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got kids?: Raising Happy, productive and Successful Children

got kids?: Raising Happy, productive and Successful Children

by Maureen Nunn


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Newly Revised 2018!

Advice on parenting is cheap-and you've been able to get it for a long time from just about anybody-including a lot of people with long lettered names and credentials from formal institutions.

Today, things have changed because of the most pressing issue; that of balancing a career, while at the same time still providing proper parenting inputs. All this has led to an overwhelming amount of information

The question really becomes: "Who do you listen to and believe?" Here's an idea-listen to someone who is a successful parent and get first-hand information from someone who's done it and wants to share the experience with others.

In other words-a real live, trained on the job, mom! The real mom is Maureen Nunn, a successful television talk show host, teacher, trainer, professional speaker, and author. Maureen speaks both English and Spanish fluently, and she holds a master's degree in Spanish.

Her most important credential for addressing this topic is that she's been married to the same man for 36 years. She and her husband raised five children, all of whom are happy, healthy and fully functioning members of the business and social community; in other words, she raised good kids.

This is a different kind of how-to book on parenting because it addresses real, not theoretical situations and contains real, heartfelt answers that were put to Maureen in an interview about how she raised good kids.

got kids? speaks to the issues honestly without guilt, and supplies workable answers to questions that parents have about their kids, their lives, and how to keep them in balance.

Revised 2018

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Publication date: 03/18/2014
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About the Author

Maureen Nunn is an extraordinary woman.

She is a teacher, author, speaker, trainer, interpreter, and a mother of five.

Her career has spanned a variety of disciplines including her current outreach efforts as an interpreter for "Doctors without Borders"

A fiery redheaded pioneer, Maureen studied Spanish in school and found that her language skills would create opportunities to hurdle cultural barriers and help others to succeed.

Maureen is a true renaissance woman who managed a career with being a mother and achieved success in both her profession and her family whose greatest single endorsement of her programs and teaching is having successfully raised five children who are now raising successful children of their own.

Her kids have never been in trouble, have always been active, involved with the needs and concerns of others, and are now imparting those same values to their children.

She hosted a television talk show called "Moments with Maureen™" ,a 30-minute talk show that leaps high above the standard talk shows into the hearts of our community as a vehicle to help everyday people overcome everyday challenges, by learning from others who had faced the same challenges and succeeded.

It featured special guests who share their experiences, stories, talents and insights with medical, physical, nutritional, spiritual, psychological and humorous input. These guests are people who inspire others through their wisdom, to live life to the fullest. They are passionate and inspirational, providing guidelines and tools to improve the quality of life.

Reaching out and connecting with people is Maureen's passion.

Not only is she an experienced host with over 15 years in the entertainment business, Maureen is an integral part of the Los Angeles community. Her fans remember her best work from her successful nationally syndicated show called, "Everyday Heroes" which won a Cable Ace award.

Maureen also hosted a weekly Spanish call-in show with Lety Dominguez Bolivar called, "Comunidad Latina con Maria y Lety," and was awarded three Diamond Awards and a President's Award.

Maureen now gathers her resources and brings her own brand of enthusiasm to audiences in her trademarked presentation "got kids™?", a down to earth presentation about the practical realities of raising good kids in today's complex world.

Her professional and academic credentials are impressive but Maureen's best credential is as a successful mother of five.

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