Gottschalk: Piano Music

Gottschalk: Piano Music


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Naxos' American Classics disc Louis Moreau Gottschalk: Piano Music, featuring internationally known pianist Cecile Licad, is a noteworthy marriage of player and repertoire. Licad has established herself in core European literature such as Chopin and Ravel, but it has been a long time since anyone has heard her on record; audiences in Licad's native Manila and at the Santa Fe Music Festival have been somewhat luckier. Licad credits producer Emile Kraemer for encouraging her to undertake the case of Gottschalk, whose dazzling and infectious music bears all the hallmarks of top-tier nineteenth century Romantic style, yet is still strangely lacking in credibility among scholars and interpreters well-versed in the work of Gottschalk's European contemporaries. What Licad brings to the table is her understanding of Chopin, who was Gottschalk's main influence, and words cannot convey how well this works -- you simply have to hear it. Gottschalk's music is technically treacherous; in many recorded performances that have gone before, pianists have taken a cautious approach that renders the score clear but seems a little underpowered in terms of expression and emotion. Licad's interpretations here emphasize the expressiveness, nuance, and excitement of this music in a quite unprecedented manner. One review in a major classical music magazine practically condemned this disc, but don't be fooled. You owe it to yourself to pick this one up, especially at Naxos' bargain price.

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Release Date: 05/20/2003
Label: Naxos American
UPC: 0636943914526
catalogNumber: 8559145
Rank: 91653


  1. Le Banjo, esquisse américaine for piano, Op. 15, D. 15 (RO 22)
  2. Bamboula, danse des nègres for piano, Op. 2, D. 13 (RO 20)
  3. Le bananier, chanson nègre for piano, Op. 5, D. 14 (RO 21)
  4. La Savane, ballade créole for piano, Op. 3, D. 135 (RO 232)
  5. Tremolo, grande étude de concert for piano, Op 58, D. 154 (RO 265)
  6. La Jota aragonesa, caprice espagñol for piano, Op. 14, D. 79 (RO 130)
  7. Manchega, étude de concert for piano, Op. 38, D. 86 (RO 143)
  8. Souvenirs D'Andalousie, caprice de concert for piano, Op. 22, D. 148 (RO 242)
  9. Souvenir de Porto Rico, marche des gibaros for piano, Op. 31, D. 147 (RO 250)
  10. L'Étincelle, mazurka sentimentale for piano ("The Spark"), Op. 20, D. 49 (RO 80)
  11. La Gallina, danse cubaine for piano, Op. 53, D. 60 (RO 101)
  12. Suis-Moi!, contradanza for piano, Op. 45, D. 157 (RO 253)
  13. Pasquinade, caprice for piano, Op. 59, D. 113 (RO 189)
  14. Tournament Galop, for piano, D. 153 (RO 264)
  15. The Dying Poet, meditation for piano, D. 45 (RO 75)
  16. L'Union, paraphrase de concert for piano, Op. 48, D. 156 (RO 269)

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