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GoPro Cameras

GoPro Cameras

by Chad Fahs


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People love to capture their lives in colorful shots and movies they can place on YouTube, Facebook, or their own websites. Rugged and lightweight, GoPro cameras empower their users by providing powerful technology to tell stories that strike the right balance of words and pictures. These high-tech cameras enable users to capture powerful images—whether it’s the miraculous beauty of a shark swimming by a coral reef or a motocross biker flying. However, users can’t just thrust this camera underwater or attach it to a bike and hope for the best. They need to understand the basics about how to correctly operate, mount, and care for this camera in all types of environments. It's crucial to learn the camera’s capabilities before they start spending serious cash on accessories and actually using it. 

The full-color illustrated Idiot’s Guides®: GoPro Cameras covers: 

- The fundamental basics of the GoPro and understanding your personal expertise.
- Familiarizing yourself with your camera and understanding lighting in differing environments (land, air, sea).
- The pros and cons of getting it wet.
- Mounting the camera to an object or mounting it to your person for shoots.
- Accessorizing with specialty mounts, differing housing, electronic additions, and additional items like fog filters.
- Knowing how to frame and photograph great shots and capture action.
- 40 step-by-step projects utilizing your GoPro camera to capture your favorite active sports (such as biking, basketball, archery, etc.), in addition to engaging home life events (such as pet antics, nature, childplay, etc.)

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ISBN-13: 9781615648931
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Series: Idiot's Guides
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,159,654
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Chad Fahs is a filmmaker, author, and consultant with a particular emphasis on documentary and new media production, including photography, videography, and emerging visual and interactive formats. While in production, Chad uses a wide range of camera equipment, from professional studio and film gear to GoPro cameras and other ultraportable consumer devices. In addition to writing, Chad has taught courses in video and animation at colleges across the country. As a certified trainer and consultant, he has designed and delivered courses for Apple, Future Media Concepts, the Philadelphia Inquirer's photography department, and clientele from organizations that include the Smithsonian Institution, NPR, NASA, and the White House. Chad works in the Department of Communication at Villanova University, strategically planning facilities for a wide range of media production and journalism courses, international programs, and instruction for students and faculty on the latest technologies. Chad is constantly seeking out new uses for the GoPro action cameras, creating upcoming projects using the GoPro, putting them on drones, shooting 3D video with the GoPro, and exploring their usage in virtual reality applications.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting Started with GoPro 9

Chapter 1 GoPro Basics 11

GoPro: Company and Culture 12

What Can You Do with a GoPro? 13

GoPro Camera Models 14

GoPro Video Specifications 16

GoPro Photo Specifications 18

GoPro Playback and Control Features 19

Choosing the Right Camera 20

Chapter 2 Quickly Setting Up Your GoPro Camera 23

Taking Your GoPro Out of the Box 24

Removing Your Camera from Its Housing 24

Charging the Battery 25

Inserting a Memory Card 25

Readying Your GoPro 26

Getting the GoPro App 28

Recording a Short Video 30

Chapter 3 Mounting and Wearing Your GoPro 33

Attaching a GoPro to Surfaces 34

Hand Grips and Extension Arms 35

Attaching a GoPro to Tripods and Stands 36

Gyroscopic Stabilizers 37

Attaching a GoPro to Impromptu Locations 38

Mounting a GoPro on a Vehicle 40

Mounting a GoPro on Sports Equipment 41

Wearing a GoPro on Your Body 42

Chapter 4 Accessorizing Your GoPro 47

Powering Your GoPro 48

Smart Remote 50

LCD Touch BacPac 52

Other Devices for Monitoring Your Video 53

Protecting Your GoPro from the Elements 54

The Frame 56

Dual Hero System 57

Using Your GoPro in the Water 58

Securing Your GoPro with Camera Tethers 59

Bags and Accessory Cases 60

Quick Release Buckles and Thumb Screws 61

Miscellaneous Parts and Tools 62

Cobles and Adapters 63

Chapter 5 Basic Shooting with a GoPro 65

Placing the Camera 66

Choosing an Effective Composition 67

Selecting the Best Camera Mode and Capture Settings 68

Working with Protune 70

Audio Recording Fundamentals 72

Chapter 6 Setting Up Your Editing System 75

Minimum System Requirements 76

Recommended System Requirements 77

Monitors and Hard Drives 78

Speakers 78

Card Readers and Adapters for Transferring Files 79

Downloading and Installing GoPro Studio Software 80

Installing Additional GoPro-Related Software 81

Approaches to Editing GoPro Videos 82

Basic Editing Techniques 83

Using Video Trim and Share with the GoPro App 84

Chapter 7 Editing with GoPro Studio 87

Understanding the GoPro Studio Workflow 88

Adjusting GoPro Studio Preferences 90

Creating a New Project 91

Importing Media 92

Viewing Clips 94

Trimming Clips 96

Converting Clips for Editing 97

Choosing Advanced Settings 98

Working with GoPro Edit Templates 100

Understanding GoPro Edit Template Elements 101

Adding Clips to the Story board 102

Previewing Clips in the Storyboard 103

Moving, Deleting, and Trimming Clips in the Storyboard 104

Modifying Color in Video Clips 106

Changing Composition with Framing Controls 108

Applying Presets and Effects 110

Creating a New Effects Preset 111

Applying Transitions 112

Working with Music and Sound Effects 114

Creating Titles 116

Exporting Your Finished Video 118

Exporting Still Images 119

Publishing Your Video Online 120

Submitting Your Video to the GoPro Channel 121

Part 2 Projects 123

Home 125

Record a Day in the Life 126

See the World from Your Dog's Perspective 128

Play with Your Food in the Kitchen 130

Have Fun with a Motorized Toy Car 132

Go for a Spin with a Hula Hoop 134

Submerge Your Camera in an Aquarium 136

Be a Kid at the Playground 138

Attack the Yard with Power Tools 140

Conduct Home Inspections and Repairs 142

Improvise a Security Camera or Baby Monitor 144

Nature 147

Take a Hike in the Wilderness 148

Watch Birds on Feeders 150

Explore Creeks and Rivers 152

Observe Flowers Up Close 154

Sports 157

Improve Your Swing on the Golf Course 158

Shoot Better on the Basketball Court 160

Catch Some Waves with a Bodyboard 162

Take Aim with Archery 164

Ride a Horse 166

Glide Across the Water in a Kayak 168

Recreational 171

In the Driver's Seat with a Dash Cam 172

Explore Trails on a Bike 174

Design a Kinetic Skateboard Shot 176

Fly a GoPro with Balloons 178

On the Move with Vehicle Exteriors 180

Create a Cable Cam Shot 182

Creative 187

Shoot a Music Video with a Guitar 188

Set Up to Record a Concert or Event 190

Construct a Forced-Perspective Shot 192

Spin a GoPro to Create Abstract Visuals 194

Make a Creative Short Film 196

Levitate with Your GoPro 198

Create a Panorama 200

Time 203

Pop a Water Balloon in Slow Motion 204

Control the Clock with a Time Lapse 206

Create a Stop-Motion Animation 208

Capture Perfect Action with Burst Mode 210

Paint Your Name with Light 212

Create a Night Lapse of a Starry Sky 214

Fast-Forward with a Moving Time Lapse or Hyperlapse 216

Index 218

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