Graded Exercises in English / Edition 3

Graded Exercises in English / Edition 3

by Robert J. Dixson
Pub. Date:
Pearson Education ESL


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Graded Exercises in English / Edition 3

The new edition of Grammar Essentials Graded Exercises in English, by Robert Dixson, has over 100 grammar points and more than 2,000 practice activities, making this book the ideal grammar review companion for any course including reading, writing, and listening/speaking, as well as integrated skills. Students of all abilities can practice and review the critical grammar skills they need to achieve fluency in English.


  • Step-by-step presentation of grammar points follows the familiar scope and sequence of skills-based courses.
  • New Quick Grammar Reference section includes clear charts and helpful summaries of "need to know" areas and common errors.
  • Topic tabs on each page make relevant sections easy to read.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780131126961
Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Publication date: 10/28/2003
Series: Grammar Essentials Ser.
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 716,268
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

To be, Present Tense

To be, Negatives and Questions

A, An

Plural Nouns

To have, Present Tense

Simple Present Tense

Possessive Adjectives

There is, There are, Affirmatives

There is, There are, Negatives and Questions

Possessive Form of Nouns

This/That; These/Those

Object Pronouns

Imperative Form

Simple Present Tense, Negatives

Simple Present Tense, Yes-No Questions

Simple Present Tense, Information Questions

To be, Past Tense

To be, Past Tense Negatives and Questions

Past Tense, Regular Verbs

Past Tense, Irregular Verbs

Past Tense, Negative

Past Tense, Yes-No Questions

Past Tense, Information Questions

Review of Past and Present Tense, Negatives and Questions

Review of Past Tense, Regular and Irregular Verbs

Indirect Object, Position

Relative Pronouns, Who/Whom, Which, and That

Future Tense, with Will

Future Tense, Negatives with Will

Future Tense, Questions with Will


It takes

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense, Negatives and Questions

Contractions, Affirmative

Contractions, Negative

Articles, Indefinite and Definite

Going to, Future Tense

Going to, Past Tense

Present Continuous Tense, Future Time

Modal Auxiliaries, Negatives

Modal Auxiliaries, Yes-No Questions

Modal Auxiliaries, Information Questions

Short Answers

Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs, Good, Well

Adjectives and Adverbs, Comparative Form

Adjectives and Adverbs, Superlative Form

Past Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense

Much, Many, A lot of

Also, Too, Either

Any, Some

Anyone, Someone

Possessive Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Perfect Tenses, Negatives and Questions

Perfect Tenses, Information Questions

For, Since

Already, Yet

Say, Tell

Past Perfect Tense


Sequence of Tenses


Should, Ought to

Have to, Must

Have to, Past, Future, and Present Perfect Forms

Have to, Negatives and Questions

Have to, Information Questions


Passive Voice

Passive Voice, Negatives and Questions

Supposed to

Used to

Would rather

Had better

Tag Endings

It, There


Gerunds and Infinitives

Future Perfect Tense

Review of Verb Tenses

Adverbs, Position

Word Order

Still, Anymore

Direct and Indirect Speech

Indirect Speech, Questions

Indirect Speech, Commands

Should, Ought to, Past Form

Must have, May have

Conditional Sentences, Future Possible

Conditional Sentences, Present Unreal

Conditional Sentences, Dependent Clauses

Conditional Sentences, Past Unreal

Present Tense, After If, When, Until, etc.


Too, So

Either, Neither

Auxiliary Verbs

Negative Questions

Subject Questions

Causative Form



Position of Prepositions, Informal Usage

Punctuation, Comma

Punctuation, Comma and Semicolon

Special Usage Notes

Quick Grammar Reference

Answer to Exercises

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