Gospel of the Sparrow

Gospel of the Sparrow

by Bernice Roysland


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From an early age, Addie loved to read and dramatize parts of stories she liked. A favorite was "The Sky Is Falling," a fable that encouraged her to adapt the philosophy of the little sparrow who said, "One does what one can."

More than anything else in her world, Addie Carlson wanted to become a teacher. Her dream was to help all children, but especially those whose problems were too difficult to be carried alone. She was a champion for children who suffered from bullying, and for others facing timeless cultural challenges.

Addie's desire to focus on these problems led her to Alabama shortly after the Martin Luther King marches. While there she helped students with learning problems and counseled a young black man who had been jailed, wrongly accused of murder. She poured her heart into the lives of those with whom she came in contact. Addie was a young woman who could not see color or class, but only the potential of a valued life.

Addie was a strong advocate for educators. With a desire to see fairness prevail, she led a fight for teacher's rights. An unwavering moral compass led her to approach each day of her life with a purpose.

Against the backdrop of romance, courtroom drama, and family separation, Addie calls upon God to keep the sky from falling.

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ISBN-13: 9781098005566
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Publication date: 10/08/2019
Pages: 194
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