Grapes of Hunger

Grapes of Hunger

by Hassan Mourabiti, Lynn Rosen


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Hunger kills as men fight a war
Strips away our dignity
Gives us nothing worth fighting for
Let's educate and teach the mother
She will teach the sisters and brothers

Hassan and Lynn believe that education is the key to knowledge.They are fighting together to make this a better world.Lynn's Kids Foundation is a non profit organization for the advancement of underpriviledged children.We are funding 23 camps locally and internationally.

a child cries do we ignore?
mothers scream we shut our doors

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ISBN-13: 9781456794156
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/18/2011
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.25(d)

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Grapes Of Hunger

By Hassan Mourabiti Lynn Rosen


Copyright © 2011 Hassan Mourabiti and Lynn Rosen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-9415-6

Chapter One




    POVERY, Illiteracy, WARS AND OTHERS.


        Hassan's Song

    Do you hear the sound of the mockingbird?
    Such a sweet sound
    Hardly a word
    Yet a child cries.

    The bellowing sound of my heart beats effervescently
    Waves crashing
    Shores ravaged
    Empty souls.

    For the hungry there are no birds
    With their sweet song to sing
    Nothing but silence
    Their lives are lost
    There is no reason to ring
    The bell of a church or a neighbor nearby
    Crying to silent ears (deaf)
    As I sit and wonder why.

    In the darkness of the night
    I feel you next to me
    Why have you caused so much misery?

    Can you not leave everyone alone?
    Leave this planet
    Enemy, you don't hear us moan.

    Cry for the hungry
    Cry for the children
    Feel my blood
    See what you have done to me
    Hunger be gone!

    Written by: Lynn Rosen

Chapter Two


    Drought and dust roar in the sky.
    Women search for water not nearby.
    Babies of Hunger ache and cry.
    Mothers' breasts withered and dry.

    Villages and burned orchards are deserted.
    Dwellers from hunger and death they fled.
    Their herds most are damaged or half dead.
    Children walk barefoot, sleepy and frightened.

    Grant them hope and start caring.
    Touch your hearts; feel their feeling.
    Don't be led astray for the time being.
    Allah Loves who never ceases giving.

      WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti

        A Hope For The Light

    In my dream the light comes through
    With hopes for a better future for you
    A world with joy
    A world with hope
    Yes a world in which we can cope
    So walk with me into the promise land
    Against global hunger we take a stand

        By : Lynn Rosen

Chapter Three


    Oh! Cruel earth, you are unjust
    Some enjoy wealth, some enjoy dust
    Some eat too much, some have to fast
    Oh! Damn earth, you never forget your lust.

    Oh! Harsh sky, you too are unfair
    Some relish rain, others have no lair
    Your people in the north deserve your care
    Others in the south need their share.

    Neither earth nor sky shall I blame.
    Roll up our sleeves to help all the same.
    Fight hunger and illiteracy, Welfare is our aim.
    Fate will reverse roles. So let's sorrow ram.

        WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti


    I sing a song of poverty and fear
    A song that should be heard every day of the year
    A child cries and we ignore
    Mothers scream, yet we slam the door.

    People might have houses but can't afford food
    We allow this to happen
    Aren't we rude?
    Do we realize how much they need?
    Let's step right in
    Let's plant a seed.

    Educate and teach the mother
    She will teach every sister and brother
    Learning about proper nutrition
    Will enable us to use our skills and our intuition
    Let's abolish poverty
    By making it a better world for you and me.

        Written by: Lynn Rosen


    Hey everyone, we want you to know
    Global Hunger has to go
    Banding together as one great world today
    Listen carefully I have so much to say.

    Children die every few minutes across the sea
    Their lives are filled with pain and misery
    We can help by sending money,
    Food, like bread and even honey.
    Old clothes and books too.

    Are you willing to help?
    Let us see it through
    This hunger battle is our plight too
    Let's get together and fight, fight, fight
    Whoo Hoo!!!

        Written by: Lynn Rosen

Chapter Four


    When will people unite?
    To make our globe bright,
    And dye darkness to light.
    When will Help start?

    Birds from high collapse.
    Animals leave their place.
    The poor with hunger dance.
    Heat strikes all at once.

    Act now and not for a while.
    Draw joy and satiety on our kids' smiles
    Optimism needn't a boat to sail.
    All in all—we people—are all equal

        WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti

        A SAD SONG

    I sing you a song
    A song I say
    Not filled with happiness, only decay.

    A song of enmity
    A song of doubt
    Hunger is what it is all about.

    An endless song
    From way up high
    From New York to Morocco and her is the sky

    A disease that eats away at you
    So horrible in every way
    Oh hunger will you ever go away.

    Enough food is produced in every country
    Yet distribution is the problem
    The problem you see.

    My heart years to see a happy world
    Standing together as flags unfurled
    I bleed for my brothers from across the sea
    There is hunger in New York
    I bleed for thee.

    I cry every night when I hear children cry
    No food in their stomachs
    Can we help them?
    Please, can we try?

    Oh hunger, oh hunger
    You rob us of our dignity
    Stripping away at every piece of me
    How do we ignore the moans?
    From within
    From within
    Do you see my blood?
    Can you feel my din?

    So leave me alone
    Off I go
    Oh such a world of woe.

    Hunger an enemy of the people
    Come to the highest steeple
    Scream depravity, go away
    Nevermore will you be in my way.
    Written by: Lynn Rosen

Chapter Five

Hymn to Black Hunger

Poor of the Lord.
Both you and old
Here and abroad
Lack water and food.
Angels please ascend.
From heavens to land.
Strike Hunger, the cad.
Chant Love, so sad.
Preach Help with fad
Alas! Wealth is greed.
The rich mock to seed.
Nor give a loaf of bread

WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti

        The Land of Cotton Candy

    In a land of cotton candy dreams
    People get along
    They love
    Togetherness reigns,
    In a land of cotton candy dreams.

    Children are free
    Beautiful sounds of birds tweeting
    Tintinnabulation of sounds so sweet
    I, in my land
    You in yours
    Peace is resonant.

    Thought the radiance which once was so bright
    Could often be taken from our sight
    We must remember a world so beautiful and new
    A place where our differences come together as we do.

    Children, children come together
    In every single type of weather
    Holding hands together as one
    A world of cotton candy dreams
    Holding hands under God's golden sun
    In a land of cotton candy dreams

    In shalom we shall walk,
    Interesting conversation should be our talk.
    Yes, let us blend together as we love,
    Isn't this the way our Lord wanted life to be
    In His world up above
    In a land of cotton candy dreams.

    Written by: Lynn Rosen

Chapter Six

Call of Hungry Bellies

Oh Starvation, top of all evil
You slam the doors and you kill
You never know how bitterly we feel
You are callous, lethal and ignoble.

Greed, you dwell in weak souls'
Ignores people in need, girls and boys
Thin, empty bellies cries and no one cares
Parents only reflect on their beloved ones.

God of mercy, people no longer live for others.
Living for themselves, as Doomsdays never occurs.
Oh Lord, lead those to good with your guidance.
To help and share what they own and possess.

WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti

    Hunger is a killer

    It visits every city, country and state
    Continents are included in hunger's quest to wipe us all out
    Hunger you are my enemy

    Demeans people
    Strips away their dignity
    Hunger you are my enemy

    In our constitution we are given the right to water and food
    Why are they trying to take this away?
    That is so rude
    Hunger is our enemy
    Indeed hunger is an enemy of the people
    Shout it from the highest steeple
    No one is exempt from its wrath
    Oh how it has destroyed many a path
    Hunger you are my enemy

    Let's help the hungry and plant a seed
    Filled with love and so many a good deed
    Give to the poor what have you to lose
    Take a moment to think how it would feel to
    step in their shoes
    Hunger you are my enemy

    If we work together as one
    We can do the job that has to be done
    Come with Hassanly and Lynn to the top of the highest steeple
    Lift up thine arms and shout to the people
    We have rid ourselves of our enemy
    Hunger now we set ourselves free

CH7[     The Dark Side of An Optimistic

    One upon a time and even now
    The sky is blue and the starts glow
    The sun dots lights and the moon does follow
    The seas irritate and the rivers flow.

    The land was cheerful with green plants on it
    People from all walks of life could drink and eat
    Children happily climbed trees and picked up fruits
    Women noisily went to the river to get rid of clothes dirt.

    Men spent their days tilling their farms
    One another they helped with strong hands
    Never did they know jealousy or laziness
    On Lord the relied, who never did He miss.

    Radically things changed into worse
    Sort of people emerge, the honest cursed
    Hearts lack emotion, money is the boss
    War interests drop the poor to the loss.

    Factories creep on green areas
    Exhale death through chimneys.
    Throw fatal poison in rivers and seas.
    All steep in selfishness and no one cares.

    Behold, hence victims are to appear.
    They groan, plead, who can hear?
    Hunger, diseases wrap them in zephyr
    Deprived of bread, others swim in beer

    There, I recall, I was one of those dismal
    In slums I lived, with mice I shared all.
    Parents never knew the path to school
    Father a simple soldier, a sentry of a colonel.

    Vietnam War! The first to go my father
    Obligated he was because he was poorer.
    Before that to France, against Fuhrer.
    France triumphed but became miser.

    With deep wound and war rusty medal
    Father returned, shuffling one sandal.
    Shame on you France, what a scandal!
    He still repeated it, till his last fall.

    Only earth that dearly welcomed us
    Under leaky ceiling and streets fuss
    Frost was kind, but hunger, God, alas!
    Never surrendered, then joined a class.

    Days and nights with shabby books,
    Learning hard under candles' smokes
    With mother's eyes and aunts the cooks
    When slumbered, they poked me with forks.

    Days, months and years elapsed.
    Poor I was, in exams' life I passed.
    No support, but fate with me danced,
    Sworn to help, yet never been helped.

    Suddenly, Lynn Rosen in my life did park
    Due to a friend of mine, thanks dear Mbarek.
    She does enlighten the world after it was dark.
    We fight poverty and hunger aboard Lynn's ark.

    All over the globe, Lynn's camps will glitter.
    Morocco, Sierra Leone, Mali. Why not Niger?
    Kids will enjoy happiness and forget anger.
    All shout loudly "Live Lynn, God's messenger"!

        WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti


    Oh hear you are
    You mighty vine
    In every direction
    Such a crooked line
    Grapes of Hunger

    Such wrath
    Such enmity
    Oh hunger you are destroying me

    Lead me not against temptation
    Robbing my brother for existence
    The Grapes of Hunger

    There is no sweet taste to your fruit
    Leaving us so desolate
    The Grapes of Hunger

    I want to taste the jobs of life
    Cut my happiness with a knife
    Feel your soul
    You heart
    Your love
    Yet you always give me a shove
    The Grapes of Hunger

    Now I close my door to you
    Know that we are fighting too
    Ridding ourselves of the enemy
    Oh such a sad song for me to see
    The Grapes of Hunger

        Written by: Lynn Rosen

CH8[         Ode to Lynn Rosen

    Hail! Lynn, full of Grace
    We all discern they trace
    A star with brilliant face
    Allots kisses among the kids
    Smiles never leave they lips.

    Contention be never on a stove
    Creates enmity and kills love
    Respecting views must be above
    Betwixt opinions one should prove
    Thus, life will be a white dove.

    Here we are fair and safe
    Harken to poor, not be deaf.
    Together we fight the bad elf
    The divine of Lynn our nymph
    To peace guides the world herself.

    People still suffer here and there
    Hardship, injustice they can't bear.
    Hunger, diseases, illiteracy and fear,
    Areas deserted, people killed, oh dear.
    They left a scarecrow and a nightmare.

    Let's start then, you and I,
    Expel hunger, fear must die.
    Feed people, babies mustn't cry.
    With Lynn Rosen we have to try,
    To support and more to buy.

        WRITTEN BY: Hassan Mourabiti

        Ode to Hassan

    Hassan fights for the hungry, the meek and the poor
    Yes he will always open his door
    For those less fortunate
    Surely those in deed
    This special man does plant a seed
    My Poet

    He has a smile upon his face
    Those sweet eyes with such a trace
    Of kindness and love for those who depend
    Yes, such a gentle man can send
    A message to call everyone to help
    Yes, call everyone to help
    Who would not hear Hassan's yelp?
    My Poet

    A defender of the children,
    Yes together we shall walk
    In peace and shalom, hunger is our talk
    You in your country and I in mine
    Mr. Mourabiti you writing is divine
    My Poet

    So I sing a song, a song of my poet
    I see his wonderful prose, but he didn't know it
    How could he not see the talent I see?
    Now as his teacher, I have set his words free
    What a master of prose and sustainability.
    Yes, you will indeed dance with me
    From chapter to chapter, verse to verse
    Hassan I picked our book because I knew your worth
    My Poet

    Believe in Hassan as Lynn does everyday
    So this song was for you My Poet
    Now let's play
    Let's play with the children and show them our love
    Sent from our Allah up above
    My favorite Poet above all everyday
    Hassan Mourabiti you are a master
    My pride runneth away.

        Written by: Lynn Rosen

(Continues...) ]CH8

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