GOOGLE CLASSROOM: How To Go Digital, Motivate Your Students And Benefit From Effective Distance Learning

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: How To Go Digital, Motivate Your Students And Benefit From Effective Distance Learning

by Emma Applelton


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Do you want to learn how to go digital with Google Classroom and improve your productivity?

Do you want to overcome the most common online teaching challenges and effectively benefit from distance learning? If so, keep reading.

Being a teacher is hard before you add all the difficulties introduced by e-learning.

There are so many roles you have to fulfill at the same time.

You must fill out excessive paperwork for data collection, find creative solutions to keep the course dynamic, and engage and motivate your students. As you have probably discovered, there is just not enough time to plan and prepare quality content for your students.

This easy-to-use Google Classroom guide will walk you through each step of utilizing this intuitive and reliable platform to effectively run your classroom, save time and tailor content for your students. You will also discover strategies for maintaining relationships in the digital teaching environment, help your students engage with the course material and encourage collaboration among them, making distance learning extremely constructive and productive.

What you can expect from this quick to use Google Classroom guide:

  • The guide is divided into 20 Lessons that make each concept simple and straightforward.
  • How to navigate the user-friendly interface and use the powerful tools of Classroom to increase your productivity and streamline your responsibilities.
  • Step by step guide
  • The best Google Classroom extensions
  • Top five hidden features
  • Tips and tricks to improve productivity
  • Use to use the technology to enhance your teaching and motivate your students
  • Mindset and attitude of a modern digital teacher
  • Maintaining student dialogue in the digital environment

....and more!

With worldwide education being affected by extraordinary circumstances, you must prepare yourself and rise above. Google Classroom is already being successfully embraced all over the world, so do not get overwhelmed by the idea of having to acquire a new skill. Discover how this effective system can support and improve your daily work today.

Make teaching a joy and avoid the headache, buy your copy today!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781801112741
Publication date: 10/25/2020
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction. 9

LESSON 1 - The Benefits Of Google Classroom.. 11

LESSON 2 - Setting Up And Customize Your Classroom.. 17

LESSON 3 - About Tab. 19

LESSON 4 - The Stream.. 24

LESSON 5 - Posting Announcements. 28

LESSON 6 - Reusing Posts. 32

LESSON 7 - Inviting students and teachers to class. 34

LESSON 8 - How To Set Due Dates, Manage Homework, And Assignments. 42

LESSON 9 Creating and organizing topics in the Page of Classwork. 51

LESSON 10 - How to grade assignment and how to put them on Google Sheet 57

LESSON 11 - Cancellation of a course. 61

LESSON 12 - The Best Google Classroom Extensions And How To Integrate Them.. 65

LESSON 13 - Top five hidden features. 68

LESSON 14 - Tips and tricks to improve productivity. 74


LESSON 15 - Mindset and attitude of a modern digital teacher. 83

LESSON 16 - How to motivate students in a digital environment 89

LESSON 17 - Rise above the most common online teaching challenges. 93

LESSON 18 - Strategies for maintaining relationships when everything's gone remote. 97

LESSON 19 - Ideas to try in your digital class to giving at all the students a voice and sharing their work. 102

LESSON 20 - Students approach ideas. 105

Conclusion. 108

References. 110

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