Gospel Truth: Why We Can Trust the Gospels

Gospel Truth: Why We Can Trust the Gospels

by David F Fielding


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This book counters the lies that: the Synoptic Gospels were not written by Matthew, Mark, or Luke; they are not eyewitness accounts at all; they were written long after Jesus lived; they are not historically accurate; and much of the content was invented by Christians who were "reflecting" on the life of Jesus.
This book shows how these lies were invented by people who had no real faith in Jesus Christ at all. They became current through the machinations of people who were pushing agendas of their own, which required that Christianity be recast to their liking, or discredited altogether. Tragically, their efforts were aided by all too many "useful idiots" within the Christian body.
This book explains the duplicity of it all, and goes on to show how the four gospels are absolutely to be relied on as historical fact.

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ISBN-13: 9781985794474
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/21/2018
Pages: 84
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About the Author

David Fielding is a Christian writer, illustrator and publisher. With his wife Rosemary he runs Castle of Grace LLC, which is a publishing company dedicated to upholding the Christian faith. Castle of Grace publishes work for both children and adults and their publications may be found at the Castle of Grace website.

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