Grandma's natural cleaning and stain removal secrets

Grandma's natural cleaning and stain removal secrets

by Mr A H Smithers


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Save thousands of dollars by making all your own cleaning an stain removal products from home!

With just a few simple ingredients you can economically and sustainably clean you home naturally without any hard to the environment. Also virtually all of these ingredients are safe to use around children and will prevent any allergies caused by harsh chemicals. After picking Grandma's brains I managed to get down on paper all her cleaning secrets and share them here with you. In this book we tell you how to make your own natural purpose cleaners, dishwasher tablets, and dishwasher cleanser.

We also teach you how to remove the most stubborn stains naturally!

We'll help you naturally clean the following:
1.Car battery cables and connectors, carpets,
3.odour removal,
4.remove carpet fleas,
5.fleas on pets,
6.carpet upholstery stain removal, litter cleaning, makers, filter basket, pot, screens & TVs,
12.dishwashers disinfectant,
13.DIY dishwasher soap and DIY rinse agent, washing,
15.drains, garbage disposals and blade sharpening, and hard wood polish,
18.dryer fresher smelling sheets,
19.hard surfaced floors,
20.kitchens and counters,
22.mould and mildew,
23.ovens & microwaves,
24.stains on clothing,
25.stains on carpet (including cigarette burns),
26.snow and ice,
27.mirrors and glass,
28.soap scum in showers and baths,
29.toilets and walls.

Here are what reveiwers have been saying (only 4 & 5 Star review for the book so far!) -

"Use products that you already have on hand. Never worry about caustic or poisonous substances endangering your children or pets. Grandma's ways are still the best ways!"

"I remember some of these items that my own grandma used to use that I had forgotten about. I'm excited to be re introduced to them as I start on my current cleaning projects. Safety is first at my house so not using products filled with chemicals is a necessity. Thanks for the handy cleaning guide"

"5stars! Easy read and easy recipes to make! Highly recommend to all who have I interest in chemical free cleaning! Short and easy read with excellent easy to make recipes! Save money and our environment!!!"

So would you like to save lots of money, save the environment and take dangerous chemicals out of your home?

Well what are you waiting for?

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