Grampa Paul's Adventure Stories For Children

Grampa Paul's Adventure Stories For Children

by P. Zimmerschied


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ISBN-13: 9781463428839
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/08/2011
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)
Age Range: 4 Years

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Grampa Paul's Adventure Stories for Children

By P. Zimmerschied


Copyright © 2011 P. Zimmerschied
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2883-9

Chapter One


Frogs are common all over the world. As far as Fritz was concerned, he wasn't common at all. He thought he was the best looking frog anywhere. It was plain for Fritz to see that all the frogs in his pond were quite common looking. He thought how sad it was for them. He was thinking that when you've got it, flaunt it!

Every day he would croak louder than any of the frogs. He was much larger than the rest of the frogs. He was also able to out jump all the other frogs.

He supposed that being the greatest was something he had to live with. A lot of the frogs resented Fritz, at least all of the male frogs. The lady frogs thought he was great. Fritz just ignored them. They just weren't up to his standards.

Fritz had staked out his place in the pond where it was just perfect. Of course, a lot of the frogs wanted to be in the same spot. Well, they all knew that as long as Fritz was living there, it was off limits.

Fritz also protected a much larger portion of the lake than all of the other frogs.

Every once in a while Fritz wondered why no one ever came by just to hang out. It was too bad that everyone, except him, had such bad attitudes.

He wondered why they couldn't just accept the fact that he was special. As far as he was concerned, it was very obvious.

One day, some of the frogs decided to have a private meeting, without Fritz of course.

They weren't concerned that Fritz might show up. He wouldn't know anything about it since he just ignored everyone anyway. Only the male frogs showed up for the meeting. The lady frogs didn't come, because they just couldn't bring themselves to think anything bad about Fritz.

He was of course the most handsome frog of all. At the meeting the male frogs thought they had a great plan. They were all tired of Fritz. They thought they had done all they could to be nice to him. Nothing seemed to work. The time for action had come. Anyway, they were all tired of hearing the female frogs talking about how wonderful Fritz the Frog was.

All the frogs knew that every year there was a frog pageant. Somehow they had to get Fritz to go. Then, maybe he might move on to greater things. At least they hoped so. The leader of the meeting suggested that one of the male frogs needed to go and talk to Fritz and try to convince him to go and compete. Needless to say, there were no volunteers. They all decided to take a number. The lowest number drawn would be the one that had to go and talk to Fritz.

As the sack of numbers was slowly passed around, each one worried he might draw the lowest number. Finally all the numbers were drawn and it was time to reveal who had the lowest number. Well, wouldn't you just know it, thought Earl the Frog? He knew he was the smallest and the most timid frog in the whole pond.

Why did he have to draw number one? All the other frogs were so happy now that the pressure was off them. They all suggested that Earl must go right away, because the frog pageant was only weeks away.

Earl couldn't think clearly. He was so scared. What was he going to say to Fritz? He wasn't even sure if Fritz would allow him to get close enough to talk to him. Earl was a nervous wreck. He didn't want to go. After a couple of days had passed, all the male frogs dropped in for a visit at Earl's place. They wanted to know what Fritz had to say. Earl the Frog said, "Well, I haven't found the time to go yet."

All the frogs went nuts. "What do you mean; you haven't found the time to go yet?" They asked.

Earl said, "Well, I'm a little bit scared to go and talk to Fritz. Who knows what might happen." All the frogs said he had until tomorrow night to take care of this problem.

They would be back tomorrow evening to make sure he had done his duty. Earl wondered what would be the worst, facing all the frogs or facing Fritz. He finally decided he had no choice, but to go and see Fritz. He figured he would leave tomorrow morning and go up to visit Fritz. Earl got up early to go. It was just as well, since he couldn't sleep anyway. As he came closer to Fritz's territory he was thinking about turning back. He just didn't think he had the courage to go any further. As he turned around to leave, he heard a very loud croak. "What are doing in my territory?" yelled Fritz. "I have something important to talk to you about," said Earl. Earl had never been so scared in all his life. Fritz said, "Come closer and it had better be important or you will be very sorry." Earl had never been up close to Fritz and now he felt even more frightened. He explained to Fritz about the Frog pageant and how all the Frogs thought he should compete since he was just so special. Earl kept telling Fritz how wonderful they all thought he was and that he was sure to win; so why not go?

Fritz said he would think about it and let him know. Earl mentioned that it was only a few weeks before the Frog pageant. As Earl began to leave, Fritz said, "Wait, I have made up my mind, I will go."

When Fritz arrived at the pageant office, he strutted his way up the entry aisle. He was greeted rather coolly by the lady frog at the desk. He shrugged it off thinking it was just another frog with an attitude. Well, it didn't really matter; he would be in and out in a hurry anyway. It looked like he was the only contestant. Well, that figures, he thought, who could compete with him anyway.

All day long he was the only frog around. What a Slam Dunk, he thought. He couldn't wait to get back to his pond and rub it in really good. Finally they could no longer deny that he was the greatest. Maybe he would finally get the respect he had coming.

That night Fritz slept better than any time he could remember. As he dreamed of the frog pageant, he could see himself going up to the Judge and receiving the grand prize for the best all-around frog in the whole world. He was just so proud.

The next day was not exactly how he pictured it in his dreams, however. The entry gate opened at 9 AM. The line was already a block long. Frogs from every country were coming for the pageant. Frogs were coming by all types of travel services. There were busses, motor homes, and even limousines. For the first time in his life he was unable to speak. A beautiful lady frog looked at Fritz with distaste. Others were standing around looking at Fritz, also. They looked at him as if he was from Mars. He just didn't fit in as far as they were concerned. He looked like, what is the word? Oh, he looks just so common, they all thought. Fritz didn't know what to do. He was thinking that maybe he should just go back to his pond. Well, if he went home without any trophies, what would everyone think? That didn't seem like an option.

However, if he tried to compete with these frogs, he was going to lose for sure. Fritz had always held the highest regard for himself, but now he had lost all confidence. Well, tomorrow the pageant would begin. Since he had already paid his entry fee, he thought he might just as well give it a go.

All day long frogs kept coming. There were frogs everywhere. Not even one frog came up to Fritz. They pretty much ignored him. Fritz just couldn't understand it. Compared to Fritz, all the competitors were like royalty. He thought he might just as well be from Mars. It still never came to Fritz that this is the way he had treated all the frogs in his pond. Some lessons come the hard way. Fritz was learning why it's important to be kind to others.

Unlike the night before, when he had slept so peacefully and enjoyed all the happy dreams, this night was just the opposite. He slept on and off and in his dreams he kept seeing all the beautiful trophies and blue ribbons going to everyone except him. Morning came too soon. Fritz jumped out of bed and looked out to see if maybe it was all just a bad dream.

No such luck. There were thousands of frogs everywhere. The judges were all dressed in their finest clothes. All the contestants were wearing beautiful uniforms fit for each competition. Fritz didn't have anything to wear for a competition such as this. What a goofball he thought. What am I doing here anyway? This is hopeless!

When Fritz came out, all the frogs laughed themselves silly. They couldn't believe he was still here. They thought that he had probably left in the night. One of the judges said, "Come here and I will give you a jersey to wear." On the back was a big Eight Ball. Fritz wondered could this possibly get any worse?

Since there were so many entries it took hours for each competition. First was the croaking competition. As Fritz waited for his turn, he could hear some of the older bull frogs first. When it came his turn, all the frogs laughed again. Needless to say, Fritz could barely be heard above all the laughing.

Next was the size and color competition.

Again, when Fritz came up for his turn, a roar of laughter burst out from the huge crowd of frogs. There was only one more contest for Fritz to endure. It was the most important contest of all. It was the jumping competition. Fritz felt weak.

When it came his turn, he was barely able to climb the ramp up to the jumping table. Just as he was about to jump, again came a roar of laughter from the crowd of frogs. Someone in the crowd yelled, "Look, it's the Eight Ball." The roar of laughter became even greater and his jumping table was bouncing all over the place. Finally all the competitions were over.

Fritz returned to his room. He was so weak he passed out. Hours passed and someone knocked on his door. Fritz came to and went to see who it was. One of the judges said that before he left, he needed to come and pick up his award. Fritz couldn't believe he had won anything. When he came out, all the frogs had left. It was just like before. He was once again all alone. He was grateful; at least he was no longer being laughed at. When Fritz came up to the awards window, he was handed a small but very nice trophy. On the back, it said; This trophy is given to Fritz the frog, the winner against all odds award.

Fritz felt really happy. He thought, now I can go back to my pond and show all the frogs my nice trophy.

Finally Fritz could see what a big jerk he had been. It wasn't important to be the greatest any more. He just wanted to be liked and to have some friends. As he traveled home, he had time to think.

He was thinking about Earl the Frog. Of all the frogs, he probably had treated Earl the worst. He supposed it was because he was really small and very timid. He said to all who could hear, "When I get home I will make things right for my friend, Earl".

Well, he was hoping Earl would be his friend.

When he got back to the pond, he sent a message for Earl to come over. He wanted to talk to him. Earl thought, Oh my, I wonder what this is all about. He really didn't want to go, but maybe it was important. When he arrived, Fritz said, "Thanks for coming. I want to ask you something."

Fritz said, "I was wondering if you would like to move down to this end of the lake. As you know, I have the largest territory of all the frogs. I would like to divide it in half and you can take which half you prefer. What do you think?" Fritz asked. Earl didn't know what to say. He was so shocked he couldn't speak. Finally Fritz said, "Well, I understand. I thought it was probably impossible for us to be friends after the way I have always treated you."

Earl said, "Oh, I would really love to be your friend. Are you really serious about me having half of your territory?" Fritz said, "Yes. You pick which half you want. Then, you can move into your new territory, and we will be neighbors."

When Earl moved next door, Fritz thought it was the best day of his life. Now, he had a good Friend. He was finally respected all around the Pond. He had learned to be kind to everyone. Life was good!

The End

Chapter Two


Mr. Johnson lived on his family farm in Minnesota. Mr. Johnson was a kind man and had many animals on his farm. Some of these were pets. One of these pets was a small turtle named Lester. Lester the Turtle lived in a small glass aquarium. Lester had lived in his little home for several years now. Mr. Johnson was getting old and ready to retire. He realized he must scale down some of the many chores he had to take care of.

He was looking at Lester in his cramped little home. He was thinking that Lester might be happier in the lake on his family farm. Mr. Johnson had a beautiful lake in the middle of one of his fields.

One day Mr. Johnson took Lester down to the lake. He told Lester that he was sad to let his good friend go. But he knew that Lester was going to have a wonderful new home.

Well, it took Lester quite a while to get used to such a big place. It wasn't anything at all like the tiny little home he had at Mr. Johnson's house. Finally Lester decided to build himself a mud hut to live in. He gathered some twigs, small stones and some grass. Soon he had a wonderful new place to live in. As time went by, he began to realize that he was very lonely. He didn't have any friends and he didn't know of any way to make his sad little life better.

It was spring and Mama and Papa Duck were flying around looking for a new home to raise a family. All at once, Mama Duck said, "Let's look at that lake down there." So they circled down lower and lower until they could see that it was a lovely place for a new home. Mama and Papa Duck made a nest out of some mud and sticks. Soon they had seven beautiful baby ducks. They were all so cuddly and soft. As time went by, Mama and Papa Duck decided to take their new family down to the water so they could learn to swim. It was summer now and the little ducks' down had turned to feathers. Mama and Papa Duck decided it was time that they should learn to fly. Fall would soon come and it would be time to fly south, where it was nice and warm. One by one, Mama and Papa Duck taught each one how to fly. All was going well until it was time for the last little duck to fly. Suddenly Mama and Papa Duck realized that Frankie had something wrong with one of her little wings. There was no way that Frankie would be able to fly south with the rest of the family. Soon it was time to fly south and they had to leave little Frankie behind. They were all so sad, but there wasn't anything they could do. They all gave Frankie a big hug. Suddenly little Frankie was all alone.

All around Mr. Johnson's Lake were lots of old logs on which Lester the Turtle liked to take his afternoon naps. Lester had tried them all and some were better than others. There was one on the north end of the lake that was his very favorite. For some reason Lester felt better today than he had in some time. He didn't know why, but he felt really great. He said, "Since this is such a wonderful day, I'm going to swim all the way down to my favorite log and have a nice quiet, long nap."

Soon Lester was resting on his favorite log. Lester loved the fall because it didn't get very hot and he could take long quiet naps. Soon he was fast asleep. Frankie was on the other side of the lake and she was swimming back and forth and round and round. She was so alone and she was also a little scared. She had no idea what she was going to do. All the ducks, including her family, had left the lake and flown away. Since she had been alone, Frankie had only swam down to the middle of the lake and back. She was too afraid to go any further alone. For some reason, Frankie suddenly felt very brave and she decided she was going to swim all the way down to the north end of the lake today.


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