Grappling: Effective Groundwork Techniques

Grappling: Effective Groundwork Techniques

by Christian Braun


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ISBN-13: 9781841262123
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.54(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword     9
A Word of Thanks     12
Breakfalls     13
Specific Gymnastics     19
Spider     19
Crab/Caterpillar     21
Lifting up Using the Bridge     22
Changeover from the Bridge to the Spider     23
Preliminary Exercise for the Guard Position     24
Candle     25
Training Tips     27
Competition Tips     31
Transition from the Kicking Range to the Grappling Range     33
Start Position: A Stands with his Left Foot Forwards and D Stands with his Right Foot Forwards     35
Start Position: Both A and D Stand with their Left Feet Forwards     37
Start Position: Both A and D Stand with their Right Feet Forwards     39
Start Position: A Stands with his Right Foot Forwards and D Stands with his Left Foot Forwards     41
Escrima (Rolling Arm)     43
Description     43
Methods of Moving round to the Back     45
Follow-on Techniques from Escrima     49
Transition from Standing to the Ground (Take-downs)     57
Double Leg Take-down     57
Special Leg Grip - Single Leg Take-down (Kuiki-kata-ashi-dori)     67
Correct Changeover betweenthe Double Leg Take-down and the Special Leg Grip (Kuiki-kata-ashi-dori) (Double and Single Leg Take-down)     70
Counter Moves against the Double Leg Take-down     72
Further Transitions from Standing to the Ground (Take-downs)     77
Ground Techniques     81
Eight Steps to Becoming a Successful Ground Fighter     81
The Principles of Groundwork     82
Gaining Room     82
Weight     82
Timing     82
Characteristics     83
Bridging the Gap when the Opponent is Lying on the Ground in Front of You     83
The Guard Position     90
Control of the Arms     92
Final Techniques from the Guard Position     94
Full Guard: D has A in the Guard Position with Both Legs Clamped round his Back     94
Full Guard: The Legs are Open     107
Half Guard     116
Both Legs are between As Legs     117
One Leg is between the Legs and One Leg is in A's Groin     118
Escape from the Guard Position     120
Mount Position     135
Completing Actions from the Mounted Position     135
The Arm Lock     135
The Bent Arm Lock (Ude Garami)     144
The Neck Lock      146
Stranglehold Techniques     150
Escape from the Mounted Position     152
Freeing Both Legs     152
Freeing One Leg     154
Escape by Using the Bridge     158
On the Back/On All Fours/Back Mount     163
Completing Actions from the All Fours Position/Back Mount     163
Escape by Attacking from the All Fours/Back Mount Position     166
Side Mount/Cross Position/Yoko Shio Gatame     168
Completing Actions from the Side Mount Position (Kesa Gatame), Cross Position (Yoko Shio Gatame)     169
The Arm Lock     169
The Bent Arm Lock (Ude Garami)     172
The Neck Lock     180
Stranglehold Techniques     181
Escape from the Side Mount Position (Kesa Gatame), Cross Position (Yoko Shio Gatame)     184
The North-South Position     194
Completing Actions from the North-South Position     194
Escape from the North-South Position     197
Transition from the Holding Technique to the Holding Technique Using the Stranglehold or Locking Technique     202
Stranglehold Techniques (Chokes)     208
Completing Actions from Strangleholds with the Arms     208
Escape from Strangleholds Using the Arms      220
Completing Actions from Strangleholds with the Legs     224
Stretching Locks (Stretched Arm Lock/Juji Gatame)     231
Completing Actions from the Stretched Arm Lock     231
Escape from the Stretched Arm Lock     239
Foot and Leg Locks     240
Escape from Leg Locks     255
Appendix     257
Literature     257
Picture Acknowledgements     257
About the Author     258

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