she is able to deepen her understanding of the life of the psyche and of its unconscious origins.

R.G. Caya has a doctoral degree in philosophy and is a professor of psychoanalysis at the college and university levels. From the beginning of his classical training, he immerses himself in the study of ancient languages, religious and art history. However, it is his passion for psychoanalytical research that wins out and determines his course of university study.

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