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ISBN-13: 9780130116574
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 07/29/1999
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 776
Product dimensions: 8.52(w) x 11.18(h) x 0.92(d)

Table of Contents

Constitutional Democracy
The Living Constitution
The Constitution of the United States
American Federalism
First Amendment Rights
Equal Rights under the Law
Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property
Political Culture and Ideology
The American Political Landscape
Interest Groups: The Politics of Influence
Political Parties: Essential to Democracy
Public Opinion, Paticipation, and Voting
Campaigns and Elections: Democracy in Action
The Media and American Politics
Congress: The People's Branch
The Presidency: The Leadership Branch
The Judiciary: The Balancing Branch
The Bureaucracy: The Real Power?
The Democratic Faith
The Declaration of Independence
The Federalist, No. 10
The Federalist, No. 51
The Federalist, No. 78
Presidential Election Results


Always one step ahead . . . .

This edition marks a dynamic milestone for Government by the People. For 50 years Government by the People—in use in colleges and universities in every state in the nation—has been educating today's American citizens. In fact, Government by the People has set the standard that others strive to meet. Government by the People continues to innovate in response to changes in our democratic environment and changes in how the government course is taught. At Prentice Hall, we are extremely proud to continue to publish the book that always remains one step ahead of all others in its field by anticipating your needs as an educator and your students' needs as learners. This edition continues in that tradition.

Burns, Peltason, Cronin, Magleby, and O'Brien's Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, has been revised to provide you with the most current material. As we enter a political era with new leadership in office, no other book is better poised to take students from onlookers to participants in the fascinating world of American government. The gratifying success this text has enjoyed over the years results from a distinguished author team who treat each edition as a fresh challenge—and, in many ways, an entirely new book. As in the past, Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, remains one step ahead.


  • New Co-Author: With this edition we are honored to introduce a new member of our author team. David O'Brien of the University of Virginia joins the team to lend his knowledge to the areas of the courts, civilrights, and civil liberties. Professor O'Brien received his Ph.D. from the University of California-Santa Barbara. His research area is constitutional law, theory, and development, and he is renowned for his scholarship of the Supreme Court and judiciary processes. David O'Brien is the Leone Reeves and George W. Spicer Professor of the University of Virginia's Department of Government and Foreign Affairs. He has authored several works, including Storm Center: The Supreme Court in American Politics, 5th ed. (2000). Professor O'Brien is a Judicial Fellow at the Supreme Court of the United States, Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Fellow, and a Fulbright Lecturer at Oxford University.
  • Late-Breaking, Up-to-date Content: This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the happenings of the recent Election 2000. Virtually all chapters have undergone revisions to reflect events of the past two years—primarily the new leadership in Washington.

    Highlights include data from the National Election Study and the latest information from the 2000 National Census. In addition, features within the text, such as A Closer Look, You Decide/Thinking It Through, We the People, and People Debate have been revised to address such important and timely issues as campaign finance reform and the Electoral College.

    Finally, we continue our commitment to excellence, offering a balanced presentation with innovative treatment of political ideology and culture, political participation, voting turnout, voting behavior, and campaign financing.

These enhancements are present throughout Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition. And there's more...

  • Improved Organization of Chapters: In response to comments from reviewers and instructors, Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, now places the civil rights and civil liberty chapters after the explanation of the courts and judicial process. Although the chapters are self-contained and can be taught at any time during the course, this organization makes it easier to give students the background they need to understand these important topics.
  • New Chapter 13—Congressional-Presidential Relations: This entirely new chapter examines how the president and Congress interact with each other. With the Senate almost equally divided and Republicans in the House with a very small majority, this timely topic will certainly dominate the news. Students will learn about similar periods in history and apply that knowledge to today's headlines.
  • Updated Chapter 5—The American Political Landscape: This chapter examines social and economic diversity in American society today and some of the political consequences of living in a dynamic multicultural nation.
  • Greatly revised Chapter 11 (The Presidency), Chapter 12 (Congress), and Chapter 14 (Bureaucracy): These chapters have been extensively revised to reflect current issues, including George W. Bush's proposed initiatives.
  • Improved Chapter 20—Making Social Policy: This unique chapter is now updated to include current debates over welfare reform, health care, education, and crime control policies.
  • Substantially revised Chapters 19 through 21 (Policy Chapters): These chapters have been thoroughly updated to reflect the current domestic and international policy initiatives and the priorities of the president and Congress.


As in previous editions, Government by the People leads the industry in providing creative, innovative electronic solutions for your classroom. Whether in the form of tools that enable more effective communication or by providing dynamic presentation of content via the World Wide Web, Prentice Hall continues to anticipate your needs.

  • www.prenhall.com/burns: This truly premium Companion Website is available to users of Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition. This website is host to more than 15 dynamic resources to support the learning or teaching of your introductory government course.

    Among the many resources included are PoliSim, Politics Online, ContentSelect (Powered by EBSCO), Documents Online (provides full text of more than 150 source documents referenced in the text), as well as an abundance of online quizzing and assessment features. Chapter summaries, practice tests, links, glossary, video tips, interactive surveys, and interactive graphics are also available on this site.

    These resources are available free by using the access code found in new copies of Government by the People, 2001-2002, Edition. Access to the site may also be purchased separately.
  • PoliSim: Political Science Simulations for American Government: Entirely new, these multistep, multimedia simulations are unique to Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition. A simulation for most chapters is identified on the chapter openers. Not just scripted scenarios, these fully animated, interactive simulations invite your students into the context of what they are learning, requiring them to think critically and make decisions. Available on the Companion Website.
  • ContentSelect: Powered by EBSCO: Government by the People is proud to offer access to ContentSelect with the 2001-2002 Edition. From the convenience of their computers, students and instructors can now access thousands of current and archived articles from both scholarly and contemporary journals. Available on the Companion Website.
  • Politics Online: Entirely revised since the last edition, many of these end-of-chapter sections now contain interactive exercises in addition to thought-provoking situations and applicable links. Students will be prompted to participate in a brief interactive exercise, research relevant sites, or explore government in other nations, among other activities. Students can read the material in the Politics Online box, interactive in nature, and apply their knowledge by completing these activities and conducting research.
  • CourseCompass Edition: For instructors who would like to implement the use of course management software to organize their course and communicate with students, Prentice Hall is pleased to offer Government by the People CourseCompass Edition, featuring a host of organizational tools, such as gradebook management, interactive syllabus, test preparation, and pre-loaded instructional content supporting the text. Instructors can save a great deal of time preparing for lectures and managing their course. Please see your Prentice Hall representative or visit www.prenhall.com/burns and select the link to CourseCompass.
  • Distance Learning Solutions: For instructors interested in creating a distance learning course, Prentice Hall offers courses in both Blackboard and WebCT, in addition to our own CourseCompass Edition. Your local Prentice Hall representative can provide you with additional details, or you can visit www.prenhall.com/burns for a special demonstration and additional information.


Among the many attributes of Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, are the features that have consistently supported the balanced presentation of topics within the text. Each of these features has been appropriately revised to reflect those issues that are most significant in our political environment today.

  • THE PEOPLE DEBATE: These two-page spreads featured throughout the text have been completely revised to address contemporary topics such as Election 2000, Campaign Finance Reform, The Electoral College, and Social Security Reform. People Debates give students a chance to participate in a pro/con debate in the text, online, and through essays and links on the Companion Website.
  • YOU DECIDE/THINKING IT THROUGH: This participatory question-and-answer feature is designed to strengthen students' critical thinking skills as well as introduce controversial and challenging issues and ideas about American politics. A You Decide question is presented on the left page, and on the facing page, a Thinking It Through discussion examines possible answers.
  • A CLOSER LOOK: These journalistic-style boxes combine text, photos, and art on relevant issues of high student appeal. Some of the topics include: Religion and Politics, Evaluating Bill Clinton's Presidency, The Politics of Capital Punishment, Campaign Finance Reform, and The "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" Controversy.
  • WE THE PEOPLE: These unique boxes are designed to reflect the concerns and experiences of ethnic and minority groups in American politics. Some of the topics include: Oprah Winfrey: Achieving the American Dream, Distribution of Education in the United States, Portrait of the Electorate, and Women Governors.


In addition to the abundance of material available in the Faculty Resources section of the Companion Website (www.prenhall.com/burns), Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, offers instructors a wide range of instructional aids. These supplements have been completely revised, not only to incorporate material new to this edition, but also to ensure that standards of the highest quality are maintained.

  • INSTRUCTOR'S RESOURCE MANUAL WITH LECTURE OUTLINER: In addition to a new section devoted to using our Companion Website, this supplement provides the following resources for each chapter of the text: summary, review of major concepts, lecture suggestions and topic outlines, suggestions for classroom discussion, and a detailed content outline for lecture planning. An electronic version is also available in the Faculty Resources section of the Companion Website.
    ISBN: 0-13-0933724
  • POWERPOINT GALLERY: For each chapter, the PowerPoint Gallery provides electronic files for each figure and table in the text, along with pre-created PowerPoint slides ready for customization. With the use of this tool you may create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation or print your own customized 4-color transparencies. (Available in the Faculty Resources section of the Companion Website.)
  • PRESENTATION PACKAGE: A new resource designed to make your presentation preparation worry free, this supplement provides detailed instructions for using our PowerPoint Gallery to create your presentation. In addition, 8V2 x 11 transparency masters for every figure and table in the text are provided, ready for duplication. Finally, a collection of the most widely used, 4-color transparencies is provided for your convenience.
  • TEST ITEM FILE: Completely revised to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy, this test item file contains over 2000 questions using multiple-choice, true/false, and essay format for covering factual, conceptual, and applied material from the text:
    Basic, National, National/S/L versions: ISBN: 0-13-0326755
    Brief version: ISBN: 0-13-0933686
  • PRENTICE HALL TEST MANAGER: A computerized version of the test item file, this program allows full editing of the questions and the addition of instructor-generated items. Other special features include random generation, scrambling question order, and test preview before printing. Available for both the Microsoft Windows operating system and Macintosh computers:
    MAC Basic, National, National/S/L versions:
    MAC Brief version: ISBN: 0-13-0418129
    WIN Basic, National, National/S/L versions:
    WIN Brief version: ISBN: 0-13-0418110
  • VIDEO: HOW A BILL BECOMES A LAW: This 25-minute video chronicles an environmental law in Massachusetts from its start as one citizen's concern to its passage in Washington, D.C. Students witness step-by-step the process of how a bill becomes a law. Complete with narrative and dynamic graphics:
    ISBN: 0-13-0326763
  • FILMS FOR THE HUMANITIES AND SCIENCES: With a qualifying order of textbooks from Prentice Hall, you may select from a high quality library of political science videos from Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Please contact your local representative for a complete listing.
  • STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: A GUIDE FOR THE NEW INSTRUCTOR: This unique guide offers a wealth of practical advice and information to help new instructors face the challenges of teaching courses in American Government. (Available in the Faculty Resources Section of the Companion Website.)


In addition to the wealth of content offered on the Companion Website (www.prenhall.com/burns), Government by the People, 2001-2002 Edition, offers the following study material to maximize students' learning potential:

  • STUDY GUIDE: In addition to a new section devoted to the Companion Website, each chapter includes a detailed outline, study notes, a glossary, practice tests, Political Science Today study assignments, and data analysis worksheets that reinforce student learning. The guide was prepared by Larry Elowitz of Georgia College and State University:
    Basic: ISBN: 0-13-0326674
    National: ISBN: 0-13-0326682
    National, State, and Local: ISBN: 0-13-0326690
    Brief: ISBN: 0-13-09337A-3
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE ON THE INTERNET: EVALUATING ONLINE RESOURCES: This timely supplement provides an introduction to the Internet and the numerous political sites on the World Wide Web. Not only does it describe email, list servers, browsers, and how to document these sources, it also provides information on how to critically evaluate those sources. Furthermore, it includes addresses for the most current and useful politically-oriented websites. This 96-page supplementary book is FREE to students when shrink-wrapped with copies of Government by the People.
    ISBN: 0-13-0277584
  • THE POLITICAL SCIENCE STUDENT WRITER'S MANUAL, 4TH ED.: Authored by Gregory Scott and Stephen Garrison, this comprehensive, practical writer's manual—created specifically for political science students—is designed to help students accomplish two goals: (1) improve their writing skills and strategies, and (2) learn about political science at the same time. Available to students for a discount when bundled with Government by the People.
    ISBN: 0-13-0404470
  • THE WRITE STUFF: WRITING AS A PERFORMING AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ART, 2ND ED.: This brief booklet, written by Thomas E. Cronin, provides ideas and suggestions on writing style and methods in political science. Also available in the Student Resources section of the Companion Website.


Each of the following books features specialized topical coverdl;e allowing you to tailor your American Government course t~, suit the needs of your region or your particular teaching ,tvle. Featuring contemporary issues or timely readings, any (i( the following books are available for a discount when bundled with Government by the People. Please visit our Online Catalog at www.prenhall.com/burns for additional details.

American Politics: Core Arguments—Current Controversy, 2nd ed.
Peter Woolley, Fairleigh Dickenson University
Albert Papa, University of New Jersey
ISBN: 0-13-0879193 © 2002

Contemporary Readings in American Government
Mark Rozell, The Catholic University of America
John White, The Catholic University of America
ISBN:0-13-0406457 © 2002

Issues in American Political Life: Money, Violence, and Biology, 4th ed.
Robert Thobaben, Wright State University
Donna Schlagheck, Wright State University
Charles Funderburk, Wright State University
ISBN: 0-13-0336726 © 2002

Choices: An American Government Reader—Custom Publishing
Gregory Scott, University of Central Oklahoma
Katherine Tate, University of California-Irvine
Ronald Weber, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
ISBN: 0-13-090399X © 2001

Civil Rights and Liberties: Provocative Questions and Evolving Answers
Harold Sullivan, The City University of New York
ISBN: 0-13-0845140 © 2001

Sense and Non-Sense: American Culture and Politics
J. Harry Wray, DePaul University
ISBN: 0-13-0833436 © 2001

21 Debated: Issues in American Politics
Gregory Scott, University of Central Oklahoma
Loren Gatch, University of Central Oklahoma
ISBN: 0-13-0219916 © 2000

Government and Politics in the Lone Star State:
Theory and Practice, 4th ed.

L. Tucker Gibson, Trinity University
Clay Robison, The Houston Chronicle
ISBN: 0-13-0340502 © 2002

Rethinking California: Politics and Policy
in the Golden State

Matthew Cahn, California State University-Northridge
H. Eric Schockman, University of Southern California
David Shafie, Ohio University
ISBN:0-13-4679121 © 2001

Real Politics in America series is another resource for contemporary instructional material. To bridge the gap between research and relevancy, we have launched a new series of supplemental books with the help of series editor Paul Herrnson of the University of Maryland. More descriptive than quantitative, more case study than data study, these books cut across all topics to bring students relevant details in current political science research. From exploring the growing phenomenon of direct democracy to who runs for the state legislature, these books show students that real political science is meaningful and exciting. Available for a discount when bundled with Government by the People. Please see your Prentice Hall representative or access www.prenhall.com/burns for a complete listing of titles in the series.

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