Grass Productivity: An Introduction to Rational Grazing

Grass Productivity: An Introduction to Rational Grazing

by Dr. Robert C. Worstell, Andre Voisin


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SIMPLE questions often help us to understand problems better; and I think it indispensable, at the beginning of this work, to ask a question which appears simple in the extreme:

"What is grazing?"

The answer is generally as follows:

"Causing grass to be eaten by an animal."

That is correct! But here is another answer which, to my mind, is more realistic:

"Causing the grass and the animal to meet."

Since this book is almost exclusively concerned with grazing by cattle, I propose the following definition to the reader, requesting him to allow it to become well impressed upon his mind:

Grazing is the meeting of cow and grass.

It is by satisfying as far as possible the demands of both parties that we will arrive at a rational grazing, which will provide us with maximum productivity on the part of the grass while at the same time allowing the cow to give optimum performance.

[From the Introduction]

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