Gower Handbook of Quality Management

Gower Handbook of Quality Management



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ISBN-13: 9780566081491
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/01/2003
Edition description: 3
Pages: 506
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.77(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Plan: The quality concept and objectives, Frank Price; Statutory considerations, David J. Smith; Product liability and product safety, Dr John G. Roche; Training for quality, Darek Celinski; The control of design, R. Plummer. Part 2 Do: Procurement, Matt Seaver; Just-in-time supplies, B.G. Dale and D.M. Lascelles; Process capability, David Newton; Product reliability, David Newton; Materials handling, John Oxley; Servicing, Gordon Staples; Service quality, Denis Walker; Documentation and records, Part 1, Dennis Lock; Documentation and records, Part 2 - ISO 9000 documents, Matt Seaver; Controlling changes, Dennis Lock; Standards, standardization, conformity and compatibility, Charles Corrie. Part 3 Check: An introduction to statistics, David Newton; Control charts, Part 1 - Shewhart charts, David Newton; Control charts, Part 2 - Cusum charts, David Newton; Inspection, R. Plummer; Functional testing, Geoffrey Leaver; Inspection and measuring equipment, Trevor C. Ashton; Metrology, Joyce Brick; Quality audits and reviews, Gordon Staples; Quality- and safety-related costs, David J. Smith; Benchmarking, Sylvia Codling. Part 4 Act: Managing nonconformity, Ray Spencer; Improvement, John Edge and Matt Seaver; ISO 9001 certification, Matt Seaver; Cultural and organizational aspects, Pat Donnellan; Total quality management, John Oakland; Environmental management systems, I.C. Dean; Management system integration, Pat Donnellan; Index.

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