Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children

Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children


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Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children by James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, Stephen McDaniel J.D.

An insightful overview fo the unique role of grandparents in today's world.

Grandparents, with their greater life experience, will often realize "even before the parents" that a child is gifted, and that the child will need additional emotional and intellectual sustenance.

Grandparents’ Guide to Gifted Children includes:

  • Early signs of giftedness
  • Special needs of gifted children
  • Areas of concern
  • Unique roles of grandparents
  • Building a bond with a grandchild
  • Maximizing grandparenting
  • Education plans
  • When a grandparent is the parent
  • Leaving a personal legacy

About the Authors:

James T. Webb, Ph.D., a nationally known clinical psychologist, has 30 years experience with gifted children and their families. He is one of the authors of the award-winning book, Guiding the Gifted Child: A Practical Source for Parents and Teachers, which has sold over 100,000 copies. He has seven grandchildren.

Janet L. Gore, M.Ed. is an educational consultant with over 20 years experience with gifted children as a teacher, counselor, administrator, and state gifted specialist. She has seven grandchildren.

Frances A. Karnes, Ph.D. is Director of the Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Karnes has three grandchildren.

A. Stephen McDaniel, J.D., A.E.P., E.P.L.S. is President of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils, and a partner in the Memphis law firm of Williams, McDaniel, and Wolfe. He has five grandchildren.

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ISBN-13: 9780910707657
Publisher: Great Potential Press, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/2004
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,299,623
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

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In this book, we will look at many aspects of grandparenting and propose to you, our readers, that grandparents are increasingly important to grandchildren in today's world, whether they live near or far, in this country or in some other part of the world. We especially want to emphasize the importance of grandparents to those children who seem unusually bright, who are developmentally ahead of their age peers, and who show other characteristics of children who are talented or gifted. Like any other exceptional children, these unusally bright, talented grandchildren have distinctive needs, and their grandparents can play a special role in both understanding and meeting those needs. But first, we want to talk about the importance of grandparenting in general...

This book emphasizes the special relationship between grandparent and grandchild and focuses on strategies to use with grandchildren who are bright, gifted, or talented. However, many of the ideas and tips we offer will apply to any grandchild, gifted or not. And some of the ideas and suggestions will be important specifically for a grandchild who is truly gifted and talented. Our reasoning is that gifted children are part of a small group and, like any person in a small, minority group, are usually aware that they are different from others. This difference can make them feel like the "odd child out" and can seriously affect their life-long self-esteem. Parents, grandparents, and others who understand that the child sometimes feels different and left out will be able to help when they understand what the child needs and why.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. You and Your Grandchild
Chapter 2. Is My Grandchild Gifted?
Chapter 3. Some Areas of Concern for Gifted Children
Chapter 4. Expanding the World for Gifted Children
Chapter 5. Maximizing Grandparenting
Chapter 6. When a Grandparent Becomes the Parent
Chapter 7. Educational Planning
Chapter 8. Other Resources for Gifted Children
Chapter 9. Advocating for Your Gifted Grandchild
Chapter 10. Planning for the Future of Your Gifted Grandchild
Appendix A. Websites for Grandparents
Appendix B. Grandparent Support Groups and National Organizations
Appendix C. Recommended Readings for Grandparents and Parents
About the Authors

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"!!!!!Must Read"

Hugh Downs

This very useful Guide shows that grandparents are often in a better position to recognize and nurture talent and precocity than parents. A valuable book.
former host of 20/20 and author of Letter to a Great Grandson

Bil Keane

"As a grandfather of nine (Okay, I can hear several of them saying, "Aw, Grandad, you're older than that!"), I am amazed at the thorough coverage these authors present on such an intriguing subject. Absorbing! Every grandparent, from nine to ninety-nine, should be gifted with a copy of this treasury."
Creator of "The Family Circus"

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Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago

Grandparenting today¿s gifted child can be very different from parenting gifted children 20 or 30 years ago. Though perhaps not as involved in day-to-day upbringing as the parents, grandparents can have a profound effect on the gifted child. But Grandparenting the gifted, as with Grandparenting any child, is a balancing act. And with the gifted child, there are many different things to balance¿

Maximizing Grandparenting means more than just hugs and kisses. Fun and games (and learning how to compete), museums and cultural events, family history, mentoring, and more¿ there are many ways a grandparent can contribute to the gifted child¿s life. And of course, there¿s the lasting legacy of contributions to a personal college or other account for your gifted grandchild, as well as contributions to organizations supporting gifted children in general.

Grandparents sometimes run into sticky situations: perhaps you are concerned that the parent-who-is-also-your-child isn¿t supporting the grandkids¿ gifts enough? Or perhaps you fear that they¿re a little too pushy? What is a gifted grandparent to do? Grandparents¿ Guide to Gifted Children covers all the delicate aspects of Grandparenting a gifted child.

And if the Grandparent is also the parent? Grandparents¿ Guide brings grandparents ¿up to speed¿ on the latest in gifted education, educational planning, and the challenges of raising and educating the gifted child today.

Don¿t miss the chapter on special concerns of today¿s gifted child: perfectionism, underachievement, sensitivity, stress, and more.

Grandparents¿ Guide to Gifted Children covers all these topics and more. This book is a ¿don¿t miss¿ for caring Grandparents of every gifted child today. I must admit, I am not a grandparent, but I am happy to have my kids¿ grandparents read this book!