Gotta Have Faith

Gotta Have Faith

by Lillian Lilly


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Release Date: 02/25/1997
Label: Malaco Records
UPC: 0048021448142
catalogNumber: 4481

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lillian Lilly   Primary Artist,Vocals,Soloist
Rev. James Moore   Soloist
Dorothy Norwood   Soloist
William Bell   Tenor (Vocal)
Jerry Smith   Electric Piano,Choir Director,Choir Master
Gwen Dickey   Alto (Vocal)
Shannon Jones   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Sondra Lee   Choir Director,Choir Master
Jerry Masters   Overdubs
Thurston Cox   Organ
Allen Golden   Bass
Sheryl Harper   Drums
Jerry Lee Smith   Piano,Choir Director
Deborah Harris   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Jamie Allen   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Ruby Dickey   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Annette Haggard   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Lynda Hemphill   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Waldo Lilly   Soloist
Nubia A. Lumumba   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Mary A. Norwood   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Georgia Rucker   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Rev. Jeffery Stallworth   Soloist
Eulonda Suel   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Willis Hickerson   Strings,Horn
Katrina Williams   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Greta L. Thompson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Bridgette Wade   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Joe Wade   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Natalie A. Young   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Wilma Young   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Stephanie Young   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Ethel Miller   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Anickia Brown   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Sharon Terry-Daniels   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Anderson Sanctuary Choir   Choir, Chorus
Gene Bradley   Musician
Jennifer Davis   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Yolanda Baird   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Patricia Jackson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Sondra Bell   Choir Director
Tara Blue   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Loria Ann Coleman   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Willie Bell   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
LaShunna Blackmon   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Darrell G. Bolton   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Rosalyn Burton   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Craig S. Clark   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Timothy Davis   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Gwenda L. Dickey   Soprano (Vocal)
Deloris Drone   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Tabatha D. Franklin   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Shyrondia B. Gardner   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Gaynell B. Hicks   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Natalie Holmes   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Terrye A. Jones   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Pat Kessee   Keyboards
Deidre King   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Harvey K. King   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Sharron Kyles   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Christopher Liddell   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Tamara Robinson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Malcolm Shepherd   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Marlon Shepherd   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Monica Shepherd   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Rev. James Moore   Contributor
Dorothy Norwood   Producer
Jerry Smith   Producer
Jerry Masters   Engineer,overdub engineer
Roy Wooten   Event Coordinator
Steve Lowney   Engineer
Jerry Lee Smith   Producer
Julie Haldeman   Engineer
Jerry Mannery   Executive Producer
Greg Pippen   Engineer
Rev. Jeffery Stallworth   Contributor
Doug Stringfellow   Engineer
Joyce Hayes   Event Coordinator
Anderson Sanctuary Choir   Contributor
Traditional   Composer
Shadrach   Composer
Doug Stringfellow   Engineer

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