Grasping at Moonbeams

Grasping at Moonbeams


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Grasping at Moonbeams 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Becca has always been a highly Christain person, but when her friend stars getting involved with a group who practices Wicca, she questions her own beleifs as well. As someone who went though a time of religous doubt, and looked into Wicca, this book hits home to me personally. I had been caught up in the hysaria of new age relgion, but I still was drawn to Christianity (my original relgion), and this book helped show me the problems with certian new age religions. What is good about this book is that it really takes a relistic look at Wicca and Wiccans, not labeling them as devil worshipers or evil people or being overaly biased. All that does in turn off the readers. It even is truthfull in the basic beleifs and rituals (the author has done her research!). But is does point out some good points on the basic morality problems on the religion and some inherent flaws with it, and helps thoes in doubt to see the true path. It also looks at the religion from a logical and phycologial prospective as well as religous. Although it does stray from main topic of wicca quite a bit, and is slow going and choppy, it is sitll has some wonderfull messages about Christianity and how easy it is to fall into new age relgious fads (occults). It's slow, but hang in there! This is a must read for anyone guestioning their beleilfs on relgion (and anyone who isn't!).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Becca has been praying for years that her friend Solona will accepet Christ the Lord as her savior. So when Solona joins a small group of girls, Becca is more than happy to join Solona on her spiritual journey. But soon,when the group teaches Becca things she objects with, she may have to rethink everything that she's believed in about God. Will Becca confront Solona, or will she follow the group and continue the practice of thier beliefs?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book for a laugh when I found it at the library during my first few months of my study on Wicca, and now have come across it again online. Unfortunately, I remember walking away enraged that anyone would write this, even though I knew that this was a series for young Christian girls. Frankly, this is a thinly guised hate speech against other religions. Of course being a set of books to teach youth that Christianity is the only way, the Wiccan character, Katie, is manipulative, indirect and just generally unethical. There is not an army of Wiccans out there to convert good, decent Christian folk by convincing them to go to rituals that they are not being candid about, nor does Wicca teach it's followers to cast spells willy-nilly at anyone. Heck, you can be Wiccan and not even do spells! Contrary to what the other reviewer said, new age religion (which it can be debated if Wicca even is part of) is not about "hysteria." Wicca is simply a religion based on the natural flow of the seasons. It's about getting in touch with the natural world around you, understanding yourself and using those lessons to become a better person. I have yet to understand how a religion that teaches peace and connectedness is evil. In an increasingly diverse world with different beliefs, books like this do youth an extreme disservice by teaching them the ways of narrow-mindedness.