Grammy Nominees 2005

Grammy Nominees 2005

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Grammy Nominees 2005

Grammy Nominees 2005, much like the Grammy-themed compilations before it, is a lopsided roundup of the previous year's commercial hits. Appealing to the type of casual music fan who listens to mainstream radio and maybe watches some videos every now and then, it's also a time capsule, even if the majority of people within the music industry will be hard-pressed to recall who was nominated for what in a few years. Here, there's a pronounced slant toward safer material, even by Grammy standards. Usher's rowdy "Yeah!" is the only nominee for Record of the Year not included, but his Confessions is nominated for Album of the Year, giving the compilers the opportunity to choose the less-imposing ballad "Burn" to represent the biggest pop star of 2004. In the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance category, Björk is left out in order to leave room for the more traditional likes of Joss Stone, Norah Jones, and Sheryl Crow. Just as tellingly, Beastie Boys' average "Ch-Check It Out" and the Black Eyed Peas' sporting-event favorite "Let's Get It Started" are included from the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group category, while far more imaginative and unique tracks from Terror Squad and Snoop Dogg are left out. Since there is a good deal of overlap between the primary categories, the disc is able to cover most of the nominees in some form. Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You," Green Day's "American Idiot," U2's "Vertigo," Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved," Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman," and Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" are some of the other inescapable hits that are included. If it wasn't already evident that this is a grownup's view of 2004, the presence of undeserving selections from Brian Wilson, Seal, Ray Charles, Elvis Costello, and -- this really hurts -- Prince, make it as plain as...well, an Elvis Costello song.

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Release Date: 02/01/2005
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724356094420
catalogNumber: 60944

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Anderson   Gut String Guitar
Ray Charles   Keyboards,Vocals
Elvis Costello   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Preston   Hammond Organ
Prince   Voices
Brian Wilson   Keyboards,Vocals
Betty Wright   Background Vocals
Tom "Bones" Malone   Trombone,Trumpet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Cindy Blackman   Drums
Steve Nieve   Hammond Organ,Piano (Upright),Vox Continental
Nile Rodgers   Guitar
Chance   Background Vocals
Sheryl Crow   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Eric Darken   Percussion
Edge   Guitar,Background Vocals
Tom Fowler   Bass
Katreese Barnes   Background Vocals
Bono   Vocals
Mike Brignardello   Bass Guitar,Baritone
Ray Brinker   Drums
Chris Bruce   Guitar
Fred Cash   Bass
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Adam Clayton   Bass Guitar
Tre Cool   Drums,Vocals
Jack Daley   Bass
Joel Derouin   Concert Master
Davey Faragher   Electric Bass,Vocals
Larry Franklin   Fiddle,Mandolin
Josh Freese   Drums
Kenny Greenberg   Electric Guitar
Earl Harvin   Drums
Jim Hines   Drums,Saw,Mallets
Luis Jardim   Percussion
Irvin "Magic" Kramer   Guitar
Abraham Laboriel   Drums
Bob Lizik   Bass Guitar
Hugh McCracken   Guitar
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals
Angelo Morris   fender rhodes
Greg Morrow   Percussion,Drums
Jamie Muhoberac   Bass,Keyboards
Larry Mullen   Percussion,Drums
Steve Nathan   Piano,Hammond Organ
Russ Pahl   Banjo,Steel Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Tim Pierce   Guitar
Michael Rhodes   Bass Guitar,Baritone
Joe Romano   Horn
Joe Scaife   Background Vocals
Pete Thomas   Drums,Tambourine
John Willis   Acoustic Guitar
Gavyn Wright   Lead
Reese Wynans   Organ,Piano,Hammond Organ
Kevin Breit   Acoustic Guitar,Banjolin
Rob Cavallo   Piano
Eric Rigler   uillean pipes
Dave Stone   Acoustic Bass
Mark Batson   Bass,Keyboards
Adam Levine   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Hart Thompson   Guitar
Darian Sahanaja   Keyboards,Vocals,Mallets
Nick Walusko   Guitar,Vocals
Taboo   Vocals
Jeffrey Foskett   Guitar,Vocals
Gus Isidore   Guitar
William Ross   Conductor
Rhonda   Background Vocals
Bombshell   Background Vocals
Paul Mertens   Harmonica,Saxophone,Woodwind,electronics
Mike Dirnt   Bass,Vocals
Darryl Dixon   Horn
John Shanks   Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar
Angela Primm   Background Vocals
Gabrielle West   Background Vocals
Dave Foster   Keyboards
Probyn Gregory   Guitar,Vocals,Human Whistle,Brass
Henry Garza   Guitar,Vocals
Arcel Vickers   Organ
Billie Joe Armstrong   Guitar,Vocals
George Pajon   Guitar
Wes Hightower   Background Vocals
Tom Bukovac   Electric Guitar
Steve Jordan   Drums
Diego Simmons   Percussion
Big Kenny   Background Vocals
Raymond Angry   Hammond Organ,Clavinet,Moog Synthesizer
Printz Board   Trumpet
David Watson   Horn
John Mayer   Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Andrew Borger   Drums
Jason Freese   Saxophone
Alicia Keys   Piano,Background Vocals
L.C. Green   Background Vocals   Vocals
Francis Dicosmo   Bass
Adam Levy   Background Vocals
Norah Jones   Piano,Vocals
Pete Murray   Bass,Keyboards
Jesse Carmichael   Keyboards,Vocals
Mickey Madden   Bass
Ryan Dusick   Drums,Vocals
James Valentine   Guitar
Nelson Bragg   Percussion,Vocals,Human Whistle
Scott Bennett   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Mallets
Terence Yoshiaki   Drums
Tim Izo Orindgreff   Flute,Saxophone
Dante Santiago   Background Vocals
Noelle Scaggs   Background Vocals
JoJo Garza   Bass,Vocals
Joss Stone   Background Vocals
Fergie   Vocals
David Hodges   Piano,Keyboards
Gretchen Wilson   Background Vocals
Ben Moody   Guitar,Drums
Daru Oda   Background Vocals
Taylor Mills   Percussion,Vocals
John Rich   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals
Mike Frantantuno   Bass
MixMasterMike   Turntables
Stockholm Strings and Horns   Strings,Horn
I.Am Willi   Vocals
Ringo Garza   Drums,Vocals
Jacknife Lee   Synthesizer
J'Anna Jacoby   Violin
Keith Harris   Drums
Lee Alexander   Bass
Amy Lee   Vocals

Technical Credits

Beastie Boys   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Red Steagall   Composer
Elvis Costello   Composer,Producer
Prince   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Seal   Composer,Executive Producer
Yusuf (Cat Stevens)   Composer
Brian Wilson   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Betty Wright   Producer
Tony Black   Engineer
Mark Curry   String Mixing
Robert Maxwell   Cover Photo
Edge   Composer
Graeme Revell   String Arrangements
Bono   Composer
John Burk   Producer,Executive Producer
Adam Clayton   Composer
Green Day   Composer,Producer
Peter Doell   Engineer
Jermaine Dupri   Composer,Producer
Mark Eshelman   Engineer
Ron Fair   Executive Producer
Dave Fortman   Producer
Brian Frye   Engineer
Humberto Gatica   Engineer
Dennis Herring   Producer
Jim Hines   Sound Effects
Trevor Horn   Producer
Don Lanier   Composer
Steve Lillywhite   Producer
Mark Linett   Engineer
Mark London   Artwork
Arif Mardin   Producer
Doug McKean   Engineer
Larry Mullen   Composer
Jay Newland   Engineer
John Porter   Producer
Jack Joseph Puig   Producer,Engineer
L.A. Reid   Executive Producer
Dave Reitzas   Engineer
Jeff Robinson   Executive Producer
Alejandro Rodriguez   Engineer
Joe Scaife   Producer
Steve Sidwell   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,Choir Arrangement
Matt Wallace   Producer
Patrick Warren   String Arrangements
Tim Weidner   Engineer
Cynthia Weil   Composer
Kevin Wommack   Executive Producer
Mark Wright   Producer
Rob Cavallo   Producer
Carl Glanville   Engineer
Mark Batson   Composer,Producer
Terry Howard   Engineer
Mike Landolt   Engineer
Adam Levine   Composer
Jeffrey Foskett   Contributor
Gregg Gordon   Illustrations
B.J. Wright   Composer
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
Michael Caplan   Executive Producer
William Ross   Orchestral Arrangements
Steve Averill   Art Direction
Abbey Anna   Design Consultant
John Shanks   Producer
Alli   Art Direction
Mark Seliger   Cover Photo
Chris Bilheimer   Art Direction
Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff   Art Direction
Mick Haggerty   Art Direction
Bryan Lasley   Art Direction
Anton Corbijn   Cover Photo
David Gorman   Art Direction
Chapman Baehler   Cover Photo
Tracy Baskette-Fleaner   Art Direction
Steve Chadie   Engineer
Rolf Lovland   Composer
Bart Pursley   overdub engineer,Vocal Engineer
Usher Raymond   Composer,Executive Producer
Cey Adams   Art Direction
Jill Sinclair   Executive Producer
Patricia Weber   Engineer
Damon Dash   Executive Producer
Dave Foster   Arranger,Producer
Steve Greenwell   Programming,Engineer
Michael Love   Composer
Probyn Gregory   Contributor
Shawn Carter   Executive Producer
Henry Garza   Composer
Billie Joe Armstrong   Composer
Nathaniel Hörnblower   Art Direction
Kanye West   Producer,Executive Producer,Costume Design
Kareem "Biggs" Burke   Executive Producer
Mike Fratantuno   Composer
Jimbo "Hambone" Mathus   Engineer
John Mayer   Composer,Art Direction
Dechen Wangdu   Art Direction
Jeremy Parker   Engineer
Peter Edge   Executive Producer
Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua   Executive Producer
Dylan Dresdow   Vocal Engineer
Tim Lambert   Engineer
Reto Peter   Engineer
Jon Weiner   Engineer
Tom Keane   Composer
Courtney Walter   Art Manager
Tony Asher   Composer
Ross Peterson   Engineer
Adam Michalak   Engineer
Alicia Keys   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Chad Franscoviak   Engineer
Norah Jones   Composer,Producer
Bryan-Michael Cox   Composer,Producer
James Valentine   Composer
Jesse Dylan   Collage
Geroid Roberson   Executive Producer
Jeff Rothschild   Engineer
Robert Orton   Engineer
Mark Fleming   Engineer
Nick Ingham   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,Choir Arrangement
Ed Sherman   Art Direction
Terence Yoshiaki   Composer
Neil Devor   Engineer
Allen Pineda   Composer
Jessica Novod Berenblat   Art Direction
JoJo Garza   Composer
Chris Steffen   Engineer
Bryan Clements   Engineer
Phil Tyreman   Engineer
Chris Dugan   Engineer
Erik Asla   Image Editing
Scooter Weintraub   Executive Producer
David Hodges   Composer
Lauri Rowe   Art Direction
Mike Godshall   Art Direction
Jaime A. Dávila "Tame" Gómez   Composer
Francis Graham   Engineer
Gretchen Wilson   Composer
Cristián Robles   Engineer
BLK   Art Direction
Matteo Pericoli   Drawing
Ben Moody   Composer,Programming
Aleeta Mayo   Art Direction
Taylor Mills   Sound Effects
John Rich   Composer
John Angler   String Arrangements
Eric Duvauchelle   Art Direction
Stephanie Reynolds   Art Direction
O. Share Stylez   Costume Design
I.Am Willi   Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
L. Stu Yound   Engineer
Ringo Garza   Composer
Steve Greenberg   Producer,Executive Producer
Brendan Graham   Composer
Alan Mason   Engineer
Leslie Lewis   Producer
Steve Price   Engineer
Michael Mangini   Programming,Producer
Lee Alexander   Composer
William Adams   Composer
Amy Lee   Composer,Choir Arrangement
Jim Morris   Art Direction

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