Grand Tourism

Grand Tourism

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Grand Tourism

Releases from Higher Octave Music's CyberOctave imprint are hard to pin down, since often entire releases are about hypnotic trances, groove, and atmosphere, rather than typical songs with melodies. Grand Tourism, the trio of Bob Farrel, Chris Canavaggio, and Sean Henry, offers an attractive mix of both on this unforgettable disc. The opening track, "Jim Clark Theorem," is slightly deceptive. The first minute or so is all trip-hoppy atmospheres, weird voices, and synth effects; then a throbbing bass groove heats up, turning it into a dance trance tune. "Les Courants d'Air" is a middle-of-the-road, retro shuffle groove-driven R&B vocal featuring Terry Callier. "Snakeplayer" draws from a guitar jangle and old soul groove before evolving into a modern throbbing hip-hop that's very melodic. "Bassmajazz" blends atmosphere with subdued keyboards and jazz trio high-hat movement, while "Emma Peel" shuffles heavily through a mystical space. "Act of Love" features that kind of vibe with the vocals of Ken Norris. And on and on. The title of the project is apropos because it's like a journey with numerous destinations, each one distinct and unpredictable -- sometimes you'll groove heavy and mind trip lightly, other times just the opposite will take place. Such are the joys of the kind of free form instrumental music that defines the CyberOctave experience.

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Release Date: 05/08/2001
Label: Cyber Octave
UPC: 0724381011720
catalogNumber: 10117

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